Alone, Lost, And Found by LadyYashka

07/16/2012 07:13 pm
Oct. 29, 2009: 170 Days Later         
this is an interesting start.  I love crossovers and I love spuffy and it's rare to find those two together...  and I really am glad it's an SPN cross...  very cool!

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

04/27/2009 04:10 am
Oct. 29, 2009: 170 Days Later         
very good read, thank you.  but “Life’s not fair, luv,” the sequel is not up yet.
I'm glad you liked it.

And don't worry, the sequel is almost done. It just needs to be fleshed out a bit more.

04/27/2009 03:35 am
Oct. 24, 2008: 165 Days Later         
 not sure Castiel is priorities are the same as the groups. good read, thank you.
Castiel has his orders, and he definitely views things differently than the others.

04/27/2009 03:25 am
Oct. 23, 2008: 164 Days Later         
"Tomorrow would bring more questions, but for now, it could wait." better than an evil cliffie, but.... very good read, thank you.
I'm glad you liked it.

04/27/2009 03:17 am
Oct. 20, 2008: 161 Days Later         
enjoying the dynamics of the group. (ok, i'm laughing at the great lines.)  very good read, thank you.
I'm glad you liked it. And yeah, when I heard Dean say those lines in Monster Movie, I just had to use them here.

04/27/2009 03:00 am
Oct. 19, 2008: 160 Days Later         
buffy and spike, dean and sam all seem to be working it out. very good read, thank you.
You're welcome.

04/27/2009 01:10 am
Sept. 19, 2008: 128 Days Later         
fun read, thank you. know i've read this, maybe here and was unable to comment.  in addition to reading another of your fine tales, it gave me hope that you would be revisting "for whom the bell tolls."
It might have been here. I posted it here a while back, but the the site ate it. As for For Whom The Bell Tolls, I am still working on it. I promise! It's just going slower than I'd like.

04/26/2009 11:55 pm
Sept. 18, 2008: 127 Days Later         
fine beginning, thank you.
You're welcome.