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Beta and Related Help. Please.

Aug 12 2010 06:37 am   #1Flickerfire
I'm new to the fanfiction writing. I've got all these plots, like fifty or so, and want to write them out as stories. But I get kind of burned out quickly. Also it just seems, akward, somehow. I need serious pointers and probably major beta help when I finally get enough down for a chapter. Any suggestions? 
Aug 12 2010 10:37 pm   #2slaymesoftly
I'm a little confused about what you're saying. Are you saying you have written, but weren't comfortable with it? Or, you haven't tried to put the ideas down in words yet?  My suggestion would be to pick a plot to work on, write the first chapter, re read it several times until you think it says what you want it to say, and then ask for a beta. There is a list of betas on the home page here. There are also several forum entries on betas - how to find one, how to treat one, what the expectations are and should be, stuff like that. You could also do an outline of your plot, list the characters you plan to use, and be sure that you have some idea of where you are going to go with the rest of the story.  Good luck!
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Aug 16 2010 05:23 am   #3Flickerfire