If a Certain Slayer... by BloodEnvy

04/03/2013 06:45 pm
Love your Story

09/21/2011 12:00 am
The way it actually should have happened!!!  Spike and Buffy 4 ever!

SPIKE!!!   I love Dawn's reaction.


09/20/2011 11:59 pm
The way it actually should have happened!!!  Spike and Buffy 4 ever!

SPIKE!!!   I love Dawn's reaction.


09/13/2011 12:45 am
It worked for me.  Nice job.

09/05/2011 12:19 pm

A nice good feeling over this ending.

09/04/2011 04:37 pm
Great story

09/04/2011 02:57 am
Awwww, lovely ending!  Adorable story

09/04/2011 02:14 am
I so enjoyed your story. I think it worked out perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

09/04/2011 01:07 am
Loved it!
Thank god! lol

08/22/2011 01:20 pm

Good that they could have some nice time.

They deserved it.

08/13/2011 06:15 pm
A happy reunion indeed, exactly what they needed!
I thought so lol

08/13/2011 02:15 pm
I'm grateful for the beautiful update. I thought you did a wonderful job, very touching.
Yay! I'm so very glad you liked it. I was worried it wouldn't seem like them, but I think it worked out in the end. And obviously you did too! I'm so glad lol

08/13/2011 11:26 am

Please update as soon as you can.

All done =]

08/22/2011 04:24 am

That was cruel - Spike needed that Viper

And really... why does Angel need twenty cars? I do miss his Desoto though.

07/27/2011 08:55 pm
It´s great, but short   On to the love!!
The next chapter is proving to be a long one, so it kind of makes u for the shortness of this one. I concur! The Love will Cometh! lol

07/27/2011 06:05 pm
I'm so glad to see your updates. I've been away from and was thrilled to see two when I returned.
It makes me feel all warm inside when I hear that you come back to see my updates, so I'm soooo very glad you're happy with them. The next chapter is on it's way and I promise it won't dissapoint!!

07/27/2011 05:16 pm
It's good that it worked and despite punching him Buffy seems happy he's back laughed at spike stealing angels car
I thought Angels car would be better than Harmony's. Glad you liked it, and I thought she needed to punch him, it's such a Buffy thing to do, especially when it comes to Spike. Think of it as pent up sexual tension... foreplay lol

08/06/2011 08:11 pm
Fantastic results!

07/24/2011 06:46 pm

Please update soon

Way ahead of you

07/24/2011 04:12 pm

This was cute, i like little cute chapters like this they make me feel all happy inside

more soon? there better be


We feel the same way then. I always like a little well placed fluff. There is more, and I hope you like it! Oh, and I'm glad I made your insides happy.

08/22/2011 04:20 am

Good - you made in painful - I hate a namby pamby spell. 

haha. Well it hurt when he died, and when he came out of the amulet, why wouldn't it hurt when he became solid again?

08/14/2011 01:04 am
merh: / I was looking forward to a lot of build up with no touchy buffy and spike : ( wish you had kept him Ghost!Spike for at least a day or so. Good writing, though
Yeah, I know. But I wanted this story to stay shortish. What did you think of the rest of the story? lol

08/06/2011 06:51 pm
Very powerful written rendition of a spell.  I could feel all the ebbs and flows of the incantation.
Thanks. I know I stole it, but I knew if I made one myself I would have made it lame. I'm glad you thought it worked. =]

07/21/2011 08:35 am

So now they are magicly bonded. It's a way to solve the problem, but what will the consequences be?

Ahh, read and find out, I'll give away nothing lol

07/20/2011 08:38 pm
Quite the cliffhanger you've left us on!
I hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint!

07/19/2011 04:24 pm

This story is coming along really well! Its intriguing to see how the relationships are developing, especially between Spike and Buffy (DUHHH hahahaha).

I like the way that you have chosen to go with the bond thing, the minute Buffy started talking about bonding Spike to her i was thinking that it was just gonna be the usual claim storyline with a little twist or something, and then BAM! your like completely creative and going this way with it. It's all very exciting hee hee.

