Snapshots of Eternity by slinkypsychokit

10/08/2008 05:55 am
Chapter Nineteen & Epilogue         
Awesome story! This story was a blast to read. You really put a little twists and turns making this story kind of confusing. Not that that was bad. Of course not, that's what made it good. Although, I've got to admit I felt like there should have been more of an explanation in the end. I mean I sorta get it. There's a chance for em to start all over. Anyway, brilliant story.

05/22/2008 07:46 pm
Chapter Nineteen & Epilogue         
So it was again all a dream? At last Dawn didn't die then. Means too that Buffy and Spike won't be separated for that long.
Sad to see it end but I'm glad that it turned out better for Buffy, Spike and Dawn as it was before.
If I have time though I should read it in one go again
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Yes!  You made it!  Woot!

And, to answer, it was all equal parts dream/vision of the future gifted from those wacky PTBs.

05/20/2008 02:55 am
Chapter Nineteen & Epilogue         
thanks for the delightful read.  "the ride's been worth it."
It's been wild, alright.  And there have been so many times where I've just wanted to tear the whole thing apart.  I'm glad I didn't, though.  I'm even more glad that you've enjoyed it! *smoochies*

05/19/2008 01:34 am
Chapter Nineteen & Epilogue         
I hope she gets it right this time too.

Excellent Shakespeare references.
Why thank you, darling!  I mean it, Tamara.  Thank you for the reviews, the support and the encouragement!

05/22/2008 07:37 pm
Chapter Eighteen: Moments         
Such a sweet reunion... and who does disturb it now? Sounds like big trouble.
Oh no, somebody killed Dawn? Like what happened to Illyria and yet different. Not sure how much of Dawn remained in her. But with doing a wish I take a guess and say a lot.
Hopefully Buffy will be okay. Maybe the wish will help.
Sad turn of events.
Dum da-dum-dum...

05/20/2008 02:50 am
Chapter Eighteen: Moments         
fascinating read, thank you.  the last line leaves everything up int the air.
Thank you so much!  I enjoyed that part, as it leads to the big reveal of it all. *smirk*  It's been such a wild ride, that I'm not at all certain I can adequately explain all the emotions I feel for this one.

05/17/2008 02:11 pm
Chapter Eighteen: Moments         
Great to see an update. Looking forward to more.

Thanks, Jane!  I'm really glad that I finally had the time, energy, and opportunity to complete this particular tale.  It's been a looong time in coming, and there were moments when I just wanted to tear it all apart and rebuild it from scratch.  In the end, the muse decided he wanted it over with without going back on my original intent.  All in all, I was rather pleased with it.

05/22/2008 07:23 pm
Lies My Lover Told Me         
*waves hi* I don't remember reading this part (maybe added to my LJ memories as for 'Yet to Read' so I start with this one again. I've read the previous chapters again too.
And there I wondered about the greeting that Spike got. It's all a secret, huh? How much Buffy loves her vamp.
So many lost years for them.....
Being a hero sucks regarding your personal life.
Hiya, Precious!  *waves back*  Jus' keep reading...*wink*

08/28/2006 07:29 am
Lies My Lover Told Me         
I am still confused but I am enjoying the story. I hope you can continue updating regularly. By the way what's is your website?
Still confused? Huh. As to what's going on, everything up until the moment Spike woke up in the morgue was all a very long and twisted dream. None of it happened. Notice how the chapters and the scenes kept jumping around or not quite fit together? Notice how certain things, certain events from season 5 of AtS still happened, but to different people or in different ways? It was supposed to be that way. In reality, it's seven years post NFA. More will unfold as the chapters go on. Think of the flashback scenes as what's happened to actually get them where they all are.

As for my site addy:

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad that, despite the confusion, you are enjoying it!

08/28/2006 05:25 am
Lies My Lover Told Me         
very good read, thank you .
You're welcome! Hope you're still enjoying it! More to come soon. Chapter 18 is finished and ready for beta.

08/27/2006 11:40 pm
Lies My Lover Told Me         
Yeah, I was wondering how she knew what Drac was like in bed? There was never any indication that they were lovers in S5. Why do they have to pretend that there's nothing between them and use a glamour? Dawn showed her affection towards him. Guess I'll find out later. Only an hour huh? They've got seven years to make up for! Can't wait to see what's to happen next. Great read, thanks.
Even though she's in charge, perhaps especially because she's in charge, Buffy has to maintain the facade of being a hardnosed bitch. There aren't many she actually trusts. Using the glamour allows for her to drop the mask, if only for a little while, and just be her.

06/04/2010 04:59 pm
Wonton Follies of Men         

08/19/2006 09:17 pm
Wonton Follies of Men         
fantastic read. love it, thank you
You're welcome! Thank you for reviewing!

