The Worst Thing by Lirazel

12/16/2008 03:39 am
The Worst Thing         
I love your story.  I like your story.  I love their voices and their actions and how they finally get together despite themselves.  Love it that they do get together and in the middle of the big old battle , that's pretty wonderful.  And I love how I imagine that he will never ever ever leave her again.

12/04/2008 06:11 am
The Worst Thing         
interesting writing style--I like it!  All the italic inclusions gave a lot of depth.  I also thought it was fascinating that you pointed out how many of Buffy and Spike's major moments together took place in an alley.  How true!  I'd just never realized it before.  See?  I copied your italics idea!!!!

12/04/2008 04:10 am
The Worst Thing         
Wow what a cool story , really liked lots.
Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it!

12/01/2008 11:05 pm
The Worst Thing         
Beautiful and sad and joyous. And so very true to both their characters.
Aw!  Thank you so very much!  I'm so glad you thought so!

12/01/2008 08:23 pm
The Worst Thing         
Amazing stuff! I love the way you write. All edgy and, yeah, brilliant.
Thank you!  I'm enjoying your "The Return," so it means a lot to me to know that you enjoyed it.

12/01/2008 02:55 pm
The Worst Thing         
So right and perfect. The most heartwarming and angsty (didn´t know if I would get the end I wanted) I have read in a long time. Thank you! 
Thank you!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  And yeah, the title/summary certainly doesn't communicate a lot of hope, does it?  But I'm very glad you got what you wanted in the end.

12/01/2008 04:37 am
The Worst Thing         
this is it. this is the piece that have been looking for. it completes a story that was never really finished. you write it so beautifully, that I have pinpricks of tears in my eyes. you have written what has been missing. I thank you!
Thank you so much for your kind words!  I'm thrilled to death that my story could provide what you were looking for, and I'm even more thrilled to know that it moved you enough to bring a few tears.   Thanks so much for reviewing!

11/30/2008 07:16 pm
The Worst Thing         
Beautiful and sad and how exactly did Buffy get that scythe on the jet? 
Thank you!  And I imagined Willow or Giles or someone cast a spell to make it look like, say, a guitar or something like that.  In my mind, Buffy is very attached to the scythe and would find a way.

11/30/2008 12:05 pm
The Worst Thing         

You're too good!

You're too kind!