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A Way to fight Spammers...

Jun 02 2016 02:49 pm   #1DeepBlueJoy
I saw the note about the spam attacks, and found in my message inbox ALL my new messages were Russian spam.  I really do hope we can put some kind of barrier up to this...  Do we require a CAPCHA to apply for membership?  It seems that the spammers are getting through somehow.  I know it's hard.  I don't know a single fanfic site that doesn't struggle with this problem.  Any ideas from the membership would be welcome.  Other than the capcha (which I don't know if we have) or the manual member approval, which we do, I don't know what is to be done to stop the bastards.  Fortunately I haven't seen any spam stories yet and I am unaware of any spam reviews, though admittedly, I don't always read reviews by other people.

Anyway, thanks for all the hard work that our mods do.  Anyone with ideas how to thwart the spambastards, please step up!!

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