The Blindest of Dates by slaymesoftly

12/10/2013 06:16 pm
My previous note was supposed to be a private comment not a public review. I must have forgotten to change the category when I posted it, as it still shows among the reviews.  Sorry about it and could you please remove it? I'd rather not have my e-mail address shown for everybody to see.  Sorry again.
Really love your writing.
I'll look for it. Really don't remember a review with an email addy in it, but I'll find it and delete it.

09/06/2012 02:50 pm
In "The Blindest of Dates" there is a word missing form the sentence "his eagerness to get out of the house where he normally would have looking for the Scotch" and I can't figure out what the word is.
Could you, please, let me know?
I find your fics really addicting - love them and can't stop reading (came across the site about a month ago and have been reading them almost continuously since then).
I hope you won't mind if I download them, so I can read them even when I'm not online.
Sorry, I don't leave reviews - I'm just too greedy to read the next one to spend time trying to get the captcha thing right.
You can reach me at
Oops! Good catch. It should read ".....would have been looking for the Scotch"  Sorry.

I'm glad you're enjoying my stories.  I'm sure people download them all the time without telling me. I don't mind, just so they don't pop up somewhere else under somebody else's name. *g*

03/02/2012 08:34 pm
that was a great start to something
LOL *nods* yes, this one could be a beginning to something... someday.

09/16/2011 10:37 am

NICE - first time reading one of these Schmoop fics - LOL, went to read the second chapter and realized it stopped here. 

*nods* Yes, almost all the schmoop fics are quite short one-shots.  It was all I had time for when there were 25 of them to get done!  However, some of them could obviously be continued and I have begun a few sequels.

08/25/2011 03:11 am
You do know this one really ought to have a second act, right?

*sigh* Yes, I know. But I feel like I've done Season Four Spuffy to death already - and I have another one in the wings for my Seasonal Spuffy entry this fall, so...

03/13/2011 05:55 pm

cool story slay - you could make this into a bigger piece. 

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it obviously could be continued. Maybe someday...

01/29/2011 09:36 am
Pleasure to read -

11/27/2010 04:23 am
Loved the bantering and bickering like"an old married couple" as George implied.  This was fun!
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

11/04/2010 04:48 pm
And I thought the last story I read was terrific!  C'mon, make this one into a long story, please?

I really enjoy your writing and this was exceptional.
Thank you very much.  See my above answers about how many season iv Initiative stories I have left in me.

11/04/2010 01:49 pm
the end?  I'd REALLY like to see some more of this, please!  'Spose you might expand it, maybe?
I'm glad you liked it, but not sure about expanding. Not right now, anyway. But thanks for asking.

11/04/2010 12:05 pm
Oh, I love this! The only way it could have been bettered was for Spike to have sung something within Lorne's hearing. Can I hope you'll be adding to this very promising 'verse? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a chocolate covered Spike on top?
LOL See my response above re having another Initiative fic in me.

Pam S
11/04/2010 02:48 am
What's not to like Buffy...
Enjoyed.  A man of All Seasons..
Exactly! Especially since Riley is pretty much a non-starter now.

Time of Change
11/04/2010 01:50 am
Wonderful story!  I wouldn't mind at all if this turned into a multi-chapter saga!
Thanks. It could , obviously, but I'm not sure I have another "Buffy and Spike take down the Initiative" fic in me.