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New Spike Comic series

Aug 14 2010 12:21 am   #1Spikez_tart

If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?
Aug 14 2010 01:09 am   #2nmcil



San Diego, CA (Aug 11, 2010) –
IDW Publishing is proud to announce Spike, an all-new monthly series featuring the soulful vampire out on his own and in charge of his destiny. Setting off in October, fan-favorite Angel team Brian Lynch and Franco Urru are back with a whole new adventure, which encompasses Spike’s strange appearance in Buffy #35!

Spike’s first solo series will be his biggest adventure yet, jam packed with battles, action and romance, and explain how he ended up covered in bugs in Buffy. Spike will feature appearances by Angel, Illyria, plus a special guest appearance by Willow!  And what vampire adventure would be complete without a villain? This time, a familiar face from the past will arrive, looking to destroy Spike’s future.  

“With Brian and Franco back on Spike we're going to see some incredibly important leaps for the character,” said editor Mariah Huehner. “Brian's outline for this series actually shocked me, in a really good way, with where he wants to take the character. It's ambitious, important, and truly epic.

This page-turning series will also include guests Tok, Beck, and Betta George from IDW’s Spike: Asylum miniseries. Now that he’s away from Angel’s watchful eye, will Spike be ready to take on his own path?

“I think fans will be incredibly proud of Spike in this series. Plus, Willow shows up and there's a great tie-in to some of what's going on in Buffy Season 8. Readers shouldn't miss this," added Huehner.

Spike #1 (of 8, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in-stores in October. Diamond order code AUG10.






” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 14 2010 01:55 am   #3nmcil
We knew that there would be a new potential romance coming,  wonder what BL has in store for all the Spike fans.  What in the world might happen to the truly powerful story of Spike and his trials in the African caves.  if the phrase that is used for this preview intro is even remotely descriptive of the  " tone" of this new series about this most pivotal events in Spike journey and the Buffy-Spike relationship - then I think I am  going to go into "officially worried" mode.  Those "bugs" are one of the most important and highest of the  Egyptian mythic & religious creation/life themes. 

One good thing is that Brian Lynch has always done a great characterization and interpretation of Spike and his life.   I don't know if BL plans to have Beck or Tok be in a romantic relationship with Spike, but I'm just not ready to see him move on from  Buffy.  I understand how unreasonable this is, to expect that this great character so full of life and with his great capacity to love would not meet another person that he would find love and be happy with.  The problem that I will have with any new romance for him is simply that,  I  love and find the Spuffy relationship so powerful - it will be very difficult for me to transition onto a new romantic interest for Spike. 

It does sound that finally, Spike is going to get some much needed respect and real admiration for all that he has done, both in the TV era and his life in the comic books.   After the absurdity of those  "heart boxers"  and the shallow womanizer characterization from BW - I look forward to Spike getting his soul and heart and Big Bad back.  And what a great cover and portrait of Spike, I love it along with that exquisite portrait Jo Chen did. 
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 14 2010 03:38 am   #4pfeifferpack
I am heartened to read this.  I think of all the writers who've had their hands on our Spike they are the best equipped as they don't just treat him as comic relief or keep him stuck in Season 2 mode.  I think they actually did pay some attention to his journey of redemption on the show (Spike Asylum was fabulous IMHO) and seem to respect him in his own right. 

ITA on the scarub importance.  They usually are flip in their answers though so I am not too worried that they didn't get it.

I'm a Spuffy girl too but given what has become of Buffy in the comic universe/dimension.....maybe a new love would be in order if they play it right.  I hate that thought but Buffy in the comics is just not good enough for Spike at this point, not after the Twilight lovin' after Angel did all that damage!

They have the best art too.

Aug 14 2010 07:17 am   #5nmcil
Hi Kathleen -

Nice to hear from you again - hope all is well. 
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 14 2010 12:55 pm   #6pfeifferpack
Busy as a cat with six tails but it is getting a bit better.  Got a new contract so some stress is easing and I hope to get back to writing once I adjust to the new schedule.  We need to do lunch again soon!

Aug 14 2010 09:18 pm   #7Joyce
Thanks for the notification!  I placed my subscription to this series of 8 immediately.
Aug 14 2010 11:32 pm   #8nmcil
Good News Kathleen -

Here is a very good interview with Brian Lynch about the new Spike series - original source - Slayalive Forum Q&A


SPIKE # 1 Q and A

To celebrate SPIKE's new series (solicited next month!) and my movie HOP'S wrapping photography, I will gladly and happily answer any questions you have about anything. Go for it!

How much time has past between "Boys and their toys" and your Spike's first issue?

(only one question or more, please specify)

Big thanks for your time with us

Ask as many as you want, I will answer as many as I can.

BOYS AND THEIR TOYS to SPIKE, I'd say it's a few months, at most.

