Even Slayers Need TLC Sometimes by slaymesoftly

03/01/2012 09:18 pm
One Shot         
very nice. should b longer though
LOL met the prompt - that was all I cared about. :)

12/11/2010 07:50 pm
One Shot         
True to shmoop..very nice tender scenes with just enough comic relief. Loved it!
Thanks! I'm glad you did. :)

11/02/2010 10:41 pm
One Shot         
 I really enjoyed this.  Poor Spike...so close but reminded not to make it a crumb LOL.

Ahhhh to have a SpikePack!  My poor body always loves a good cooling down!  sigh.............

Love these one-shots.

Hee! Not sure what a SpikePack might do for a hot flash, but I'd volunteer to be the one to find out. :)

10/31/2010 12:47 pm
One Shot         
Sweet and funny, just right for a breakfast read.
Thanks. Glad you liked it. :)

10/30/2010 12:09 pm
One Shot         
Lovely. if only...

10/30/2010 05:41 am
One Shot         
Awwww ~ Sweet.....
Schmoopy schmoop

10/30/2010 04:16 am
One Shot         
Wonderful caring Spike.  Lovely banter.  Thanks for this one. 
You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it.

Pam S
10/30/2010 03:56 am
One Shot         
Good. :)