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Making an account.

Oct 25 2007 10:48 am   #1Guest

Hi, I'm a person who's placed several guest threads (not all) in the forum because I can't make an account. Every time I try, I never get an activation letter. Did this ever happen to anyone else? I'm also sorry if my own guest threads placed some supiscions, as suggested in another thread, about bangel fans being on the site.

Oct 30 2007 01:53 am   #2Guest

Hi, umm can anyone re-give me diabola's e-mail address? It was lost when some of the posts were deleted.


Oct 30 2007 04:28 am   #3Guest

Thank you.


Oct 30 2007 08:32 pm   #4Diabola

I replied to your email and activated the account.

I'm also going to delete Always_jbj's comment here, because I don't want any spam-bots finding my addy.

Let me clarify, it was perfectly alright to post it here, I just don't want it sitting in there too long. The addys on the profiles are encrypted so that what you see is plain text, but a bot crawling the site for email-addys will only get cryptic crap. Stuff posted in the forum isn't encrypted, so if I leave the addy up for too long, I'll probably end up with more spam than I already get.

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