Will it be more geared towards story arcs, like IDW's Angel series/Dark Horse's Buffy S8, or will it be more akin to the superhero on-goings from the major publishers (Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, etc.)?

Little story arcs that build to a big story arc.

How has Buffy season 8 impacted your plans for your new series?Has having Angel and Spike having big roles in it made plotting your story more difficult now especially if you don't know how things are going to play out in Joss's final arc?

It changed things slightly. I think for the better.

What's the current balance on pre-existing Buffyverse characters to new ones? Will we start seeing lots of new characters right away, or will there be more emphasis on the people already there?

So far, it's established characters. Spike, obviously. Angel and Illyria appear. Beck and George get a lot to do. We see some MOSAIC action. A few surprises. But not really many new characters. Not yet, anyway.

I know in passed comments that you said that you won't be dealing with the current plotline Willingham is working on with Angel and Spike's role in the current story.But how does the Spike series work time-line wise in relation to Bill Willingham's/Bill Williams Angel run?Does the Spike series start before the current story in the Angel monthly or does it run con-current with it?

I would say it happens after the current story arc.

Based on the title of issue #2, it seems that Spike will not always be in L.A. - if so, will this be common? Is Spike going to start wandering the world more or will he stick close to L.A.?

He'll be in Vegas for much of the first story.

Do you like how HOP'S is wrapping? Did you have to rewrite any scenes or do you expect re-shooting some of them?

Passing a question from a friend (eilowyn)

"If Spike were to be a guest on The Muppet Show, what songs would he perform (and with what Muppet), and what skits would he be involved in. Yes, we are being dead serious here."

I don't know about re-shoots, still very early to think about that, as we just wrapped. That said, the movie is hilarious and shaping up very very nicely. James Marsden is hilarious, and Russell Brand's voicework is just awesome. They both really came to play, and are great people.

I'd say Spike would perform some of his own stuff if on THE MUPPET SHOW. He'd do some poems with the Electric Mayhem backing him. Miss Piggy would have a crush on him, Kermit would get bent out of shape, and Spike would bond with Rowlf the Dog.

Plans for any of the following characters to appear?


That would be telling, no? I would say that the majority of those characters will make an appearance, or at least be referenced.

Do you think Juliet Landau would be willing to come back and help write another Dru-centric story? Angel #24-25 are amazing and I don't know of many people here who would object to more Dru.

And speaking of Harmony, if you can talk about this, have you had to tweak any of your plans for her because of S8, or has that character been more freeing to play with vs. the main character and his nemesis Tall Dark and Forehead?

Harmony isn't really popping up in SPIKE as of yet, so no fudging of plans there. And I would love to work with Juliet again, I'm sure I will one way or another, but there are no plans for a follow-up collaboration in terms of comic work.

Is Urru planning on sticking around as long as possible? (I like him. ) And, one more story/character-related question: do you expect Spike to be running into any Slayers/do you have any plans to include a new Slayer character in your story?

Yes, Franco's in for the long haul, hooray!

I think there are slayers in Spike's future. Though not how you may expect.

Sounding pretty great! So the solicit comes out next month, does that mean a more solid shipping date for issue #1 is set? (And I guess as a corollary, how many issues have you written already and how many do you know of that Franco has finished drawing?)

Franco is working on 2, I have written 1 and a half and have outlined many. I think it premieres in October.

Are you going to follow Willingham's continuity? Or are you just gonna do your own thing and try not to contradict the story he's telling?

I will do my best to not contradict the story he is telling.

Do you have a favourite scene that you've written thus far for the Spike series or anything that you're really looking forward to seeing/hearing fan reactions about?

YES, absolutely. I love some of the new goings on of the survivors of AFTER THE FALL (in the first five pages, you all are gonna look at a different character VERY differently), but I'm most looking forward to your reaction to the last four or so pages of issue 1. It sets something up that could be really interesting, might piss some people off, but will lead to big, great things in the arc.

Hello, Mr. Lynch, as a huge Spike fan I want to see your Spike’s outgoing series so badly!
Chris Ryall mentioned in his blog "The series will also feature an appearance by a popular Whedonverse character who’s only ever appeared in the BUFFY comics (and her own one-shot there, if that hint wasn’t enough before)."
I have got questions about that mysterious character. Will she meet Spike accidentally? (Probably she doesn’t know about Spike’s resurrection&hellip Or Spike will make a contact with her, asking her for a help (or for advise)?
And uhh, I don’t expect an answer, but what color is the hair of that character?
And what about the strange yellow machine in which Spike made his appearance in the end of Buffy issue 35? Will it appear in your story either?
In your Spike/Angel ATF series we saw some flashback and flashforwards panels with Spike (I mean the panel with Spike in a futuristic world holding a scythe-like axe over the decapitated Spider’s body.)Will we get more about it in your outgoing story? And is it the Buffy’s Scythe or not? And what about time- or dimensional travels? Or your Spike’s story will be situated in Las Vegas only.
Thank you for your answers!

