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Feb 27 2007 01:28 am   #1tamakin84

Hey guys, ye gotta check out this relatively new lj community, indigo_crypt.

Its a fun active community, based on the idea that people submit banners for writers to make a fic for. Its a win win situation : ) The manippers get a smashin' new fic made just for their banner, and the fic writers get a great banner to adorn their fic, where ever they post it. It's also a great way to poke your muse into shape, and theres monthly awards and challenges.

So please, head on over and check it out!

Feb 27 2007 02:54 am   #2slaymesoftly

Thanks for pimping it here, tamakin! 

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Feb 27 2007 05:38 am   #3GoldenBuffy

That sounds cool. Heading over there now.

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