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BtVS & AtS Series finale contrasts

Jun 29 2007 10:33 pm   #1chlarkspuffy

My husband pointed out to me while watching Chosen that of the main characters all the only the ones with demonic ones die i.e. Spike and Anya. Does anyone know if the PTB were making some sort of statement? 

Then I noticed that in the series finale of Angel, it was the reverse. Assuming that Gunn does not survive (seems to me most viewers infer this), only the demonic characters survive (in the least, are left standing and not mortally wounded), viz. Angel, Spike, Ilyria, and Lorne. Coincidence?

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Jun 30 2007 12:30 am   #2Scarlet Ibis

Well, Buffy's human, and so is most of her crew, which is opposite to Angel and his "avengers,"   So killing all the humans on Buffy would be, well, almost everyone...  Though I just wanted to say it was bogus as hell how they killed Wes.

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