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The Initiative Exists!

Apr 05 2007 05:07 am   #1dipole_dipole_attraction

This is the result of web surfing at 2am.  I have now idea how I stumbled across it.

Someone should write a fic about this!

Apr 05 2007 06:39 am   #2Verity Watson
Fabulous! And you're right - Dr. Hugo Pecos deserves to feature large in a fic!
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Apr 05 2007 08:11 am   #3Scarlet Ibis

According to this (though I didn't read all of it- just skimmed it), vamps shouldn't exist- or at least in large numbers on BtVS.  It's really a bunch of crap with numbers, created by someone far geekier than myself...  Still kinda good for a laugh to see the responses.

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Apr 05 2007 09:25 am   #4dipole_dipole_attraction
"when this study came out last year, Buffy fans worldwide wept hot, bitter tears. "

lol. I took a deep, metaphorical breath to launch into a rebuttal about how vampires can exist in the Buffyverse...then thought "what the hell am I doing?"

Apr 05 2007 07:42 pm   #5Guest

I stumbled on this site last year.  Notice it says for entertainment purposes and didn't get sucked into any discussion.  However there are some truly interesting sites about and supposedly BY "real" vampires.  They have some really interesting forums (and most like the Buffy and Angel shows too BTW although they scoff at the inaccuracy of the portrayals).  They discuss blood vampires as well as emotional and psychic ones and it's an interesting part of our society we aren't usually made aware of.


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