Every Time You Say Good-bye by slaymesoftly

09/12/2011 04:36 pm
Eleven (A and B)         

Terrific Story - I love reading the new works coming out from the Comic Season Era - and I love your idea of Spike having enhanced powers - I hope that you will write more stories based on the comic books. 

I still wish someone would do a story with Spike taking Buffy, Xander and Dawn on a trip with the transdimisional ship and the alien insects. 

I'm sure there will be more - either because I like the way the story is developing, or I hate it and want to make it different.

03/31/2011 12:53 am
Eleven (A and B)         
Sad to see this fic end - I wanted it to last forever! :) It was a really good ending, though, both A and B :D

Thanks for writing!
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

03/24/2011 04:51 pm
Eleven (A and B)         
I put off reading this because I kept getting that song stuck in my head.  Glad I got over that because this is a very good story.  I've read the comics and you tie them in seamlessly.  I like the young Slayer, I liked the infusion of Dru and her Dark Prince redo.  The dynamic between Buffy and Spike works for me, the dancing around AND getting things done.  More than likely this is better than Season 9 but you've added a bit of light.  Thank you!
LOL I'm glad you gave it a try - and that you liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

03/20/2011 09:06 pm
Eleven (A and B)         

great story - so glad you did away with the bugs (lets hope season 9 comics do the same) - maybe I just have a bug thing!  Loved the conversation between Buffy and Spike, pretty sure you got Spike's eyes glazing over at the mention of Satsu just right. Only a table and rug damage this time, pretty good for them.
good writing like this is a joy to read.

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.  :)

03/17/2011 02:36 pm
Eleven (A and B)         

Mmm..this was a great ending. I liked both of them,cause damn if I haven't been waiting for some Spuffy lovin' since all this comics stuff. I really liked their talk and Buffy's explanation about loneliness and not being touched with love for so long. I think I'll make that my canon.S8 really depressed me for a long while, so I'll take what I can. :)

And I'm glad Buffy realizes the depth of Spike's love and that she doesn't deserve it.(of course your Buffy does)

"No more good-byes?"

"No more good-byes. Not going anywhere that I can't take you with me."   Yay! Maybe we can have some more Spuffy adventures in this 'verse. :) *hint hint*

I really liked this story...thank you for sharing. :) 


Thank you for reading and commenting so regularly. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

03/16/2011 11:00 pm
Eleven (A and B)         
Lovely ending, leaving it open for lots of Spuffy adventures in the future.  I really would have liked to see Buffy's reaction to learning about Connor, though.
Well, I think it's a world I might revisit before S9 begins. There's a lot left to be learned, and things that could happen. We'll see.

03/16/2011 06:59 am

Aww this was so good. Heehee...Xander got his revenge with the Spike was a queen line. Poor Spike.:) I'm glad to see Xander and Dawn both being nice to Spike,cause that's what makes sense,nice to see Bobby being taken care of too.

I liked the way you got rid of the bugs. Angeria's story was so good, it's nice she let you use the idea. :)

"I'm not Dru," she repeated, willing him to understand the entire message she was sending - a message that included her complete willingness to keep his grandsire out of her life. Yes! :clap: Oh if only we get so lucky in S9.

Now Buffy and Spike are alone...hopefully some nice talking and some snogging coming up. Loved Buffy's "We're home." Yay! o/

Great chapter.Can't wait for more. :)

Thank you. :)  - Yeah, chances S9 is going to go that way are between slim and none. :)

03/16/2011 12:43 am
GREAT STORY!!! Can't wait for updates!
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Next (last) chapter coming up soon.

03/15/2011 11:40 pm
Okay, you’re just spoiling us with all these updates, missy! :D

I’m enjoying this fic so, so much. It’s giving me a season 8 I can actually think of as canon instead of that piece of crap JW gave us. You’re doing a much better job than he did! He should just hire you ASAP and end our torment :)


Xanders little “Spike is a queen” dance was adorable, and so true to his character! XanderDawn have always been a little icky in my book but I didn’t really mind them here. They were actually kinda sweet. Yay you. I liked how Xander was more accepting of Spike here. Sure they’re not BFFs but some fanfic writers make him out to be a senseless asshole regarding all things Spuffy which really breaks my heart. As much as I love my Spander friendship they don’t need to be friends as long as Xander isn’t completely unreasonable, and you handled that perfectly.

