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Links in the forum

Oct 17 2006 12:32 am   #1Diabola

I noticed many of you have trouble putting up working links in the forum. So just in case that's cos you don't know how, here is a short instruction.

See the 10th icon in the first row (in the editor)? Looks like a little globe with a piece of chain in front of it. If you want to put in a link, you click that icon and put the url for the link in the window that pops up. Hit OK and the link will be added.

Once that is done you can either continue typing up your post, or you can edit the link some more by using the form that appears in the lower part of the editor. The most interesting thing there is probably the field "target". In the drop-down box next to it, you can choose whether you want the link to open a new window, or for the new site to replace the current one.

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