Staking A Claim by yumimum

10/30/2009 01:36 pm
Chapters 5&6         
It's nice to read non angsty Spuffy fanfic to balance out those deep, dark ones. The only sappy thing was the last line.
 Thankyou very much. I think I'm incapable off writing angst. My new one started off angsty then the fluff bunnies took over. Not that I'm trying to pimp my fic or anything (honest!) x

10/29/2009 10:07 pm
Chapters 5&6         
wow! More, please?
Thanks I'm glad you liked it.
I've been asked to do an epilogue so it's on my to-do list! x

10/22/2009 04:23 am
Chapters 5&6         
sweet read, thank you.
 Glad you liked it. x

10/18/2009 03:35 pm
Chapters 5&6         
Really enjoyable fic, I enjoyed it a lot.
 Thankyou. Glad you liked it. x

spuffy chick
10/18/2009 03:46 am
Chapters 5&6         
 Thanks. I'm a hopeless sap! x

10/30/2009 01:30 pm
Chapters 3&4         
A very satiated...Wow!
 lol. thanks for reviewing. x

10/22/2009 04:17 am
Chapters 3&4         
oh, it is definitely time. good read, thank you.
 LOL. Thanks. x

10/30/2009 01:21 pm
Chapters 1&2         
Great start ..just the right flow and all. This is your first fanfic..really?
 Thankyou. Yeah this was the first thing I'd written since leaving school so I was a bit nervous to say the least!!

10/29/2009 07:01 pm
Chapters 1&2         
I want Spike - right now! This is so good.
 LOL. Who doesn't?!

What was Buffy thinking, denying that salty goodness?. Glad you like it. x

10/22/2009 12:14 am
Chapters 1&2         
very entertaining read, thank you.
 Thanks for reviewing. x

10/16/2009 03:19 am
Chapters 1&2         
Nice beginning! You chose all the right words it seems...
Can't wait for more!
 Thankyou. The rest of the spuffyness will be up soon.x

10/16/2009 02:56 am
Chapters 1&2         
Lovin' it. More please, soon
 Thanks. So glad you're enjoying it. First fic ever so kinda nervous bout what people think. Rest will be posted today. x