Buffy and Spike are so adorable. I loved the “we’re home” in the end. I can’t wait for the next chapter! :)
Next chapter coming up very soon.   I've always felt that by this point, Spike and Xander snarking at each other is just second nature, and really means nothing in terms of how they feel about each other.  And that's how I usually write them in future fics.

03/15/2011 11:30 pm
Spikey was a Que-en! Spikey was a Que-en! Oh, I just love that!
Now for The Talk - or are they going to jump straight past that and get down to the kissage? Can't wait.....
Oh, I think there will be kissage soon; but they do have a few things to thrash out...

03/16/2011 06:35 am

This was a really good chapter. Great scene with the vamps and I love Spike's new powers(good explanation as why he's like that now) . And of course he could kill Dru..there's no doubt in my mind. I hate the way the "Spike" comics have him all conflicted about Dru and her saying she loves him and he's meant for her or some nonsense, That relationship was over a long time ago and Dru would NEVER want a souled Spike at all. All the comics have pissed  me off.  :/  Anyway I liked Buffy being so understanding to Spike. That was sweet.

I don't like Spike saying he never deserved her and still doesn't. :( After the Twilight mess it's Buffy who doesn't deserve Spike IMO. But of course Spike always sees their relationship that way. Buffy has to man up and admit to Spike she wants to be with him. I guess it's one little step at a time. Saying she hates saying goodbye is a step. :) And I want her to find out about Connor so bad...I'm sure Mr. Broodypire(tm) will never tell her.

Nice that she's taking Bobby in and that Julie is off to England. I like Faith as "leader" too.

Love this story...off to read the next chappie. :)


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I hope you like the rest of the story. :)

03/15/2011 11:44 am
They're gradually getting closer... it's so sweet. It really is high time somebody told Bufffy about Connor - it really should be Angel but of course he never would. Love the factt hat Buffy is as comforted by Spike's scent as he is by hers. More please...
More already up!  Thanks for reading and telling me you're enjoying it.

03/15/2011 12:57 am
Oh I also meant to tip my hat about the parallel in the sleep scent scenes.  First Spike napping on Buffy's bed and drinking in her scent and now here where she is consoled by his lingering presence...nice touch!


03/15/2011 12:52 am
Lovely battle scene, very visual.

 Bobby has a crush. Yup he's a lot like Spike (wonder if it is coincidence or if there is a strong reason?).

I feel bad that Dru is gone (always felt she was the most tragic character in the verse and never really hated her) but there is no way to safe Dru even in fic that really works.  Her madness makes even an ensouling ineffective.  She'd just wish for death.  Angel really made any hope for her end before he turned her, poor thing.  At least it was done well and the only way possible to be honorable really.  Glad Spike is past the pangs it would have caused early on.

So he's much older and more powerful (and I suspect even more with the physical changes like the claws).  This makes sense.

Sure wish Buffy would throw him a CLEAR bone and even admit things to herself finally.  All things come to those who wait though. 

Particularly loved , <i>“I lost any lingering feelings I may have had for her when you took me out of that basement and made me part of your life again. Never deserved you, and still don’t, but I’ll be yours till I’m dust in the wind.”</i>.  That makes his acceptance of the whole Buffy/Angel spacefU@K thing make tons of sense.  He's hers and truly reconciled to that being on any terms, not like a lap dog but one owned by choice.  That fits nicely with the Spike we know but does not make him pathetic in the least.  Rather like a knight errant pledged to his lady as opposed to slave or pet.

Love this story.  Glad Julie is off to England and happy Bobby is with Buffy.  Maybe he'll figure in somehow in making her know her heart.  Kinda wished she would find out about Connor though *snerk*.... 4eva my butt!

