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The name game

Apr 06 2007 09:16 pm   #1Guest
I'm new to fanfic. This is infact my first day. I met fallen_angel today and she introduced me to BSV. So now I need a penname but I can't decide on one. Plese help me choose from the list: 1.Once Upon A Time 2.Myth 3.Silent Screams 4.Eternal Sunshine 5.Virgin Snow 6.Solitary Reaper 7.Summer Rain 8.Story Teller 9.Hope and a little sugar 10.Alone Again 11.Eternal Sleep 12.Nobody's Girl 13.Mountain Moon 14.Midnight Oil 15.Tisca The last one's a tribute to fallen_angel
Apr 06 2007 09:44 pm   #2Guest

hmmm....i like the idea of tisca, for fallen_angel, but i also like Nobody'sGirl

that's my opinion



BTW -- I was fallen_angel's beta reader, so if you'd like some help in that area, let me know

Apr 06 2007 10:01 pm   #3fallen_angel
Thanx DoS. You got eve's forwarded mail from me? I like Once Upon A Time
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Apr 06 2007 10:02 pm   #4DreamsofSpike

yeah, got it, sorry to see you leaving, but i hope all goes well for you stop in when you can to visit us

Apr 06 2007 10:06 pm   #5slaymesoftly

Hi name game - I would suggest something fairly simple and easy to remember, and something that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be known by in public. LOL You want people to be able to remember you (your name), to able to spell it easily, and to fit it into short spaces if necessary. Other than, that, pick something that appeals to you and don't worry about anyone else.

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Apr 07 2007 12:26 am   #6TwilightChild

I like Myth and Mountain Moon.  Or Eternal Sunshine.  That seems to fit pretty well.

Apr 07 2007 05:10 am   #7GoldenBuffy

*waves* I like

Silent Screams

Solitary Reaper

Eternal Sleep

Midnight minus the oil.

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Apr 07 2007 05:19 pm   #8cereza

IMO Story Teller, Once Upon a Time and Nobody's Girl are the nicest ones. But I'm a traditionalist, the other names are too... Don't know - peculiar? Of course, for my taste only.

Or maybe call yourself Name Game? It original and funny, knowing how you were looking for an appropriate... name?

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Apr 07 2007 06:59 pm   #9Guest
Or maybe call yourself Name Game?

Yah I could. When slaymesoftly called me that I considered it. Thank you all for your help. I've decided on Nobody's Girl. Actually I couldn't decide between Name Gane and Nobody's Girl so I asked my litttle sis and she liked the latter. I think I'll use Once Upon A time for my lj because I just love it but it's too big to type everytime I want to log in or someone wants to address me. --- Name Game
Apr 07 2007 09:08 pm   #10Scarlet Ibis

Story Teller makes me think of Andrew... I liked Silent Screams or Tisca, but Name Game's cool beans

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