Good Food, Good Wine, Candlelight, etc by slaymesoftly

02/10/2012 12:14 am
One Shot         
Wonderful as always. so cute them on a date.
Even when they try for normal, it doesn't quite work out for them. :) But they gave it a shot.

02/06/2011 05:24 pm
One Shot         
Thank you smacking those "baby steps" out of the way.  Thoroughly enjoyed!
*g* yeah, I really couldn't see Buffy and Spike taking it slow... Glad you enjoyed it. :)

11/02/2010 10:54 pm
One Shot         
 These are good even on a second (or more) read.  Love your one-shots!

Thank you. :)

10/31/2010 02:08 pm
One Shot         
Now you've made me laugh, such fun and games.
:) They do have a good time when there's a bit of violence for foreplay. :)

10/30/2010 11:40 pm
One Shot         
Lovely little story! Buffy's not very good at Baby Steps, is she? And of course Spike is all for leaping right in....
Glad you liked it.  Yeah, neither one is big with the patience.

Pam S
10/29/2010 03:16 am
One Shot         
So much for Baby Steps.. enjoyed
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, they were kidding themselves, weren't they? :)

10/29/2010 02:37 am
One Shot         
Oh my, I have missed your stories so..... Thanks for coming back to give us some more good writing! I really like especially when you place your stories in Spikes crypt, I really feel like I am there. Thanks again, N
Thank you so much. Stories were being written right along, just not crossposted to any archives until now.