It's Over by slaymesoftly

08/12/2013 06:32 am
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  That was kinda cool.  Having the change in Buffy when she got vamped, that she lost the drive to do good.  It suggests that it was the Slayer influenced who Buffy became.

  I don't know if I like it, but I know that it's a pretty good story, and a good ending.

  Interesting, interesting read.
Thank you.  It's a bit darker than what I normally write, but it felt like where she might be in that difficult time.  Thanks for reading.

09/29/2011 07:40 am
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I like this story very much - enjoyed reading it a second time.

Thank you.

11/05/2010 12:46 pm
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Brilliant. I rarely review (very bad, I know) but you got me and I just can't help myself. Really, very clever and poses a rather thought-provoking conundrum for our darling Spike...tbc?
Thank you for taking the time to tell me you liked it.  tbc? Possibly. I'm toying with the idea.

10/07/2010 04:39 am
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omg, that story was amazing...and please no, not the end...please write more, not sure how old this story is but i just found it. i almost cried when she really walked away, but i can totally understand her need to get away from it all, she has done more than her fair share. i just hate that she left dawn there and spike too of course. if you write more please let me know. my email address is
Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's not terribly old - I think I wrote it last year?  Anyway, I haven't done anything about continuing it yet, but I do think about it from time to time.

03/31/2010 03:42 am
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Great to read this again - I saw it on the list of nominees at one of the LJ award sites - dark and angst stories.

I really like this work - I like your ending of having Buffy act out as a vampire what she could never do as a human and the Slayer.
Thanks. I'm glad it held up when you reread it. :)

03/10/2010 04:27 am
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Very different and still enjoyable.  I do hope there is a sequel already or perhaps to come?Thanks! 
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.  Sequel is still being discussed.  Maybe, maybe not.

Buffy Convert
08/12/2009 11:03 pm
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     This was a well-written story, very believable. But so sad! I hope Buffy doesn't end up like Angel. He thout he was "good" because he had a soul, but he didn't mind abandoning Spike & Drusilla.
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. :)

08/09/2009 04:09 am
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way too good to leave there. thank you for the excellent read. beginning?
Thank you. At the moment, it's a one-shot, but there is obviously lots of room to go other places with it.

08/04/2009 04:41 am
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No no, not the end.  Spike has to go after her!  Excellent story.  Very heart rending.
LOL  Thanks. We'll see. Lots of things could happen.

08/01/2009 11:14 pm
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Wow! I suppose not such an integral part of Buffy, eh? Very thoughtful piece.
Thank you. :)

07/31/2009 02:20 am
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 Well she intended to give up being the Slayer between LA and Sunnydale, when she had to send Angel to Hell, and then again after the zombie party from Hell and threatened to do so when Giles said she'd have to kill Dawn to stop Glory, so I don't find it hard to believe she might really try to do so after being vamped in season 7. With Faith being the 'official' Slayer and with everything looking so bleak for her I find the scenario very believable. I also see why Spike should want to stay and help... but I can't help thinking that Buffy will turn around once she's had time to think, or that with a little encouragement from Dawn Spike will go after her. I truly hope you do continue and I'd be fascinated to see which direction you take. Just as long as you don't send her to Angel. Oh... and why couldn't she have killed that Kennedy and done us all a favour?
LOL Well, she shut Kennedy up for a while. That's got to count, right? :)

There are so many ways this story could go - it's going to take a long time to sort them out.

07/30/2009 03:31 pm
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Spike, Spike, Spike... (~smacks him w/a ball peen hammer!~) Go get her!! You (& Buffy) don't owe those treasonous Scoobies anything..!!

Methinks his denial had more to do w/disbelief than an actual refusal (or so I hope) to go with her - I just can't see Spike (soul or not) letting her go. (that said, you captured the "uncertainty" & "insecurity" of them both, very well). Say it's remains a one shot: you can add "evil-cliffhanger writer" to your resume. Say you continue: (~discreetly offers bribe~) I see yet another epic Spuffy masterpiece in the making... as only the Master of Spuffy could do.