I love your reviews. So thoughtful and detailed. So Kathleen. :)

Yeah, she really needs to know about Connor.  It could still happen. Maybe not in this fic, but before the comics start up again and ruin everything. :)

03/15/2011 12:08 am

BEST. CHAPTER. EVER. This was simply awesome.
Hee. Thanks. :)

03/14/2011 08:44 am
Oh honey this is JUST PERFECT!  I finally had a chance to read a bit last night and couldn't stop.  Your voices are on the money as always yet you have managed to add some believable growth to Spike especially.  I am loving your OC's too.  They are well fleshed out.  Julie and Bobby are vivid and I look forward to seeing where you take them as much as where our old favorites go from here.

You have taken the drek of the comics and moved it to a place that I can completely get behind.  I am intrigued by the changes in Spike that he promises to clue Buffy in on later.  The loss of Giles and the aftermath of that is spot on for each character and Angel's plight (sorry no real pity from me there not after the comic take on his "reasons") is fully in character for all.  Makes sense that Faith is his keeper, they had that vibe before in series only in reverse.

Buffy and Spike are dancing around one another just as they most likely would be.  It may take a while for them to get past the past and on to tomorrow but I know they will and in a believeable way in your hands.  

Really an excellent story and I can't wait for more.  Can we PLEASE force DH to use your story and storytelling skills in season 9?  THIS is a plot I can follow happily.

LOL I'm pretty sure we can't force DH (or Joss) to do anything. Alas. But I'm thrilled this is working for you.  I hope you continue to enjoy it. :)

03/13/2011 03:37 am

I like all the interactions between the characters. Really good coversations...except for our stubborn couple. So, Dru found another little snack huh?

Love the Faith/Spike snark, and Buffy's little bit of jealousy. And now what is going on with Bobby? Is her Royal Nuttiness nearby? oh oh... Showdown soon I hope.

Looking forward to the next post. :)

Showdown soon. Next chapter, actually, but it'll be a day or two.  Thanks for reading.

03/12/2011 11:21 pm

caught up with chapters 7 and 8 - love the way you have brought everyone together, feels like a big showdown is coming, and it could be between any of these characters - this is why I love this fic. Bobby and Julie are great original characters and everything melds together beautifully, so looking forward to the next update.

Thanks. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. And yes, showdown is coming... chance for everyone to shine. :)

03/12/2011 07:08 pm
Meh, Faith needs to keep her hands off Spike :O And Buffy needs to speak up like, NOW. Gah, this is making me all anxious, haha :)

Loved the cliff hanger :)
LOL I think Faith is only kidding. :) But there's nothing like knowing someone else might like your guy to make you do something about letting him know you want him. :)

03/12/2011 06:35 pm
Wee! Nothing like logging on and seeing TWO updates! Hell to the yes! :D

I really liked this chapter :) I love how you are taking your time with the Spuffyness and not rushing things like some writers would. Its realistic, and I suspect the payoff will be even better this way ^^

Not to keen on anything happening with Spike and Faith, but I trust you :P Lol :P
LOL Trying to get it finished and posted so I can work on my Season Spuffy fic.  Thanks for the kind words. Trying to keep it real - Spike and Buffy has a few years of not being around each other to make up for before either one of them is going to be absolutely sure of the other. But they're getting there. Nothing like another slayer in the mix and and ex girlfriend big bad to bring things to a head. :)  Thanks for reading.

03/11/2011 07:47 am

Well at least they're making some progress...it seems less awkward. And Buffy is finding out some stuff about Spike's human life. I like that she's not really happy that he no longer tries to peek at her. :)

Poor Bobby...I hope that Dru doesn't get him...I kinda like him. And the 'Little Spike' and 'Big Spike' lines were funny.:lol:

Good chapter..hope for more soon.

I'm glad you liked this chapter.  Thanks for reading and telling me you did. :)

03/11/2011 01:13 am

I love that Buffy misses Spike trying to peep.

Hee! he's keeping her off balance, isn't he?

03/10/2011 11:39 pm
So what's poor Bobby now then? A sort of semi-vampire? More please...
More soon. Promise.

03/09/2011 08:02 pm
I know that reviewing a chapter you have already reviewed is stupid, but I just wanted to say that I keep thinking abot your fic refreshing for updates when I should be doing other productive, IRL stuff! :) ^^ Its so great! :)
Hee!  This is the kind of review that  makes me want to write more. :)

03/08/2011 11:54 pm

I like your Spike, Buffy and Faith interaction - loved the description of Spike as short and sexy, so true. Should Buffy be worried about Faith? or will Buffy come out of denial and let herself love Spike? looking forward to more.

