Real Me by CG again

03/05/2012 08:07 am
that made me so sad!!!! why did u have to turn buffy!!? naw it was good. i always want buffy to be the chosen  one but i think you wrote for dawn perfectly. and good spuffy sceens. 

10/31/2010 09:13 pm
I went from "wait Dawn - The Slayer?!?" to "ohmygodIlove" in two minutes flat. Loved this story. Thank you!

07/09/2010 05:05 pm
I loved this so much
cute ending as well, nice to see that despite the lack of soul she still cares

07/05/2010 03:33 am
Chapter 6         
fun fun story. 

07/05/2010 03:20 am
Chapter 5         
Cruel Buffy making Spike sleep on the floor. 

07/05/2010 03:12 am
Chapter 4         
Hee hee Buffy is just full of little lies. 

07/04/2010 10:53 pm
Chapter 3         
Great chapter - except for Doofus.  Guess you have to let him come in for plot purposes. 

07/04/2010 10:47 pm
Chapter 2         
hah ah Buffy as the bratty sister.  Nice turn of events.

07/04/2010 10:42 pm
Chapter 1         
Like the non Slayer Buffy.  Hope she kicks SPike's butt.