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This Years Girl and Who are You?

Feb 07 2010 02:46 am   #1Spikez_tart


This Year’s Girl and Who Are You?


Finally some action after the torpid shows of Goodbye Iowa.and the I in Team. Faith is back. Let me just say, I love Faith. She is just so skanky!


Dream sequence - it’s hard to believe that Faith in that little pea brain of hers thinks she’s the wounded innocent in the whole Buffy/Faith fight. Not that Buffy is miss goody good; in fact she’s a murderer whose victim managed to escape. Lots of fun as Faith runs to escape Buffy and falls into a grave. Buffy jumps after her (foreshadow Buffy’s death) and Faith claws her way out – not just of her coma but eventually of her whole rotten life. 


Riley gets out of the hospital/Faith wakes up and gets out of the hospital – guess everybody’s had enough medicine for awhile. Not to mention that Riley spends a hell of a lot of time in the hospital. He gets skewered, he has the too much uber vitamins, he has tachychardia and has some kind of heart surgery, he gets an arrow in his leg, when he comes back from Belize he has a scar on his face. The guy’s a walking casualty. 


We find out that the Council has been keeping spies in Sunnydale. Too bad we didn’t see more of this. I really liked the scumballs that the Council sent to capture Faith. Especially Martin “You’re the Package” Collin.


Brain Washy behavior modification – since Buffy brought up the subject, it’s interesting that Spike gets a chip in his brain (his thinking stinks but his heart is full of love) while Riley gets a chip near his heart, so his heart is defective. I don't think his brain is so great either, but hey how many chips can one guy have.


Fun arguing with Riley and Forrest as their army unit falls apart. Riley agrees to be a double agent. Seems a little out of character. 


Buffy takes Xander and Willow with her to look for Adam and how nuts is that?  X and W have no business chasing after this guy.


Many fun chick fights in these two shows. I love a good chick fight and Buffy and Faith fights are always great. It’s good too that Buffy and Faith are almost evenly matched. At the end of the fight in the church, Faith(as Buffy) is beating her own body and crying out that she’s nothing, she’s disgusting etc., which is similar to Buffy’s beating up Spike in S6 when he tries to prevent her from going to the police after Katrina’s death.


Important secrets that are revealed: Nobody knows what five by five means. Possibly even Faith. Xander is still hallucinating that Faith cared about him. 


Important secrets not revealed: Buffy dodges the whole Angel story once again. Willow continues to hide her relationship with Tara.


Faith/Spike – this is a really fun scene with Faith (looking like Buffy) taunting Spike and put her hands on his tight body. One wonders just when exactly Buffy finds out this went down not to mention the fall out from Faith’s other antics at the Bronze. I sure there’s a fan fiction explanation somewhere.


Spike/Riley identification – Spike describes himself as “helpless as a kitten up a tree.” Dawn reveals in another episode that Buffy thinks of Riley as “kittenish.” Buffy corrects that and explains that she said “kitteny.” 


Willow’s not driving stick anymore – Spike figures it out, Faith figures it out but none of the people who supposedly know Willow best have a clue. Willow finally tells Buffy about her gay relationship with Tara when Oz comes back, then blurts it out to the rest of the gang in Yoko Factor. 


Faith gets thanked – this is a nice turning point for Faith and one that Buffy for all her saving rarely experiences. I can’t remember any occasion when someone thanks her other than the nun who lets Buffy try on her wimple. Faith follows up with possibly her first unselfish act in years when she leaves the airport and goes to fight vampires at a church. 


Ending shots – in one of the ending shots, Buffy is talking to Riley after discovering what he’s been up to and her face fades into Faith’s as she rides a train out of town, linking the two slayers together. 




If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?
Feb 07 2010 03:39 am   #2slaymesoftly
A lot of stuff happened in these episodes. The "thank you" Faith got (which I think rattled her cage a little), Spike and Faith figuring out Willow's new orientation before anyone else, and so on.

As far as the Spike/Faith scene goes - there are several fan fics either about that scene or using it as a take off point.  My "Like Warm Champagne" uses it as a take-off point for a Spuffy fic.. There are a couple of pwp ficlets that use that scene to lead into Spike/Faith sex - at least one of them has her running off when he accidently says "I love you" to the girl he thinks is Buffy. It's pretty angsty.  I'm not sure how you'd find them, but I do remember them as being pretty good. It's possible I read at least one of them on here, but I can't remember it now.
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Feb 07 2010 08:21 am   #3nmcil
I really like this episode - one of my favs.  It's a great foreshadow to Faith's own transformative journey with Angel in LA - just like Spike's journey with Buffy in Sunnydale.  Nice the way that both Spike and Faith are initiated into their journey by mechnical devices, his chip and Faith's magic device from the Mayor.  

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Feb 07 2010 01:05 pm   #4sosa lola

Just watched the beginning of the episode, will get into the rest later:

- About Buffy's "No gun" method: it only excludes pistols? Regular guns? Because the rocket launcher and the blaster are also guns, you know. 

- Xander is S4's Marcie. He just got electrified by the blaster and none of his friends noticed. My heart twisted when he shot them a look of hurt, because none of them reacted. Buffy's love life is far more important than his safety.

- Riley still kept Buffy's bandana. Cute.

Buffy takes Xander and Willow with her to look for Adam and how nuts is that?  X and W have no business chasing after this guy.

I don't see what's weird about that, Buffy usually took Xander and Willow with her -I mean she takes them with her in Doomed to face an apocalypse. Buffy's "alone" patrols starts in S5 when she wants to get in touch with her slayerness. No one allowed to tag along anymore.

Xander is still hallucinating that Faith cared about him. 

 I found this to be weird. After the whole attempted rape/murder in Consequences, he knew that he was nothing but a toy. I guess since he was looked down on a lot this season with his friends forgetting his existence most of the time, he wanted to show off a little in front of Giles, get some of the lost dignity back.

Willow’s not driving stick anymore – Spike figures it out, Faith figures it out but none of the people who supposedly know Willow best have a clue. 

It can be seen as Buffy, Xander and Giles being more busy with their thing to notice or that Willow was trying too hard to hide her relationship with Tara from Buffy, Xander and Giles specifically. 

It can also be seen as those who are the closest to Willow are the least to notice because they're too close. They know her so well they won't suspect her gayness or even think about her sexual orientation. They've seen her with Oz, they know how much in love they were,  Willow obviously told Buffy about the sex. It's way easier for an outsider to notice these things than those on the inside.