A Selection of 100 word drabbles by Mabel Marsters

08/10/2010 08:43 pm
Seven Drabbles         
I'm a big foo fan so was really excited to read these and enjoyed them.
Really like the idea of her prescence having left echoes.
The pacing and the mood of the first two were really descriptive and fit the action perfectly.
Glad to meet a fellow Foo  fan! :D  That album was on repeat when I was writing a story a few years ago and used the lyrics of one of the songs in it too.  Fit perfectly. :D

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the drabbles as I am normally a novel length kind of a writer! LOL!

08/08/2010 04:25 pm
Seven Drabbles         
Yes!  She killed Dawn!  A hero even when she's a vamp.  Nice pieces.
Hee!  I take it you're no lover of Dawn.  Thanks for letting me know you liked them.