The person will run into Spike on purpose. The yellow machine MAY make an appearance, hmmmmmm. We will get a few answers about the black scythe. It's not Buffy's. The main thrust of the first story will be Vegas, for sure.

What would you say is the tone of the series in comparison to your previous work in the Whedonverse?

I think it is close to ASYLUM or SPIKE:ATF. Some funny moments (very funny, hopefully) but a very dark story that deals with Spike's psyche.

Can you do the Numfar dance for us?

I joke, but seriously, I read Asylum and Shadow Puppets. Then I went back and read After the Fall. I also then picked up Spike: After the Fall. I think I may be in love with you. But anyway, I appreciate how you were able to progress the characters in a believable way. I'm absolutely excited for your new Spike series. My question to you is...once Season Eight wraps up and the Buffyverse story will be moved forward for Season Nine, do you plan on doing the same for Spike? I guess what I mean is how everything coming from IDW in regards to the Angelverse takes place before Season Eight. Will there be an official shift in time where we can move the characters a couple of years forward?

Not really. By the end of the first arc, you'll see where it fits. And OH it fits.

Hey, Mr. Lynch - thank you so much for agreeing to answer our questions!

My first question is, have you discussed with Joss the direction of your Spike series? Did he give you any notes? Have you contacted Joss at all, post-Twilightgate?

My second question is about the timeline: is it safe to assume that the events of Spike the Series take place before the Twilight arc in BtVS season 8?

Joss has contacted IDW about making everything click, yes. And it will. And yes, it takes place before TWILIGHT

Mr. Lynch, thanks for the answers and I’m really glad that your arc fits with Season 8 arc. I do not mind to see another disconnected story about Spike, but that’s really GREAT!
I can’t wait to find out more about the yellow machine and the black scythe!
I’d like to ask you another question – in the end of Angel ATF, Spike says to Angel:

“If and when the time comes that you do to try to tip the balance between good an evil in a favor of whatever side I’m not on, I will absolutely kill you, no problem.”

How do you comment these words? What he’s talking about? Is there another connection with the final apocalypse and Twilight?
I love Spike and Angel as good friends fighting on one side than as rivals on opposite sides, but looking at the recent events on Season 8 maybe we will see some bad blood between these two vampires again…
Oh, and thanks for the answers again!

In my head, Spike and Angel are on the same page than they've ever been at the end of AFTER THE FALL. That said, Spike knows how this world works, and things change pretty quickly. So, if Spike needs to act, Spike will act. It was meant as a reassuring gesture, but in a very Spike-ian way.

Is Spike going to be acknowledged as famous in Las Vegas or do they not know him there?

A little bit of both.

Dear Brian,

I'm very excited about your return to the Buffyverse comics; I know you've gone on paper saying you hate canon-discussion (as I and so many of us have come to do). But I love that you're working on making sure the continuity will fit. So, a big thanks for that!

My question is, do you have any idea how long this series will run for? (Please say infinitely, cause else, we're probably already going to start a countdown.)

PS: If given the chance, would you write an arc or issue for Buffy Season 9? (I know, this is a second question, I hope you'll forgive me )

I will write this series as long as I'm allowed to.

I would write an arc in BUFFY if there was an idea I was good for and people wanted me to. Oh, and if I had time, because I don't want to rush any job.

That's great to hear - I know things have been a bit mad post-Twilight reveal, so it is nice to hear that things are being done to make everything jibe together. I hope that applies to the Angel monthly as well - that Willingham didnt piss Whedon off too much with his rant. It would be sad if the Angel title suffered because of one writers opinions.

So the questions!Will Angel and Illyria be appearing in just the 1st arc...or will they be popping up after that? And something you may not be able to answer but will Spike be just appearing in his own monthly, or will he be in Willinghams arc as well?

Will be good to have a Lynch/Urru Whedonverse comic back!

I think Spike will be in the ANGEL book, but not a large amount. Angel and Illyria will be popping up as the story calls for it. So, yes, they'll be around.

Totally silly questions, but will there be more puppets at any point? I feel sorta sad that Trots the Puppet Horse was beheaded in Shadow Puppets; can he be sewn together again like Puppet Angel was?

Speaking of Shadow Puppets, will Tok be making an appearance in the new series?

I think poor Trots is permanently glue, I'm sorry. As for Tok...she's my favorite original character I've created for the Whedonverse. sooooo possibly. I'm dying to do a TOK: SUPERNATURAL ASSASSIN comic. Human ninja vs vampires, werewolves, etc? So much fun.

Brian, I've said that you're my favorite person in the whole wide world, right?

