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Ho, ho, ho

Dec 24 2010 03:10 am   #1slaymesoftly
With our members and readers scattered all over the world's time zones, this seems like a good time to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season, however you choose to celebrate it (or not). Wishing you all Peace, Love and Joy throughout the coming year. The archive couldn't exist without our authors, readers and all the forum posters who make it a lively and interesting place to be.  Merry Christmas to those who'd like one, and enjoy the season to those who have other winter holidays to celebrate.  And a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 to everyone!
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Dec 24 2010 01:21 pm   #2CM 
Merry Christmas, Slayme!
Jan 03 2011 02:31 am   #3nmcil
I also want to send all my love and best wishes to our members for the coming year.  It's been a pleasure to be a part of BSV and to read all the wonderful Buffyverse works here and to be part of the discussions. 

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