The Long Walk by Holly

08/09/2011 11:24 pm
The Long Walk         
That was really beautiful. 

Thank you so much,


03/13/2011 05:23 pm
The Long Walk         

Such a powerful story - wonderful in its simplicity of words, but strength of emotional focus of the character.
Great use of the series and pivotol Spuffy event.

07/20/2009 10:29 am
The Long Walk         
So beautiful, so well written. I thank you for the glimpse into that moment.

06/29/2009 09:53 am
The Long Walk         
an insight into Spike's thoughts at the moment. I could never forget how overwhelmed, how touched, he looked. you wrote it beautifully.

06/26/2009 10:00 pm
The Long Walk         
Beautiful I tell ya!  lol, but I must say that the last sentence made me think of another vamp who should never have a perfect moment   Well written drabble, thanks for sharing.

06/25/2009 09:38 pm
The Long Walk         
You're description of the moment was perfection. thank you.

06/25/2009 01:27 pm
The Long Walk         
So beautiful. Brilliant. Great job.

06/24/2009 10:30 am
The Long Walk         
It must have been a wonderful moment for Spike, and this shows how much it meant to him.  Sigh...

06/24/2009 05:40 am
The Long Walk         
Simple and sweet. You drew out a very short moment, defined its meaning in a way that is elegant and feels natural.

06/24/2009 05:24 am
The Long Walk         

06/23/2009 11:12 pm
The Long Walk         
Excellent!  I'm certain Nikki will love this.  I hope she has strength enough to be online to read it and keeping it short is perfect under the circumstances.

You really have captured the importance of that him and to Buffy really.  It was when she did let him in and the moment he knew he was forgiven.

Just beautiful!

Mum Kathleen
Thanks, Mum. I actually don't expect Nikki to make this story a priority. I just thought if she was skimming her flist, she'd at least see I was thinking of her. She has way too much going on to worry with things like this, and I don't want her to feel like she owes any of us anything...which was why I opted to post it, rather than send it to her. That way it's an option.
Thank you!