Under The Influence by NautiBitz

11/19/2014 07:39 pm
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Speaking of trippy.  that is one trippy story.  Very, very trippy.  Far out, luvvv!!

Thanks. :-)
06/11/2010 08:38 am
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05/09/2010 08:42 am
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  great job 

04/20/2010 03:30 am
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Not the End!  Ooo is Giles a spoil sport.  At least he could have waited till the water got cool.  Fun story as always NB

06/11/2010 08:21 am
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04/13/2010 02:59 am
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LOL!  Okay you made up the juicy squirts didn't you?  I tried googling it and I didn't get any candy.  I did get a lot of nasty stuff.  Are juicys anything like cum gum?  Spike in a smoking jacket.  That is too too funny.

04/11/2010 08:31 pm
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04/11/2010 04:54 pm
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 More please- It's very funny.

Love your work. Much fun in this one so far :-)
06/11/2010 08:10 am
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04/09/2010 06:00 am
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 You are simply the best! hiarious and entertaining...you must be fun at parties. Thanks for the great reads

*bite me*
04/09/2010 04:57 am
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story is brillant so far. love the diolouge between Spike and Buffy. Update soon please!

04/09/2010 04:25 am
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Laughing my butt off already.  So so so happy to see you back. 

04/07/2010 03:07 am
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Hilarious!  Very enjoyable!

04/06/2010 06:43 pm
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Oh, yes, please, we need to get to the "wild, humiliating adventure" part right away! Loved all the nicknames and this chapter was all bantery (I looove banter!). Can't wait for the next chapter. Did I mention my impatience for more?

04/06/2010 02:11 pm
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I just love the irritating pet names. However did you think them all up? Lots of possibilities...

04/06/2010 02:55 am
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Sooo good!! I love all your stories!! keep going!! can't wait for more!!