Scarlet and Midnight by Lirazel

06/27/2010 06:58 am
Scarlet and Midnight         

02/02/2009 07:06 am
Scarlet and Midnight         
Oh my god, this is so tragic and beautiful and painful and touching... Thank you. This sure was an experience

01/17/2009 03:34 am
Scarlet and Midnight         
very fine read, thank you.

01/01/2009 04:01 pm
Scarlet and Midnight         

A life-enhancing story amid all the death and destruction of this hellish existence that only contains Spike and Buffy, and oh yes, a world full of demons.  It is their story told from another angle - the first of this kind as far as I am aware - that of: what if Angelus had succeeded with Acathla and the world had been sucked into hell?  Even on the flip side of the coin, there is still Buffy and Spike, Spike and Buffy.  The animosity, the violence, the kindred fighting spirits, the persistence, the attraction, the sexuality ...... and the love.

Absolutely gorgeous.

01/01/2009 07:38 am
Scarlet and Midnight         
Wow! This was wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with me.

12/30/2008 07:46 pm
Scarlet and Midnight         
That was simply beautiful. Thank you.

12/30/2008 09:47 am
Scarlet and Midnight         
Oh, i love your work. The style is what captivates me, but the writing itself, the topic, the characters, the story, everything, so magnificent. This one is incredible. Truly loved it. I could read it over and over and over again. As a matter of fact, I think I will copy it onto a word document and save a copy for myself for the future for whenever I need to see the little light in the midst of the scarlet and midnight of the world, if you don't mind. Great piece, thanks for sharing!