One Good Day by xoChantelly

04/17/2010 04:39 pm
Sunnydale, 1998         
absolutely luved it. very unique and true to spikes nature

09/29/2009 04:09 am
Sunnydale, 1998         
A very believable alternate reality. Loved it!
Glad you liked! Thanks for reviewing =D

09/22/2009 04:12 pm
Sunnydale, 1998         
brutal. :3
lol Thanks.

07/02/2009 01:41 am
Sunnydale, 1998         
spike at his best. very good read, thank you.
Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reviewing.

buffy convert
06/28/2009 12:14 am
Sunnydale, 1998         
ok -  creepy so far
so far? Its finished. I dont know if you liked it or not, but thanks for reviewing, I guess...