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Challenge me...please?

Oct 25 2006 04:05 pm   #1

I'm in a rut; yup, dug myself a great big hold and now I'm stuck in it. My fics keep veering post/nfa post/chosen am in desperate need of something to write out of my comfort zone.

Seriously, be creative, I'm up for a good challenge. I'm not so much an AU author, but, hey anything goes right?

I'm begging you please, help me get my head out of my butt and writing!

Give me the oddest things you can think of, the more the better. I'm not being specific, I know...



Oct 25 2006 04:25 pm   #2spikeslovebite

A lot of writers find that writing drabbles or ficlets helps them out of a rut. I've been blocked with writing in general for several months and just recently joined 50_smutlets on LJ (minimum word count for them is 400 wds, but can be more) I've already finished one and started several others. Drabbles are usually only 100 words, so most find those easier.

I'm partial to post-Chosen fics myself lol so how about something from season 4...Spuffy of course...hmmm, after Xander spills the beans about Angel being in town and Spike has that evil smirk on his face as they all look down the table at Buffy. Somehow, I doubt he kept his mouth shut for very long after that.

Oct 25 2006 04:31 pm   #3

Thanks! I'll see what I came come up with! Also, I'm going to check out that LJ community, been looking for ideas over there as well.

Oct 25 2006 10:57 pm   #4Always_jbj

Have you looked at the Apocalypse Challenge on Good__Evil?  *hint hint* lol

And as Tam said, drabbles can be very good for waking the muse up. *pokes muse* Only mine won't even wake up enough to write one of my joss100 drabbles. *kicks muse* Nope...still ignoring me.

How about a Season 2 drabble?... hmmm...Something to do with those video tapes that Spike had made of Buffy... any character/s you want. (Obviously if it's not Spuffy you won't be able to post it here at the Verse... but you could put a link to your LJ)

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Oct 26 2006 01:34 am   #5DreamsofSpike

you know, there are literally hundreds of challenges on this site, and most of them are pretty might wanna check them out and see if any of them piques your interest...i'm about to be doing that myself in a week or so here


Oct 26 2006 04:04 am   #6Spikez_tart

Evildead - poor baby.  Check out wulfies challenge based on Something Blue.  The spell makes Buffy wildly in love with Spike, who won't have anything to do with her.  Maybe you could try a different kind of writing - if you do angst, try comedy. 

I was thinking about doing a story on Buffy and Spike putting ads in the personals columns.  Lame, but could be fun.


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Oct 26 2006 02:40 pm   #7

Thanks guys! I've started doing the 50_smutlets thing, and I'm very excited about it. Also signed up for a ficathon as well.

I think the ads in the personal columns could be hilarious Thanks for the ideas!