More soon, I hope. I'm glad you like my characters. :)

03/08/2011 12:08 pm
Oh, the heartache!  You write it so well.   This was a great chapter.  The poignancy of Buffy trying to convince herself of Giles affection really cuts deep, especially layered on top of all the other complications of her interactions with Faith.  Thanks for the quick update!
Thanks for reading. I'm glad it worked for you. :)

03/08/2011 07:11 am

Another good chappie...liked the convo between Buffy and Faith, poor Buffy is just a tad jealous.
it's good to see Faith is helping out..where'd she leave Mr. Broodypire? ;) And of course Dru got away, can't wait for that confrontation...hope Spike stakes her. :evil: And I hope S/B have a nice talk during their long vigil.

Enjoying this very much, can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Thanks. I'm hoping to have the next chapter up within a day or two. :)

03/08/2011 12:29 am
So Dru did a flit. She's going to want her Substitute Spike back though... Good of Faith to stick around to help. I don't blame Buffy for being bitter. What on earth was Giles thinking?
Can't wait for the confrontation between Spike & Dru - or will it be between Buffy & Dru? Only time (and you) will tell....
We'll never know what Giles was thinking (or Joss, lol) but the confrontation is only a few chapters away. :)

03/07/2011 11:56 pm
This is really great :) I just hope that Rachel chick stays away from Spike, grr. And Giles gave his money to FAITH in the comics!? Ugh.. Another reason to completely discard it from canon.
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And, yes, in the comic canon, Giles left everything he had to Faith. All Buffy got was the Vampyre book he tried to give her in season one. (Slayer's handbook?) I don't think Rachel's a problem. Faith, now... :)

03/02/2011 07:17 am
Ooh cliffhanger! This chapter was great, I feel like when I'm reading this , I'm watching an episode of Buffy.  And having Faith and Dru complicate things for Buffy? Yes! I love jealous Buffy. =) great chapter! Can't wait for more.
Thank you.I'm glad you liked it. More soon, I hope.

03/01/2011 10:03 pm

better and better - loving the Buffy, Spike and Faith interaction, and now Dru in the mix - terrific!
Also - claws? looking forward to finding out what has happened to or changed Spike.

Spike's had an interesting year or two... :) Thanks for reading.

03/01/2011 03:54 pm

oh yeah with Dru in the picture this is gonna get all kinds of interesting.  And can I say how much I LOVE the Spaith flirtage and Buffy being jealous? Put in more Spaith...green eyed monster Buffy is always fun. LOL. Not that she'd ever admit it. Good convo between Buffy and Faith about the Broody One too.

I'm very curious about Spike's new abilities and claws?? wow

Very good chapter...can't wait to readmore. :)

Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. More soon, I hope.

03/01/2011 02:25 pm
Buffy so is jealous - but she'll never admit it. Oh dear, adding Dru to the mix is never good. Can't wait to see who her 'pet' is... and there goes impulsive Faith. More please...
More soon. :)

02/27/2011 10:17 am
I just read all four chapters, (lighting speed, I can't put my laptop down), and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to find out what happens when Spike comes back in two days. This is great, so excited to read more. =)
I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. I hope to have another chapter up soon.

02/24/2011 07:24 am

*sigh* Oh our stubborn kids. Their interaction was so bittersweet and kinda awkward. They have so much stuff they need to talk about. Wonder if they ever will? I hope Spike's adventures turn out OK, kind of worried for him. I did like Buffy having blood for him tho. :)

And the training of Julie was fun....looks like the shoe is on the other foot now huh Buffy? lol Buffy should now appreciate what Giles went through with her.

Good chapter...hope you post more soon.

Thanks. Two more chapters written, just waiting for the betas to give me the okay (or the not okay, as the case might be. lol)

02/23/2011 12:22 am

the conversation between Buffy and Spike is so poignant, they really need each other but it will take time, the flow between them is very real.
Looking forward to Julie's first vampire. Let's hope it's not Spike! (or maybe it should be).

