Dance With Me by Flickerfire

10/01/2010 01:28 am
One of One         
 Great drabble!  I definitely feel like this was one of those moments that happened and we just never got to see it in the show.  I'm so honored that my story was the inspiration for such an amazing piece of work.  

09/07/2010 03:26 am
One of One         
waited in breathless suspense for the expected kiss, but it never came - you are evil.    Yeah S7 needed that.

09/06/2010 07:32 am
One of One         
Wow! Simply beautiful! Your story truly embodies their relationship!

09/04/2010 09:51 pm
One of One         

08/28/2010 02:27 am
One of One         
beautifully written - always wondered why those potentials weren't more interested in Spike!

08/28/2010 01:19 am
One of One         
I like how you kept the ending true to season 7 canon.  What a show those girls got, huh?