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Possessive Boyfriend

Feb 05 2011 05:16 pm   #1The Enemy of Reality
Hi everyone! I'm writing a feature for my uni assignment and I would really need interviews from women who had a possessive/obsessive boyfriend to the point they were afraid to break up with him (but did in the end), or women who were emotionally blackmailed into staying with their boyfriend. It won't be published or anything, it's just for my assessment.

I would probably need two or three interviewees so it doesn't become a profile piece. I have to hand it in on Thursday so if anyone has that experience and doesn't mind answering a few questions, I would appreciate it so, SO much! Just drop me an e-mail that you won't mind being awesome and saving my life here:

Feb 06 2011 01:22 am   #2Spikez_tart
Sorry - didn't have a stalker boyfriend, but if this is an ongoing interest, check out the book "Gift of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker.  He helps people with stalkers and has a very interesting take on how to get rid of them.
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Feb 06 2011 01:44 am   #3The Enemy of Reality
Thank you so much for the info!! I'll use it for research on the topic. Still need actual people to interview though- have to use their quotes and experiences in the article. *sigh* Hope I'll find someone.