Switched by Mabel Marsters

12/21/2010 03:04 am
Chapter Ten: Mmm...Tasty!         
Neat ending!  Good for Buffy having an eye or else,poor Giles. 

Cool. Thanks. :-)
05/03/2010 10:38 pm
Chapter Ten: Mmm...Tasty!         
Was fun to write - sorry for the delay in responding - didn't get notification !

09/14/2009 01:58 am
Chapter Ten: Mmm...Tasty!         

Oh, that was so rich! "The mini bar's just so good at this hotel." Oh, I just love it! I'll have to see what else you've written now.

I have other fics not eligible for on here - at mabel-marsters.livejournal.com :D 

Thank you for reading and for your lovely comments.

09/10/2009 08:14 pm
Chapter Ten: Mmm...Tasty!         
What an unexpected twist you put on his continuing to drink Giles's blood. Yup, that is definitely the old snarky, self-centered Spike from that era that we know and love (well, kind of love)!   You did a good job in this whole story capturing him in that transitional phase of his life (unlife!).  Thanks for the story!
Thank you for reading.  I just didn't think that Spike would be able to resist playing poor old Giles a little


09/10/2009 12:47 am
Chapter Nine: A Rude Awakening...         
oh poor mopey Spike. wonder how he got there in the first place.
Next chapter is up - so you'll find out :D

Poor little Spike!  Things have not gone his way lately.

09/08/2009 07:30 pm
Chapter Eight: The Ritual         
Ooops, you can always rely on Xander!
Hee!  Bless him! :D

Buffy Convert
09/13/2009 11:31 pm
Chapter Seven: Not Good News         
Hee-hee! And don't I feel all arrogant that I know Spike better than the Slayer does.   "Your sordid secret's safe with me."

Buffy Convert
09/13/2009 11:23 pm
Chapter Six: Losing Himself         
"Guys! That's not helping, andbe very worried that it's me pointing that out to you." Your version of Xan- Man is a bit more alert than I usually find him. Then again, the world can always use more lerts.
That line is almost a steal from the show - can't remember what episode but Xander days something similar to Giles and Anya I think :D

I usually have Xander a little less oafish.

09/06/2009 11:51 pm
Chapter Six: Losing Himself         
Awww poor Spike - you did that so well.  But funny as hell!
Poor Spike indeed! LOL!  Not the evening out he had planned. 

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

09/05/2009 04:51 pm
Chapter Six: Losing Himself         
Enjoying the humour, and the interesting development of Spike being Gilesed.  Really looking forward to seeing where you're going with that.  Fascinated by the whole morality angle - will Spike's hidden humanity be channelled by 'Giles'? Will be watching this space!
Thank you very much for such lovely comments. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the story progresses. :)

09/06/2009 11:31 pm
Chapter Five: The Escape         
A great escape -- the visuals were hilarious.

Thank you very much.  Glad that you enjoyed it.

09/05/2009 10:42 am
Chapter Five: The Escape         
You really have the season 4 Spike character perfect!  This Spike is in it for what he can get out of it--like offering to go with Buffy to the Initiative not to watch her back but to make sure his body (with Giles in it) doesn't get damaged.  It has been a long time since I've seen this side of Spike--self-centered but yet endearing.  Great job!
Thank you very much :) I do love Spike when he's like  that.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the tale.

Buffy Convert
09/13/2009 11:01 pm
Chapter Three: Poor Giles         
I'm glad to see that Giles wasn't as quick on the draw as Spike was with the old spiked blood routine. It wouldn't have been likely he could have thought it through with such a short practice at being a vampire.
Poor Giles - it's hard for him to deal with a vampire's body :)

09/03/2009 04:03 pm
Chapter Three: Poor Giles         
Only just found this story, fascinating premise. I can't wait to see where you'll take it. Poor Giles! I hope his experience with the Initiative makes him a bit more sympathetic towards Spike! More please.
I'll be posting daily as it is complete - one of my earliest fics.

