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Gah!!!! This seriously made me bawl...

Sep 25 2007 08:37 am   #1DreamsofSpike

Okay, maybe I'm just overly sentimental at the moment, but this just made me cry...such a sad, sweet spuffy video...buffy realizing what she had, too late

Sep 25 2007 01:06 pm   #2Guest

OMG, DOS - That was wonderful. Definitely brought a tear to me eye! Thanks for sharing it the link.  I hope they don't take this one down!

Sep 26 2007 12:47 am   #3Guest

I agree; this was definitely a tearjerker!

Sep 26 2007 07:29 pm   #4pfeifferpack

 Perfect Buffy POV song for post Chosen.  Note (for those who still doubt) SMG's eyes and face in the ILY scene....she meant it.  

Thanks for the link.

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Sep 26 2007 10:53 pm   #5Guest

Um, the first reply above was me. Didn't realize that I wasn't logged in on the IP addy.  Loved it DoS. Thanks for sharing. 

Sep 26 2007 10:56 pm   #6slaymesoftly

And, apparently, I now needed to log back in on the old url. *sigh*

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