One Little Dance by Holly

01/10/2015 04:49 am
One Little Dance         
Just found this gem.

Oh. Sigh. :-). Thanks
05/19/2010 12:22 pm
One Little Dance         

05/28/2009 06:10 am
One Little Dance         
     I really liked this!!! Espcially Spike going into game face w/o saying "pretty-please". Yummy!

04/25/2009 06:35 pm
One Little Dance         
And I'm sure they will be more and more...!

11/04/2008 03:56 am
One Little Dance         
wait - no - the end? 
great little story.  I especially liked the claim - "Words. There were words. Words, and then blackness."  So elegant

11/03/2008 06:40 pm
One Little Dance         
Very hot! And suprisingly believable for the season... Good stuff!

11/02/2008 03:09 am
One Little Dance         
Awesome Holly.  I'm sure Parker was a premature ejaculator.

11/01/2008 03:46 am
One Little Dance         
Very nice, love the ending. Spike at his worst,  and best all in one short story! Thank you for the read, excellent as always.

11/01/2008 12:26 am
One Little Dance         
*staggers off to take cold shower...*

Well done, sweetie.

10/31/2008 11:16 pm
One Little Dance         
Oh my god, that was amazingly sexy and so sweet at the same time.  Well done!

10/31/2008 10:50 pm
One Little Dance         
how sweet

10/31/2008 08:48 pm
One Little Dance         
Been waiting for you're the seasonal fic. I was good like all of your works, you gonna be posting on

10/31/2008 07:57 pm
One Little Dance         
 Well, that was...lovely.  Seriously I totaly enjoyed it. Thanks.

Pam S
10/31/2008 03:10 pm
One Little Dance         
  Enjoyed... hot with that perfect ending ...I think LOL 

10/31/2008 02:53 pm
One Little Dance         
Aw, that's so sweet...
"What I came back for…that’s easy, Slayer,” Spike murmured, kissing her sweetly. “You.”
This is glorious, and it's exactly what should have happened!
I don't suppose you fancy continuing in this 'verse? I think it would be outstanding!