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Canon question....can you help?

Apr 03 2007 10:56 pm   #1DreamsofSpike

Okay, for my current fic, "Future Sins Past", by the day after "Whats My Line?", did Angel have an invitation to Willow's house? I know he did at some point but I'm not sure when....

Apr 03 2007 11:36 pm   #2maryperk

Yes, he got it in Lie to Me which was directly after the Halloween episode.

Nov 18 2007 10:46 pm   #3FetchingMadScientist

I know...not my thread, but I have a cannon question, and it seemed silly to start a new thread so...

Did the Slayer from the Boxer Rebellion, (Spike's first kill, Slayer-wise) have a name, and was it revealed anywhere in cannon? (I'm including the comics as well.)

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Nov 18 2007 10:55 pm   #4Eowyn315

Her name was Xin Rong, which definitely came from the comics... "Spike & Dru: All's Fair," I think. On the show, she was only referred to (and credited) as "Chinese Slayer."

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Nov 19 2007 03:13 am   #5Unbridled_Brunette

You can find more information on the Chinese Slayer (Xin Rong) on Wikipedia. Here's the link.

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