LOL  WE'll see how it goes.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

07/29/2009 01:13 pm
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so maybe i can't subscribe to the story; i'll just add it to my favorites menu!
:) It isn't going anywhere. It will be easy to find if/when I continue it.

07/29/2009 01:08 pm
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i needed a quick something to read before starting some homework this morning. this was just the ticket! i'll subscribe to this story just in case you decide to continue on.

it does kind of suck that spike finds himself questioning whether or not he loves buffy for who she is and not for what she is, but that's par for the course, no? angel left because she's the slayer, riley couldn't hang because she's the slayer... of the three, spike is the one most likely to love her for who and not for what she is, that's one of the main reasons to root for spuffy, but i guess that will be something you'll explore if you decide to continue on. of course if you don't continue, this one shot will still have me thinking about it.

great read; thanks for sharing!
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it gave you something to think about.  Because there are so many options for Buffy, and so much to think about, it will be quite a while before there is any continuation.

07/28/2009 11:02 pm
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Powerful, great!  good on Buffy!
So shes diffrent, so shes had enough.. shes now a Vampire, died 3 times... i seriously havent got a heart to blame her.
I would love if you continued this at some point.
I'm glad you liked it. I may continue it at some point. But probably not real soon. :)

07/28/2009 07:06 pm
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That was just mind-blowing. I loved it, every word. Especially the question mark at the end...
Thank you. :)

07/28/2009 06:26 pm
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God, that was so amazing! And heartbreaking.
Please continue, please! This was such a good start for something big.
Thank you.  I had plans to continue it, but it's going to be a while.

07/28/2009 06:23 pm
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Surprisingly enough, I *can* actually Buffy doing something like that - they really demolished her character in the last seasons.
Did you think so?  I do think she can make a good case for being allowed to retire after three deaths - but who knows what will happen if/when I get around to figuring out what might come next.

07/28/2009 06:11 pm
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A smashing read.  I don't blame Buffy for wanting to see the end of what has been seven gruelling years as slayer.  Also, it's early days.
Thank you. I think Buffy makes a good case for retirement, but we'll see....

07/28/2009 05:59 pm
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All I can say is wow. This was amazing!
Thank you. :)

07/28/2009 01:32 pm
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Ouch.  Just ... ouch.
Sorry? :) Thanks for reading.

07/28/2009 07:39 am
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Excellent - a wonderful way to give voice to all her long pain and suffering from her heavy burdens.  I love your Spike, Willow and Dawn.  Also very interesting with Buffy's having a soul and her reaction to it -

While I would love to have a sequel, and have more of how this changed everything, and would love to see where you could take Giles in all this, plus boy  would make a great introduction to that whole Shanshu Prophecy and a saga -  I can see why you might leave it here. 

I would like to try a banner for you - interested?
Thanks, nmcil, but Always_jbj just made me one. It should be up by now.  I appreciate the offer, though. Maybe some other fic. :)

Someone was on the forum asking for a banner. Did you see that post? I almost told her to contact you directly, but didn't want to volunteer you if you weren't interested. :)

07/28/2009 04:50 am
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please write a sequel i would love to know what happens next
Someday I'm sure I will - but not right now probably.

07/28/2009 03:41 am
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The end?

^Um, no way in hell!

That was amazing but...I need....want more.
:) Thanks. There obviously could be more at some point. But not right now.

07/28/2009 03:40 am
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Nice piece.  Convincing voices, taut plot.  Well told.
Thank you very much. :)

07/28/2009 03:10 am
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There is no way that this can be the end! It should so by continued!
I had a plan - but no time to do anything with it right now.   For now, she's gone and we don't know where she's going or what she's going to do.

07/28/2009 02:39 am
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The End??????

So NOT the end.....

Well, for now it is. Just no time to do anything else with it right now.  But definitely needs to be revisited at some future time.