08/19/2006 04:07 pm
Wonton Follies of Men         
That was quite a jump, but I want to know where they got Spike? Don't care about Angel. Is Buffy going to start softening up or has time been to hard for her. Fascinating developement. Looking forward to your next update. Fantastic read, thanks.
Glad you're enjoying it! This has been such a difficult story to write due to the need to be purposely confusing. I knew what was coming and the desire to rush through it had ruin all the twists and turns is a bit overwhelming. Chapter 17 is at my site. They got Spike in LA. As to Angel, there will be an explanation of his whereabouts sooner or later.

08/19/2006 02:31 pm
Wonton Follies of Men         
Just had to reread the previous chapters... The trip down memory lane was fun
Thanks for the summary of what had happened; united forces to fight against the evil. And a long and hard fight it was, huh? Seven years...

Ah *sniff* loved the tape. And now Spike is back in Slayerville, USA. I wonder why all hell broke loose when Spike saw Connor and
where was Spike in this seven years...
Fighting with Buffy?
Looking forward to find out
Now that would be telling, Cordy. *grin* Chapter 17 is up at my site if you don't want to wait til next Friday... *wink*

08/27/2006 11:03 pm
Dreams of Monsters         
I missed this chapter somehow. Good to see Willow and the gang being there to help Spike. Guess the pulsers did finally figure out that not everything is as it seems. Wonderful chapter, thanks.
Now don't you feel better that you were confused for a reason? Things are definitely different post-Armeggeddon than they were before...

08/12/2006 09:49 am
Dreams of Monsters         
hell of a read, love the tale. thank you
Oh! I'm so delighted you're enjoying this! *gg* It's been a very difficult story to tell, more so because it was designed to be confusing as hell. Makes me feel so much better that folks are reading, getting and enjoying it!

Thank you so much for reviewing!

08/12/2006 02:26 am
Dreams of Monsters         
really really great story but a little confusing
Actually, it's a LOT confusing. It's supposed to be. That's kinda the point behind the first fourteen chapters. Nearly every chapter is disjointed in some way. With a great deal of scenes that don't seem to fit together. It's an enormous, psychological trip through Spike's own views of those he sees as his.

Now, in Dreams of Monsters, he's at last awoken from this "dream" to find the barren wasteland formerly known as LA and the world.

In short, the chapter's title says it all. It's just been one wild dream.

08/17/2006 10:34 am
What's In A Name         
Who was it that Dawn saw? Connor? Who's her mate? And why is Eve from a differnt time? Odd. Where is Lawson during all of this. Still entertainment Great read. Love it.
I know it seems a bit disjointed at the moment. It was intentional on my part to be so. Trust me, things will become clearer as you go. Just don't give up yet.

08/06/2006 08:34 pm
What's In A Name         
glad to see this fic's back
Thank you! I'm actually excited to be working on it again. It's been forever and the muse was getting restless. I tried to explain to him the concept of deadlines on other projects, but he just stuck that obscenely long tongue out at me, gave it a good wiggle and did exactly as he pleased.

08/05/2006 02:35 pm
What's In A Name         
Great chapter, Eve Dawn Connor Lindsay thing was brilliant
It's gonna get more confusing over the next couple of chapters, though I promise I will clear it up for you.

08/05/2006 04:37 am
What's In A Name         
wonderful read, wonderful twist, thank you.
You're welcome! Dontcha just love a good twist and an evil cliffie? **grin**

08/05/2006 12:31 am
What's In A Name         
very good

Now whare is the next chappie *looks under computer*
I'd let you have it, but the muse stole my keyboard and ran away to parts unknown. Although, I seem to recall some mutterings about next week...

08/04/2006 09:26 pm
What's In A Name         
Ok, Connor is Dawn's future mate but Future Dawn is sleeping with Lindsay. I have a felling that a interesting explanation is coming.
But that would be telling...I will say this, though. Things will get a whole lot more confusing before it gets clear.

08/17/2006 10:17 am
Thirteen: So It Begins         
Slayer's and vamps, ying and yang. Lawson's in this one, this will be interesting. Is he here for Spike or Angel? You just keep putting in twists here and there, makes it more exciting. Very interesting chapter Thanks.
You're quite welcome! I'll say that you are on the right track. I just won't say which track that is. LOL Don't wanna ruin the surprises.

05/26/2006 05:50 am
Thirteen: So It Begins         
Please continue this story! It's great!

10/06/2005 08:11 am
Thirteen: So It Begins         
damn, another cliff hanger, where's my baeball bat

10/05/2005 07:54 am
Thirteen: So It Begins         
Hmmm ... interesting. Look forward to the next chapter.

