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Oct 25 2007 09:41 am   #1angelic_amy

So I'm looking for a fresh set of eyes to go over an already posted WIP. I'm not doing a rewrite, a la Lostboy, no... I'm looking for someone to keep me focussed and ensure I'm not leaving any loose ends along the way.

I've been having trouble with writer's block lately and it's partly because I'm dependant on betaing feedback. It's a bad habit but a hard one to break. I write, I email chapters to the beta, and then I stop writing until chapters are returned. Which is a real killer for the muse when chapters disappear for over a month before I see them again. And I know that came out as really ungrateful, which is so not the case. I adore my betas and I completely understand the pressures of RL. It's because I don't want to seem ungrateful or pushy that I'm looking for extra help - so I don't bug them as much!

In summary I'm looking for a beta who will:

  • catch any grammar or punctuation mistakes I miss when proof-reading
  • keep me focussed on the arc of my story (which will be explained in depth to whoever decides to help me out)
  • ensure characterisations sound real (I'm pretty confident with my character voices but it never hurts to have a second opinion)
  • give me lots of feedback. Picking up on mistakes is all well and good but I'm pretty needy and have become accustomed to a certain style of betaing - I want to know your reactions as you read (that would mean comments littered throughout the chapter as to what you're thinking of a particular scene, paragraph, line, character's actions etc). If something I have written makes you think something, I wanna know!
  • quick turn around - around three days would be greatly appreciated. If a chapter is going to take longer is fine so long as I'm given a heads up.
  • lastly, I'm looking for someone who is willing to read over and give me feedback on previously posted chapters. They shouldn't need a real thorough beta because they've already been looked over, but if anything jumps out at you of course I want to know! 

This story is an alternate reality so it's not the sort of fic you can pick up in the middle and beta from there. And if you're going to have to read it all, why not give me feedback! (Yes, I'm greedy but any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.)

Anybody interested?

Breathless Salvation - Fanfiction by angelic_amy
Nov 09 2007 02:26 am   #2angelic_amy

Thanks to everyone who read this post, I've now got some help from a couple generous BSV members. I'm really excited about getting this fic moving again and look forward to their help and guidance.

Breathless Salvation - Fanfiction by angelic_amy