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AtS Detail Question

Feb 06 2007 03:58 am   #1msclawdia

Could an AtS viewer help me out?  For one of my stories (Reflections, in case you're curious), I needed a detail about the Connor pregnancy.  As I understand, Darla was brought back from the dead and was revamped at some point before Connor's birth.  

My question:  was she still human when Connor was conceived?


Feb 06 2007 04:14 am   #2LisFayte

No, She was already turned again by Dru, Darla slept with Angel around the same time that Dru came to Sunnydale in 'Crush'

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Feb 06 2007 01:33 pm   #3Caro Mio

It was Feb. 27, '01 when he slept with Darla, and Nov. 19 when Darla gave birth by staking herself to free Connor. (Air dates) I have the full AtS episode list. She was re-turned by Dru in Nov. of 2000.

Ask any other details!

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Feb 07 2007 05:10 am   #4msclawdia

Thanks ladies.  I figured that would be easier to get from a fan than by reading transcripts. 

So did two seasons have the Darla storyline then?  One where she's returned from the dead, revamped, and impregnated.  Then a second in which Connor was born?

Feb 07 2007 10:09 am   #5Caro Mio

Yes. Season 2 was a good bit about the return of Darla to Angel's life. She showed up a bit into Season 3 almost full term and ready to give birth any time. Once Connor was born in Nov., the story transferred to him and the attempts to keep him safe, before Holtz kidnapped him and jumped through the portal to Quortoth (where Connor grew up to age 16).

What If I'm Not the Slayer? now updated with chapters 22 and 23.
Feb 09 2007 04:46 am   #6msclawdia

Thanks again, ladies!