Going Through the Motions by Alexannah

11/10/2009 07:35 pm
Going Through the Motions         
Awww! Great little fic! Can we get another chapter? Some more baby adventures? Spike being like a surrogate father? Then Riley coming and being all like "you're gonna let that bloodsucker raise my son?" Then insuing violence and happy endings?

11/08/2009 01:12 pm
Going Through the Motions         
Unusual, with the non demon Riley seed, but i liked it.

11/07/2009 03:38 pm
Going Through the Motions         
My brother took 6 weeks to name his first child because they hadn't a girl's name picked since they were so certain it was a boy. Probably more common than you would think. Innovative idea to get the maternal feelings going. And this was a much nicer way to get them going than the anst of caon. Well done!

11/06/2009 08:57 pm
Going Through the Motions         
Very sweet - I think Buffy would have smacked Spike around before she admitted he was right.

11/06/2009 06:41 pm
Going Through the Motions         
The idea of Buffy being brought back pregnant by Riley is one I've never seen before. And you did great with it.