06/04/2010 02:46 pm
Seven though Twelve         

05/21/2008 05:23 am
Seven though Twelve         
Tara smiled softly, patiently, at the beautiful young woman at her side. "I did live, Buffy. And I was loved," her voice was whisper soft, and her eyes held only quiet serenity. "Don't be sad, Guardian. What lies beneath the earth is but a borrowed vessel. As we are born from the earth, so must me return to it. The part that is truly us continues on in everything. We are the wind in the trees. Rains from the sky. Sunlight shining upon children at play.

Exquisite Passage - great section
I must admit, this is one of my favorite scenes throughout the entire story.  Glad you enjoyed it!

08/11/2006 12:01 pm
Seven though Twelve         
That was awesome! Buffy's transformation, Spike's finding and renewing their claim, Anya and Tara, and Gile's is there charge? Cordy waking up and helping to perform Buffy's ritual and now what's begun? Got to finish this later, need to get a few winks in. So interesting and imaginative, just love it. Thanks foe the read.
You're very welcome. When you get the chance to read the rest, you'll start to notice a pattern. Look for the big picture. This fic is nothing if not for one psychological twist after another. The trip will be worth it, I promise. Just remember that not everything seen is necessarily what is. If you get confused, it's okay. It's meant to be confusing and to leave you scratching your head.

Have fun...**giggles**

11/30/2005 05:38 am
Seven though Twelve         
happy contented sigh.... Okay that is all i can refresh for tonight...must go to bed .. but happy stephy!

10/06/2005 08:07 am
Seven though Twelve         
oh yeah, buty can we dust Angel soon, plleeeeeeaaaaaassssssse

08/28/2006 04:15 pm
Hearing Voices         
I'd forgotten how powerful some of this imagery was. . . . you do paint a vivid word picture.
Coming from a master of the written word, I take that as an enormous compliment!

08/27/2006 06:53 am
Hearing Voices         
hmmm....what's going on here?
Did I mention confusion? Don't worry, you're supposed to be confused. Notice how things aren't exactly adding up? They're not supposed to add up.

08/11/2006 11:02 am
Hearing Voices         
Guess Spike's going for a trip inside Buffy's mind? Are Willow and Oz together again and what is on her shoulder? Going to find out. Thanks for the fantastic story.
There are loads of mind games coming up. No, Willow and Oz are not together. They have grown up and grown into a very close friendship.

11/30/2005 05:34 am
Hearing Voices         
kinda confused but happy Sure I will figure it out soon... moving on happily!

10/06/2005 07:43 am
Hearing Voices         
Damn good cliffhanger, makes me wanna hit you with a hammer.

08/28/2006 04:07 pm
The Protector and the Warrior         
Love how he watches her until he decides it's time to contact her.

He was alsways one to study others. Especially Slayers. Getting a soul didn't change that.

08/27/2006 06:52 am
The Protector and the Warrior's in a very interesting place..
Ahhh, my lovely Faith. She's such a delicious character...

08/11/2006 10:52 am
The Protector and the Warrior         
David huh? Surprised Faith hadn't had him between the sheets already. Gotta find out what's wrong with Buffy. Thanks for the great chapter and read.
Faith's changed. It was slow coming, but she's finally discovered who she is and what it means to be a warrior, protector and a mentor to others. Or, more to the point, she's grown up.

11/30/2005 05:31 am
The Protector and the Warrior         
I know I read this before... but it is still so good... LOL more more ... hey look a "next" button!

10/06/2005 07:36 am
The Protector and the Warrior         
LMAO, but Hey I'm strange

08/28/2006 03:58 pm
Love the family bonding moments. And really, how come a whole lot of other people didn't see the resemblance? Were they all blind?
People see what they want to see. The first time I ever saw Dawn, I thought of the AtS eppie. Then I really looked at her and saw more Spike than anyone else. The tall, lithe frame; the blue eyes, the personality. There's just so much more Spike in Dawn -both visual and psychological- than any other character.

08/27/2006 06:51 am
good for him!!!! i'm glad he's taking charge...
Spike has always been a take charge kinda guy. Just had issues with patience and logistics is all.

08/11/2006 10:41 am
Beautiful and tender. They're all together again. Wonder just how wealthy he is now? At least he can take care of them the way they should be. Don't believe the Angel thing for one second but for the sake of the story I'll try. Amazing reunion. Great read.
Wonder just how wealthy he is now?

Go back and watch "Lies My Parents Told Me". Pay very close attention to the interaction between William and Anne. Specifically when he asks if he should send the carriage for 'Dr. Gaul'. **dons professor's cap**

During 1880, there was a very famous guy running around London, hacking up bangtails (hookers). Remember his name? Jack the Ripper. But Jack wasn't just some random serial killer. He was also a physician. And not just any physician. This particular doc was the personal physician to the royal family.

