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Other Supernatural Shows

Aug 27 2007 08:13 pm   #1Guest

I'm just wondering about other shows with Demons, and what their treatment of good demons was? The only other supernatural show I watched was Charmed, so I can only think about how they all treated Cole when Phoebe was in love with him, and I got to say, though they didn't like the idea of the relationship, her sisters treated him better than the scoobies treated Spike, or even Angel.

Aug 28 2007 12:49 am   #2Eowyn315

I don't tend to watch other supernatural shows, but I did see one episode of Supernatural because Amber Benson was guest starring. She played (ironically) a vampire, the leader of a group that didn't feed on humans, and instead drank animal blood. There was actually a conflict between the main guys and another demon hunter over whether the vampires should be killed simply because they're vampires, even though they weren't hurting people. The main characters ended up letting the vampires live, and I remember thinking at the time that it mirrored the conflict on Buffy regarding Spike in particular, but also the general "black and white" sentiment that all demons are bad and must be killed, which was questioned more and more as the series went on.

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Aug 28 2007 12:59 am   #3JoJoBird

Heeee Eowyn i was reading this post an hour or so ago and it made me think of just that! but i was too lazy to reply :|

Sep 13 2007 03:17 am   #4daniel_nieves

Have anybody seen the show heroes? I think it's a pretty bad ass show.

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Sep 13 2007 11:59 am   #5LadyYashka

"Have anybody seen the show heroes? I think it's a pretty bad ass show."

I love that show! It is a bad ass show and Hiro is just awesome.

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Sep 13 2007 02:41 pm   #6Guest

Never followed Charmed much (only character I liked was Cole - go figure) but there are 2 major differences in why the sisters treated Cole better than anyone ever treated Spike.  Both were essentially defanged (Spike with chip and Cole w/o powers) but Cole gave up his powers voluntarily (more like Spike seeking the soul) and also he and Phoebe were MARRIED.  It wasn't like Buffy denying that she even liked the guy.

And yeah, Heroes is awesome, even if there isn't a Spike like character.  But I think Ando is a lot like a better Xander - no powers, but very honest and brave.


Sep 13 2007 09:18 pm   #7Guest

I love Ando, Hiro, and Peter. And Jesus Christ Claire Bennett is so friggin hot.

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Sep 14 2007 01:59 am   #8chlarkspuffy

Big fan of Cole on Charmed. The sisters did treat him well for a bit, unlike the Scoobies. Then when he went all obsessive and cuckoo and Phoebe 'got over' him, it got annoying and boring. Haven't watched it since. Never watched SN. Heroes is ok most of the time. I think they have way too many storylines and characters.

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Sep 14 2007 05:24 am   #9Blood Faerie

Yes, I LOVE Heroes, even if it seems a rip-off of X-men and stuff. (But then I love X-men, too, so no wonder I love Heroes, huh? hehe) But I ADORE Hiro from the very first moment I saw him! Masi Oka is so CUTE! Did any of you see him when he was on Scrubs? Poor Franklin. And the girl who plays Claire Bennett - Hayden Pannettiere, well I can't find her "hot" like anyone I've followed since they were little bitty tikes, because that's creepy It's like macking on a daughter or kid sister, cause you look at her and remember the uber curly hair and chubby cheeks.

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