I hope you enjoy the ride.  Yes, maybe Giles won't look at Spike in quite the same whay now.

09/02/2009 11:39 pm
Chapter Three: Poor Giles         
great story - looking forward to the next chapter.
Thank you very much.  Chapter four is up now.

09/02/2009 10:35 pm
Chapter Three: Poor Giles         
I just love how you have Giles being hit with the pain chip and having him experience what Spike did while at the Initiative.  And the whole thing with the feeding of blood.  Really good.
Giles will never look at Spike quite the same again, will he?  :D

09/02/2009 09:12 pm
Chapter Three: Poor Giles         
Well done! :)
Thank you very much.  More tomorrow.

Buffy Convert
09/13/2009 10:50 pm
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         
     Not a very good typeist...er...keyboarder. Any who, this was a hootl Now would be a good time for Spike to get some of his own back from Xander! Like every line so far.
Thanks for letting me know you like it :D

09/13/2009 10:45 pm
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         

09/02/2009 10:32 pm
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         
So many great lines in this fic.  I'm really enjoying it again.  Some of my favs:

“Okay, okay,” said Xander, climbing in. He was thrown back in his seat as Spike floored the car.

He stared at them seriously. To his horror they both burst out laughing.

“Good one Giles,” giggled Buffy. “Had us going for a moment.”

Spike, who, unaccustomed to his breathing having any effect, had been hyperventilating for the past few minutes managed to mutter, “What?” before passing out.

Thank you so much.  As always you instill me with confidence. :D

09/02/2009 09:28 pm
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         
whoa! this isn't just light fluff; it is getting intense.  Poor Giles!  I look forward to tomorrow's installment. 

BTW, I love the banner you made for this series!
Nope, it's not a fluffy piece, but it has humour through the drama! :D

I hope you enjoy it.  Giles is in a whole world of trouble.

Dawnofme made the banner - she does all the artwork for my fics.

09/02/2009 08:21 am
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         
Fun story and more adventures coming, right?
Love the story :)
Thank you.  :)  Delighted you're enjoying it.

Posting a chapter per day - ten in all.

09/01/2009 09:20 pm
Chapter Two: A Bit of a Problem         
I liked the part with Spike remembering to breathe! This is an interesting concept, I'll definitely be checking back in on this fic!
Thank you for taking the time to comment.  The story will be posted daily.

I hope you enjoy it. 

08/31/2009 07:17 pm
Chapter One: Oops!         
This is going to be fun, I can tell already!  I'm glad you'll be posting a chapter every day. I'll check in daily to read the next part.  As one of those people hitting middle age, I enjoyed (but winced at)  the line where Giles got out of bed in Spike's body and landed with feline grace instead of his usual thud.  I wouldn't mind a body switch with a 23 year old body myself!

Be prepared for a few more winces.  I think Spike misses his body! LOL.

It's fun but there's a bit of drama along the way.  I hope you enjoy it.

08/31/2009 01:49 pm
Chapter One: Oops!         
Haven't reviewed in a while, but you've certainly perked up this jaded reader.  Looking forward to lots of mischief.  

The fic is complete as I wrote it a couple of years ago (my third fic) and so will post daily.

I had fun when I wrote it and hope you enjoy the read :) 

Thank you for taking the time to comment.  Really appreciate it.


08/31/2009 01:43 pm
Chapter One: Oops!         
It was so much fun to reread this story after almost two years.  Loved the part where Spike and Giles both get hit by the demon's orange light and they get blown back. 

And the way they both wake up and realize!  So much fun.  Spike's reaction to seeing Giles in the mirror and Giles getting burned by the sun.  All great stuff. 

Looking forward to reading the next chapter again. 
Thank you so much!  I had fun writing it and suddenly realised it was eligible for here.

Posting daily, so you won't have long to wait. xx