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Apr 06 2007 07:34 am   #1Always_jbj

Somebody (Lady Yashka, I believe) was asking on tag earlier for some fic recs... and you know there are just sooo many wonderful fics out there that it is impossible to cover them all. But I thought I'd post a link to my Rec's page on my site where I have some of my favourites listed. Not all of them are Spuffy (although the majority are), but they are all fics I have (or still am in the case of the wips) thoroughly enjoyed.

Fic Recs

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Apr 06 2007 06:37 pm   #2slaymesoftly

Let me add to Always' rec that ,on my Live Journal, I give out a "Slay Me Award" every Thursday to fics that have rocked my socks off.  Since I read mostly Spuffy, that's what they mostly are (not all, but most).  They range from some of the "classics" to some brand new ones that I've come across judging somewhere.  I'm not saying they will all be to everyone's taste, but they will all be very good, well-written, intelligent stories. You can find all those awarded so far, with the links, in the tags under "The Slay Me Awards".  Enjoy!

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Apr 07 2007 05:11 pm   #3LisFayte

I know I have recommended this fic before, but if you haven't read it yet, you should read A. Lite's God Touched Series. This is a very long WIP set in season 4 after Doomed, Buffy only dates Riley a little bit, and she doesn't join the Initiative. This Story brings in almost everyone from BtVS and some of the people from AtS. I strongly urge you to read this. If you have already read it, please let me know what you think.

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Aug 19 2007 09:55 pm   #4Caro Mio

I just read this little fic, and it is so cute! Also hot and funny and yay, but there's an over-all cuteness that will definitely make you smile.

"Crush" goes a bit differently when Buffy gives Spike his crumb. 3 parts.

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