Also I just want to say, i love a story that has Buffy loving Spike from the very beginning, because its different.. y'know like i'm not saying i dont like the stories that follow the development of Buffy's feelings towards the lovely British vampire, but when she loves him from the start like in your fabulous story you get to see the development of their relationship as a couple which is cute and makes me feel all gooey and happy inside

Please give me more soon? I thrive on reading lovely fics like this one

Ok, first off, I love big, indepth comments!

I'm so glad you think its been done well, I really quite like some of those bonding stories, but I agree, some of them are very similar. I thought this would be like my little tribute to that little theme that went through fanfic. I am glad though, that you think I have done it uniquelly.

I do enjoy those stories too, and seeing those ones where Buffy admits her feelings rather than hiding them like she did in the show (coz we all know she loved him)

I'm soo happy it made you feel good inside lol.

It will be updated soon, I promise.

07/19/2011 02:26 pm
have just read this and like it cant wait till next chapter to find out if it works
I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It will be updated soon

07/19/2011 02:00 pm
Thanks for the update.
You're Welcome.

08/22/2011 04:17 am
Time To Talk         

Good argument, but you can't it fix it so soon!

Oh, sorry!
I wanted this to be a short story (obviously, it got kind of long) so I didn't want to drag it out too long. Sorry, I hope it still works.

08/06/2011 06:42 pm
Time To Talk         
Now that's the type of confrontation I like to see!  Get it all out and make up.
So happy you liked it, and I hope you like the ending.

07/19/2011 04:45 am
Time To Talk         
More Please!
Updates are happneing regularly =]

07/18/2011 06:30 pm
Time To Talk         
Awsome!! keep going pleeeeaaaasseeee???
Waaaaayyy ahead of you lol

07/18/2011 08:15 am
Time To Talk         

Now the feelings is out in theopen, good.

Glad you think so lol =]

Soul of the Rose
07/18/2011 06:00 am
Time To Talk         
You write things the way I wish they had gone. Sigh. Very lovely. I particularly enjoyed your Harmony & Lorne characterizations. Nice job all the way around.
Oh thank god someone liked them!! *Sighs huge breath of relief*. I was worried that my charavterizations would be too overdone, you know? In the first few drafts I think Lorne came out a little to OTT, and I tried to dial that down. As a side effect of that and too many characters in the one scene, his appearance was only really a cameo, which is why he got the little part at the end. I'm soooo glad you're enjoying this and I realise that I'm ramling so I'll stop.


07/18/2011 05:26 am
Time To Talk         
Oh my god, I can't wait for more!  I absolutely loved this story and I hope there will be another update soon!!!
There will be... I've hit a small snag with the writing but it will be updated soon!

07/16/2011 11:31 am
Time To Talk         

Please update as soon as you can. I want to read more.

I will lol.  I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

07/14/2011 03:54 pm

I'm really loving where this is going morrreeee pleeeaaassseeeeee

Its just been updated!

07/11/2011 08:43 am

Good work on Buffys thoughts.

thank you. I've seen a few stories that do a lot of internalizing, and when they do, they use a lot of not-quite-buffy style quotes and idioms, and I was afraid I would do that too. I find writing for Spike can sometimes be easier than Buffy, so I'm glad you found it authentic enough. =D

08/22/2011 04:11 am
Group Meeting         

Loved Harmony.  Can Buffy yell at Angel now cause I wouldn't want to miss that. 

Glad you liked her, I wanted her to seem authentic. Check out the new chapter... Angel gets shut down majorly lol

07/07/2011 07:21 pm
Group Meeting         
Text   And then he was yelling at Angel and... God, she was so beautiful.”

I think you meant she.

I'm intrigued. Look forward to seeing what direction you take. Like the point in time you've begun your story
Sorry, I'll fix that now lol.
Thanks for reading, and editing, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope the direction won't disappoint you, but when I write it sort of just goes by itself. I seem to have very little control over what I write lol

07/07/2011 04:21 pm
Group Meeting         

This was sort of amusing.

I'm sort of happ you think so.