LOL Yeah, I can't decide how Julie's going to react once she realizes what Spike realy is. We'll see - I think it would be a pretty short fight, though. *g*  If she needs to be taken down a peg or two...

02/22/2011 05:32 pm

Gee. I wonder where Spike might have gotten the idea that he was a resource to be used?

I dunno - who might have treated him like hired muscle? :)

02/21/2011 11:53 pm
Your 'reunion' piece is far more realistic than most. Buffy & Spike both have independent lives and responsibilities that keep them apart, and although they both would like to become a couple, they're both so insecure and hesitant it's almost painful. Also, Spike still considers himself 'unworthy...
Love Julie's introduction to slayerdom - it's not going to be as easy as she'd hoped!
Just thought I'd point out you've uploaded the same chapter twice...
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Oh! Thanks for telling me. I'm having a hard time getting the verse to do much for me tonight, everything is taking two tries. I didn't realize the first one had worked in that case.

02/13/2011 10:01 pm

Another good chapter. Will Julie find out Spike's a vamp? Buffy trying to explain what she ansd Spike once were to each other was cute. And I love that no matter what they fight so well together.

I liked this...." And what are you doing with her?Is she yours?"

Spike's eyes shot sideways, only to meet Buffy's own quick glance. They both looked away without acknowledging the eye contact.

"Belongs to herself," Spike said.  
Oh our kids.:) They need to Talk, but the dancing around their feelings is so typical. lol

I love the ships and the bugs. I think it's nice that Spike has something thats his and he has his independence too.

Looking forward to more...this is a very enjoyable story. :)

Thank you. I hope you contiue to enjoy it.

02/13/2011 05:54 pm

I am enjoying this story, I have read all the comics and this follow on fits nicely (not a good enough word!). Spike and Buffy conversations are well written, but oh so denial is still thy middle names. My only quibble is I wasn't keen on the bugship in the comics and still not keen but you are following canon so I can live with it. Looking forward to finding out about the vamps and the not so keen Julie and whether or not she will meet Spike. Good stuff.

I'm glad you're liking it. Sorry about the bugs, but they're part of the story, so....

02/13/2011 12:39 pm
This fic is actually making me want to read those gadawful comics, and thats saying something! I love it so much :D Thank you for writing!
Thank you for reading. I'm glad you're enjoying it.  (not sure if it's a good reason to read the comics, though...)

02/13/2011 06:15 am
Nice scene with Julie. And Jealous Buffy is always a treat.  “Just when I think she’s not as dumb as she looks….”   Yep. That's our Buffy.  THE Slayer,” she growled. “Why do I have to keep telling you morons that?”  Maybe because they're morons? Love the running joke about that, and it's good to see Buffy reclaiming her singular status. Re the line Spike quickly wrapped up his conscious burden - you might want to double-check the victim's condition there; since he seems to be unconscious before and after that sentence, I'm guessing he should probably be unconscious in that line, too. As for Spike and Buffy - are those two crazy kids anywhere near realizing that they're going to have to Talk sometime soon?
Thanks! Ah, a perfect example of how my tinkering after the betas have seen the chapters gets me into trouble. Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, is supposed to be UNconscious. *sigh*  
Well, I think they might have a way to go before they get anything settled - it's Spike and Buffy, you know. Two steps forward, one back - even when they aren't dancing. :)

02/13/2011 01:04 am
I just love the easy banter between Buffy & Spike. More please...
Thank you. More as soon as I get it written.

02/14/2011 04:44 am
That was a lot of fun.  I loved how the dumbass slayer had to actually kill a vampire.  Not to mention, Spike checking out girls and making Buffy jealous.  yum
We all know the way to Buffy's heart is to try to take what's hers... LOL Thanks for reading.

02/12/2011 07:16 pm

This was just wonderful!

Thank you!

02/11/2011 10:23 pm

Great chapter ...Buffy is too funny, she so wants Spike to notice her, and she's jealous too. :) Spike is really reserved now isn't he? I kinda miss our Spike...so impulsive and passionate. I don't blame him tho, but I do kinda miss him. And I don't want him chasing after Buffy ever, ever again.
The Not Slayers are annoying and the vamp fight was really good. Loved Buffy hugging Spike and saying she'd have to keep him alive. :) Love, love the Spuffy fighting side by side. :) One of my fave things about Spuffy.

