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MMOexp: Zoom in to see different regions and hover over zones

Jun 04 2024 11:10 am   #1AventurineLe
When it comes to making bank in Skull and Bones, focus on trading commodities. Don't even think about [url=]Skull and Bones Items[/url] parting with ship-building materials, furniture, ammo, or grub. These are your lifelines, vital for your pirate operations. Instead, set your sights on high-value items like Uncut Gems, Fine Relics, Ivory, Vanilla, and Frankincense. While other commodities can also turn a profit, their market performance varies depending on when and where you sell them. That's what keeps the world of pirate trade exciting and profitable.
Before you start peddling your wares, study your map. Zoom in to see different regions and hover over zones like The Giant's Leap. You'll find a list of items on the right side, categorized into "In Plentiful Supply" and "Highest In Demand." The latter fetches better prices in that area, while the former sells for peanuts. But remember, you'll need to explore to unlock this intel fully.
But wait, there's more! When you dock at a port, check out both merchants – the one by the docks and the one at the inland camp. Take note of the arrows beneath each item. Red, downward arrows mean lower prices, while green, upward arrows indicate a profitable sale. Aim for those green arrows to [url=]cheap Skull and Bones Items[/url] line your pockets with gold.?