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Spike's date in Hells Bells

Sep 14 2007 04:51 pm   #1Unbridled_Brunette

Was she a vampire? I just kind of assumed she was, but I don't remember if they ever specified on the show.

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Sep 14 2007 07:28 pm   #2pfeifferpack

Never specified.  She was referred to as goth girl (don't remember onscreen but in conversations and scripts is called that).  I think you're free to make her whatever you wish.


Sep 14 2007 08:07 pm   #3Unbridled_Brunette

Thanks for the reply.

Faithfully bowing at the altar that is Stephen Colbert
Sep 15 2007 01:47 am   #4Scarlet Ibis

I always assumed she was some kind of demon that wasn't a vampire.  But she could've been human- one of those vampire groupies...But that just seems incredibly wrong.  At any rate, I don't think he slept with her- more for show than anything.

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Sep 15 2007 01:59 am   #5Blood Faerie

I have this funny image of him piss drunk in a bar (like usual) and gets the suddenly bright idea that he should show up at the wedding with a date to make Buffy jealous, and so grabs the nearest hot bar fly and drags her off to the wedding with him, lol

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Sep 16 2007 03:33 am   #6Spikez_tart

Didn't some clever person say her name was Tarantula?

If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?
Sep 16 2007 06:14 am   #7Caro Mio

I think he just picked up a girl at a bar or whatever. It's not like it'd be hard for Spike to get a date. She looked human to me.

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Sep 16 2007 02:44 pm   #8WeyrAtheneWolfen

If anyone likes Spike/OC there is a great fic out there about Spike and his date - How Spike Got Himself A Date (Spike/Ho Biscuit) by Mint Witch