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Self promotion meme

Apr 11 2007 03:15 am   #1Always_jbj

There was a meme similar to this getting around Live Journal...

If you had to pick ONE of the fics you've written to recommend people read, which would it be? It can be a long chaptered fic, a one shot or a drabble... doesn't matter, just whichever fic you are most proud of or happiest with. Doesn't even need to be the one you think is the best written... just the one you'd most like people to read. Also... I don't think it should be limited to only fics posted here... you might have a non-Spuffy that is your fave... go for it and tell us about it!

And I guess in all fairness I should kick things off. Mine (and it was MUCH harder to choose than I thought it would be) would be Time Around Me Whispers 

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Apr 11 2007 03:35 am   #2slaymesoftly

As well it should be!  Although, I think your Spike character study (the title of which is obviously escaping me ATM) is right up there.

Okay - I'm not sure I can do this. Which fic I'm most proud of depends on my mood. LOL  When I did this meme on LJ, I said that there are bits and pieces of almost all my fics that I really like and other bits and pieces that I really don't, so it's hard to say. I guess if I was forced to pick one I am most proud of, it would have to be "Prologue to Life/I Know You", although, if I had to pick my favorite, it would probably be "To Save a Lady".  You can find them here (follow author link) or at Prologue to Life/I Know You     and at       To Save a Lady

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Apr 11 2007 03:37 am   #3spikeskat

Gah! You know I don't self pimp. *kicks you* Hmm... if I had to chose. Well, that's tough. I like each of my stories for different reasons.

I guess I'm gonna go with Devil's Paradise. Only because of the pairing... Lindsey/Tara. I never would have thought to write it, but I took one look at DIYA's banner and the story just leapt out at me. I'm plotting a sequel now, that involves the Sunnydale & LA gangs.... with shades of Spuffy too. *wink*

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Apr 11 2007 03:48 am   #4Scarlet Ibis

Gosh, I was damn torn here... I think I'll go for the least read one, "That Look of Peace," a series of season five fan wanks.  Short, but luvvv it.


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Apr 11 2007 03:49 am   #5SpikesDeb

*sigh* Where my Kat goes, so do I...I completely avoided the self-promotion meme - I'm British, what can I say, we just don't do that kind of thing, old gal - but as I've been gently tugged here I supposed I'd better add something.  It's difficult, really, because the story I'm writing is generally the one I'm loving but if I really have to choose, I'll have to have two.  For general 'I'm so involved in this story it's taking over my life and I can't write it because I'm too close to it' obsession, it would have to be Come Back to MeIt's taking me aeons to write because I care dearly about every single character.  Usually I'm all about the comedy, but in Come Back it's all about the angst.  So yes, I love it.  But I have to say I've also got a very large soft spot for The Spike Blond Series simply because it's so much fun to run amok with a spoof of what is sometimes already a spoof of itself.  So yeah...

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Apr 11 2007 01:18 pm   #6LadyYashka

 Is it weird that when I read this, I already knew what fic qualified?

My absolute favorite fic is For Whom The Bell Tolls.  (This was no surprise to anyone here was it?) It's posted on this site and on my Lj, which has one more chapter than what is here.

I've fallen hard for the world and characters I've dreamed up. I have so much planned for it, and I actually can't wait to finish it because I want to know how everything comes together. I get up thinking about how this story is going to go, and I go to bed dreaming up different subplots to add. The characters I've written have surprised me. They feel very real to me, and I want them to feel the same way to everyone else.

I'm having a blast writing this story.

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Apr 11 2007 04:43 pm   #7DreamsofSpike

Wow, most of the fics listed I've read, and loved!!!! But this is an excellent way, I think for some of our older fics to get a bit of attention again

I'd have to say my all time favorite of the fics I've written would have to be Saving Grace, posted here and at just about all my posting sites.  (see following link)

Like was mentioned before, this is not necessarily what I consider to be one of my best-written pieces; it was actually one of my first Spuffy fics, and I'd like to think I've improved with time lol...

But this one was dear to my heart while I was writing it, and after...I sort of lost myself in this fic, my heart breaking with the characters, feeling their emotions, and I cried when it was finished....

Check it out if you like, and haven't already



Apr 11 2007 08:22 pm   #8MadBrilliant

I like this one because I wrote it late at night and the next morning, I still dug it. that usually doesn't happen. most things i write at two in the morning...absolute rubbish, but i like this. it cleared up a question i had when one of the characters left Sunnydale and apparently fell of the face of the planet never to be heard from again. just a short one shot.

It's my second favorite pairing after Spuffy.

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Apr 11 2007 09:34 pm   #9Eowyn315

Oh dear. This is like picking your favorite child. Can't I like them all equally? No? Okay. Well, then, I think I'd pick Beyond This Life. It's gotten the least attention of all the fics I've posted, everywhere I've posted it (probably because there's no real Spuffy to speak of, what with Buffy being dead and all). But it's definitely a labor of love, and it was the first thing I wrote where I didn't have a story to tell, it was just all about emotion, pure grief.

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Apr 12 2007 01:02 am   #10Lilachigh
Goodness, that’s almost impossible! Torn between two. I’ll always love ‘Splinters’ because although it was the first piece of fic I ever wrote and is a little rough round the edges, I’m still quite pleased with the Spike voice in it. ‘Never Alone’ gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction because I wanted to write about what happened to them after the end of Angel and also I was thrilled that other people enjoyed the story so much. Both can be found on this site if you want to have a look.
Apr 12 2007 09:25 am   #11Caro Mio

The story I'm happiest with is An Offer of Hope. It was the easiest story to complete I've ever written, and I feel it's the best I've done on a fic, too. Eventual Spike/OC.

As for Spuffy - Finality is probably my best, just because I did something emotional, that doesn't normally come easy to me, and just wrote and posted it. I didn't think over it. So, I'm proud that I could just let it go and see what people said. It's a one-shot that can be found here.

My first story has a very special place, but since Beyond Twilight folded, it's not posted anymore. I'll probably finish cleaning it up some day and repost it somewhere. It's a Spike/OC, called Into The Night, and is still the longest thing I've ever written. It's seriously an epic.....probably because I just needed an editor, LOL. Still, without it, I wouldn't have gotten this far at all.

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Apr 12 2007 09:36 am   #12Blood Faerie

Well of the stuff I've worked on since scrapping my old stories, Blood of My Blood, is my fave. I cracked myself up writing it so far, what witch naked feral Spike and the referring to himself as Tarzan. Then there was terrorizing the populace with his naked fast food thievery.

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Apr 12 2007 05:20 pm   #13pfeifferpack

Gathering Loose Ends.  It doesn't get read (or at least reviewed) as often and it may be because it's long.  I am most proud of the fact that I met my own challenges to write as many of the Buffy/Angel verse characters as possible (and try to get the voices right) and make a foray into action/adventure.  It's plotty McPlot but I think I hit all the charcters right and that was my goal.