Thank you so much for doing this. I've been dieing for some SPIKE news ever since it was announced.

My question is:
You stated that you had a 'main cast' chosen for series already. I take it Beck and Betta George are apart of that 'cast', but are there any other characters, that haven't been mentioned of yet, that are apart of that same 'cast'? Feel free to give some specific names, buddy. ...Or not; Whatever floats your boat.

Beck and George are in it, yes. As for who else...well, there's a lead that isn't introduced in the first issue, but will serve as a surprise in issue 2. This character is from the TV show, not the comics.

Can you tell us something about the covers? Will it be like each issue has a cover A by Urru and a painted cover B by someone else (please say yes, by Alex Garner) or will it work differently?

To be honest, I'm not sure how much aware you are of what happens with the covers or if that's something that's totally up to Mariah.

Mariah asks me if I have any ideas and I write a list. Sometimes they're used, sometimes they're not. The first issue will have two covers, I think. One is a group shot (I think previewed in Ryall's blog) the other is an amazing solo shot of Spike.

Do we get to see more of the idea you put there in Boys and their toys and the tail end of ATF about how Spike is Destiny free in the sense that his isnt written in stone and he can make his own mark? When I first caught onto that I was sure right then and their that that idea alone would make for a compelling tale.

Spike is definitely concerned with going his own way in the SPIKE series. He misses the day when he didn't have to follow someone else's lead 24/7, and actively seeks it out. He is still very much part of Team Angel, he just doesn't want to ONLY be that, you know?

Another thing that just popped into my head:
You said that you've outlined a bunch; How far ahead have you outlined to? (Like, how many issues, in estimation?)

- Thanks!!

8 issues in.

So obviously we've seen you write Spike before, but outside of writing him, what's your own personal view of the character and his growth over the course of the series and the comics? In brief, anyway, I'm sure many fans could write essays about this singular subject.

I think if a character doesn't grow and change, then the story is pointless. Canon, non-canon, the tale you're telling better make an impact on the person you're writing about or it's unnecessary. I know people have their favorite versions of Spike, and that version will differ from the next person, but I really love how he's grown in the AFTER THE FALL series. I am definitely continuing that in the SPIKE series.

There's news about motion comics being made for Buffy season 8. Is there plans or any consideration for making Angel/Spike motion comics? It will be a shame if After the Fall doesn't make it to motion comic form and its sister series(Buffy season 8 ) does.

I'm not sure. Would love to see them, but I am just the writer. Could be really neat though.

” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 17 2010 07:22 pm   #9nmcil
Nice post from Brian Lynch over at Slayalive Forum -  it's really nice to hear from the creators and the new Spike series sounds like it is going to be really good. 

Guys, I can't implore you enough, if you wanna copy of SPIKE # 1, please go to your local comic shop and ask them to get it for you. We have BIG things planned, you guys are gonna love!

And thank you thank you thank you for your support. Means more than I can express.

On the canon debate front, it turns out that Joss will be reviewing and sending notes on the issues in which Willow appears, so those issues are definitely canon. And since those issues are right in the middle of an ongoing storyline, it's hard to fathom how the story (at least that arc) as a whole couldn't be taken as canon.

Well as I have said, the events of the Spike series (i.e. him going to Vegas) spin out of Angel #38 - because Angel can't go himself, Spike offers to go-so by that logic the events of Angel are canon as well.
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 17 2010 07:37 pm   #10pfeifferpack
Okay NOW I'm excited.  I have always loved their artwork on IDW and they seem to have a better handle on Spike and Angel too for that matter.  I absolutely loved Spike Asylum and the Shadow puppets storyline so I am expecting big things from this series and I'll have to get to the comic store to be certain to get each issue (which one carries them near us, Syl?) .  Borders had the Angel After the Fall series for a while but I'm not certain the nearest most reliable venue.  I know you get them so you'll know where I can get mine come October...I'm excited!!!

Aug 18 2010 05:55 am   #11nmcil

Noble gets all the comics for me - I will tell the owners to order extra copy for you and to put it in my box if you like - I will see them this Wednesday - the store is right in  the same shop mall as Taco Cabana & The Hastings - or go by an introduced yourself -  There is a young girl that works there that looks so much like Vi in the series.  Owner/Manager (not sure which he is) is Adam. 

” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Aug 18 2010 06:07 pm   #12pfeifferpack
Thanks sweetie!  YAY, I'll pick it up the day it gets in (which is stupid to say...what I'll pick it up before????).  We need to do lunch again soon BTW.  E-mail me with an idea when you're free.  Jim was talking about it just yesterday. 

Sep 03 2010 08:01 pm   #13nmcil
Posted the ChrisRyall blog previews, slighly larger and sharper, at my flickr page:

What a different treatment from the new Issue 36 -
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.