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Buffy x-overs

Jun 06 2007 06:01 pm   #1JoJoBird

Funny Pirates Of The Caribbean / Buffy xover

Greek Fire

Summary: From some stroke of fate, Buffy lands in 17th century-Caribbean; smack-dab in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy. From whence she meets the infamous Captain Sparrow, along with the never-ending headache he seems to bring.

WIP 11 chapters so far and reliable updates

Dec 13 2007 11:15 am   #2JoJoBird

This is Buffy/Lord of The Rings x-overs mainly

This is truly a fantastic author

Jennifer has a wonderful flowing language and i read anything she does because she always does it so well.

I would recommend reading Water first and then Ebb right after. Something else by her Plight is something fantastic. If you read plight others of her 1-5 page stories are in the Plightverse and reads like memories or years of her life before or during Plight. (just a reminder because i didnt see this at first myself.)

Another brilliant author Lisette

Her fic Equinoxium is a finished story that she will be working on a sequel very soon.