His name was Dr. Gaul.

In summation: William Pratt died a very wealthy man.

11/30/2005 05:25 am
wonderful chappie... me likey! I want to go to an island with spike!

10/06/2005 07:17 am
see we all knowSpike had money

06/21/2008 03:00 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         

A beautiful reunion - doing a second reading of this excellent story -

Thank you, dahling!  Hope you enjoy the second time through as much as I did.  In truth, I hadn't even realized the overwhelming amount of hidden subtext  running rampant until I read it with the final chapters.

08/28/2006 03:51 pm
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         
When it became too much for her and her emotions spilled glittering liquid diamonds onto her cheeks, his lips kissed them away.

Lovely, lyrical wonderfully written line. Makes me wish I'd written it myself.
It was part of the poem that became this chapter and was shortened for the scene. Nobody famous, just one of my own. Liquid Diamonds was actually the name of it and I couldn't leave it out.

08/27/2006 06:49 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         
so buffy's immortal now, eh? hmmm...interesting...

I could tell, but that would spoil the fun!

08/11/2006 10:24 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         
Thank you so much for bringing the mystery of how Buffy survived that wound. Was to upset over Spike's death I didn't think of it at the time but since then always questioned it. Was a little disappointed that when they made love for the first time, you just glossed over it. The story's killer though. Thanks.
There's a reason for the glossing over, I promise. *cough*chapter fourteen*cough*

11/30/2005 04:49 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         
Loved this story! Love the immortal Buffy and can't wait to see what happens next!

10/06/2005 07:11 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part Two         
Damn I love it

06/03/2010 06:07 pm
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         

08/28/2006 03:43 pm
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         

Okay, that dance scene? Was freaking hot. Really.
**blushes** I have to admit, I LOVED writing that scene!

08/27/2006 06:48 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         
so he's really back can't wait to see what happens next
He's baaaack, indeed. The road is going to be long, winding, and no little bit of confusing. Though, I promise, the ride will all be worth it.

08/11/2006 10:11 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         
You had me worried for a second there when you said the Bronze, didn't realize it was a flashback, got a tad confused and then Spike sounded like he was interested in the vamp, I became a little suspicous. That's not our Spike. Great chapter, great read.
I'm a Spuffy girl. If/when Spike is ever interested, it'll be brief, non-graphic and with a disposeable character.

11/30/2005 04:39 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         
You do realize I got half way through this story... stopped... open Itunes - put on I Would Die For You and then reread with it on repeat... life is good!

10/06/2005 06:54 am
Moonbeams and Gentle Whispers part One         
damn I love this fic the flashbacks so far are perfect

06/03/2010 04:56 pm
Open Your Eyes         

08/28/2006 03:17 pm
Open Your Eyes         
Its been so long (and no that's not a criticism!) that the twists and turns of this have escaped me, so I'm reading it all over again.

And hey, its just as good as it was the first time.
Criticism? No, I never thought it was. Don't worry, you're supposed to be somewhat confused as to what the heck is going on. I know how your brain works so I know you'll follow the right paths...

08/27/2006 06:47 am
Open Your Eyes         
wonderful the hilarious little flashback....can't wait to see where this goes
Glad you like! The flashbacks were all really fun to write. In some ways, it's actually the flash backs that are telling the story.

08/11/2006 09:51 am
Open Your Eyes         
Incredible beginning. Laughed so hard when Xander passed out. Wondered why Tara and Willow would be saying that. Excellent! Love a story where Spuffy is Dawn's parents. Now they're together, when does the badness start? Can't wait to get caught up. Love BLB. Thanks for the great read.
Thank you. I couldn't resist teh Xander bashing. It makes a weird kinda sense. Just wait, the badness and lots of it is coming. You'll be delighted to know I'm currently taking a break from typing up chapters 9-11 of BLB for beta.

11/30/2005 04:20 am
Open Your Eyes         
Great chappie - I really love the who key aspect, but the best part had to be that flashback :::fans self:::: I know I have read that before but rereading it was freaking hot! Contented sigh!

10/06/2005 06:49 am
Open Your Eyes         
I love the flashback I wish it had happned on the show like that.

10/04/2005 06:52 pm
Open Your Eyes         
Just wanted to let you know that I've followed you over to the new site, and I look forward to when your muse inspires an update. {huggles}

09/30/2005 09:52 pm
Open Your Eyes         
Hey, nice start to this story. I like the Spuffy father and mother theory. More please.
You likey me ficc-y? That's so cool! Thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy! Thanx for taking the moment to review!