Can't wait for more of this! Great story so far.

Well, comic book Spike seems to have grown up and calmed down a bit (except when it comes to Angel, maybe...) I'm sure the real Spike is lurking in there somewhere, though. :)  I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading.

02/11/2011 10:05 pm
I am loving this! :D

02/11/2011 09:48 pm

I love Buffy's jealousy and how Spike asks her if there's any reason he shouldn't be looking at other women. If she wants Spike, she's gonna have to do the chasing this time.

Probably so... :)

02/11/2011 01:43 pm
They're both so desperate to keep from letitng the other know they still care - both so certain that the other is no longer feeling the love... sad really.
Sad, but pretty typical. One of them will crack eventually. :)

02/11/2011 06:04 am
Mmmm.  Delicious.  “What? Monsters? Not misunderstood differently-abled people? Are you sure?” *snicker* I do enjoy seeing santimonious political correctness slapped around.  And “Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. You just never know with me.” That's so true. It's like one of those old candy commercials, slightly twisted.  "Sometimes she's dead, sometimes she's not..."   

Spike seems to have learned a thing or ten about strategy since the days when his plans almost immediately fell apart.  At least, judging by the end scene, I'm thinking it's a deliberate strategy.  Very intriguing incarnation of Souled Spike.  And Buffy is an interesting combination of an older self mixed with the early Buffy who never met a vampire she didn't have a quip for.  More soon, please?
I'm glad you liked it. I have the next chapter back from the beta, so hope to put it up soon. Thanks for reading.

03/15/2011 07:30 pm
just found this story - looks great so far!!  love your depictions of Dawn, Buffy, and, of course, Spike!  That spat was just lovely!
Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

02/11/2011 10:12 pm
TextI started reading this on your LJ but couldn't leave areview..I'm glad you started posting here. It's nice to have some Spuffy fics until S9 starts, cause of course we'll all be Jossed.

Loved the Spike and Dawn scene...and that Dawn knew about the note. Also your Spike/Buffy are great too. So tentative and awkward, but still wtih the attraction. I did like the comparison between the space frakk and "Entropy" even tho I'm more on Spike's side on that argument. And I just realized that Spike probably did see and hear the Space Frakk of Doom. after all he was flying around out there. :(

This is really good.Can't wait to see where you take it.
 I'm glad you're enjoying it.  Yes, come next year, it will all be wildly AU, but until then... Thanks for the kind words. :)

02/10/2011 09:23 pm
This, right here..? is exactly what the comics needed: YOU AS THE AUTHOR!! The only hope for that waste of ink we call the comics, is if Joss & Co. give you, The Master of Spuffy, all rights to the material.

(Now to get those idiots to sign the rights over...)

LOL. I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen...

02/10/2011 04:10 pm
Interesting start.

02/10/2011 02:37 pm
I only have vague knowledge of the later comics from discussions on here and elsewhere, but enough to understand what's going on. Typical Buffy, trying to keep her new closeness with Spike a secret - and typical Dawn to have nosed it out. Love the friendly start to the Spuffy encounter as Buffy admits to having done to the new slayers what she always resented having been done to her- and then as the inevitable resentments begin to surface they revert to the customary squabbling - and I love their realisation that this is normal and familiar for them.

Can't wait to find out where you take them...
Hope you like the rest of it. :) It does help to know the comics, but hopefully it's not necessary. :)

02/10/2011 08:01 am

I like that Buffy realizes that she took away thie other Slayers choices and that they have every right to be angry.

And I'm on Spike's side in the seen sex with another. For one thing Anya and Spike didn't know there was a camera. And Spike had no reason to think Buffy would care then or that she would care that he was alive . Especially given that he died wearing the amulet Angel should've been wearing.

Well, there's a pretty big difference between loud, public sex that tears the fabric of the universe, and sharing misery with another person when you think no one will know. But, bottom line is they both were hurt by seeing the other banging somebody else, so it was a good excuse to get mad and yell. :)

02/10/2011 04:31 am

Say it!  Epic Space Slut!  Good Spuffy fight.

Thanks. :)