Thanks =]

07/06/2011 08:21 pm
Group Meeting         
Just caught up with this one.  It's the perfect time for Buffy to arrive, and I love the kick-ass slayer mood.
I always love the Buffy that is able to kick Angel's ass with a few choice phrases. I was watching the episode, and that line of Spike's "Certain Slayer..." was just too perfect to give up. Please keep reading! XD

Soul of the Rose
07/18/2011 05:47 am
Nice start, I'm very intrigued. How I wish they would have done this on the show... Looking forward to reading more.
Hope you enjoy the other chapters just as much.

04/28/2011 09:38 pm

good start - you kept the original stuff and then twisted it beautifully with the introduction of Buffy, could it be that Spike on hearing Buffy ask Gunn to leave them alone also thought that he should vanish as well or was it just the vanishing into thin air that kept happening to him. What will Buffy say when he turns up again? Looking forward to next chapter.

Ahhh.... I'm not giving anything away lol... keep reading!

04/28/2011 04:09 am

hmmm Buffy with attitude.  Excellent!

Why thankyou lol =]

04/27/2011 02:44 pm

ohhhh, cant wait for more, she sounds rightly pissed.

Thanks so much, I hope everything is well characterised!

04/27/2011 01:41 am
Sweet beans on toast, give me more! Please! Who's Hainely? Has Spike become corporeal by this time or hasn't he? Buffy couldn't see him, at least that's how I read it so I don't think so. And since he'd vamoosed by the time Buffy came in but where did Angel go? Ooo! All they all being sent back into time, well, are Buffy and Spike at least going, while Angel is being beaten? And carved? And castrated? And then sent to Hell where he so richly belongs? I'm so eagerly anticipating your continuation of this! There are simply not enough writers out there who let a calm and mature Buffy tell Angel, current CEO of The Less Funny Than The Other Legion Of Doom off and still surround it with an interesting story. Well, there are plenty of those but they're not done very well! If you need a beta, pretty please let me know. I'm not here but at Ff.net, under the same name if you're interested. (That sounded like shameless pimping of myself...Sorry. I just really enjoyed this BEGINNING CHAPTER!) Good luck on carrying on. May the Muses be with you! ll.ll
...That's not a very good Vulcan finger thingy is it? Oh well. I'm just not meant for emoticons.
Thanks, I'm so glad you like it. XD. More is on its way. Ok to answer your questions:
---Hainsly is the necromancer in the start of season five. I lifted some of this first scene directly from the episode "Conviction", so that's where that is from.
---Spike is incorporeal. This is immediately after he came back.
---Buffy saw him, but being angry she ignored him so not as to let her emotions get the better of her.
---Angel didn't go anywhere... he was there the entire scene.
---I'm not sure where you got the time travel thing from... this is almost canon season five of angel.

I'll let you know if I need a beta... you'll be my first point of call =] Thankyou so much for offering.

04/26/2011 03:43 am
That was a great chapter and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
Thanks, it's in progress!

04/25/2011 09:56 am

I think this is a really great start.  Please carry on - loads of potential!

Thankyou so much!! I will! XD

04/24/2011 02:57 am
This seems very promising.  Just wondering why Buffy didn't speak to Spike right away? 
I mulled that over when writing it, and I hope to explain that in a later chapter. It is mostly a mixture of anger, hurt and patented Buffy childish indignancy. I want to display that vunrebility that Buffy lost in the progression of hers and Angel's relationship after he left, but seemed to maintain with Spike. Does it work?

04/23/2011 12:40 am
I really like the start of this. Really liking this buffy and loved how she gave it to angel lol can't wait to see how her meeting with spike goes
I always loved it when Buffy told off Angel, and I hope that you'll enjoy her talking to Spike as well! Please keep reading!

04/22/2011 05:28 pm
I love post Chosen fics.  I like the way this is starting, and am eager to read more, please continue
I'm a bit of a fan of that too, so this will be updated soon!

04/22/2011 03:58 pm

Okay, so you NEED to keep going with this story!!!
 Cos im really intrigued..
And i'll get angry if you don't.

so pretty please do more? *puppy dog eyes*

I have been working on this story, and it will be updated VERY soon!
I'm so glad you like it, because its something I couldn't help thinking about when I first watched the fifth season of Angel. I soooo wanted her to come back! (And choose Spike!)

And thankyou for following all my work too!