Home Is Where They Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly

11/28/2014 07:20 am
Loved this!
Yay! Thank you for taking the time to say so. :)

08/28/2013 07:02 pm
   Sigh.  Ok first, I am all man here even if I sigh like a boy. Second I dont go around sighing for just anybody, but you always deliver.   Story after story you give me good banter, excellent character work and just about always a Happy Ending.

   I love your stuff, It doesn't matter who you work with, actual characters or your own, I always like what you do with them. Your characters are distinct, They seem to breathe and feel and have their own motivations within the story.  You also almost always have a unique sort of bent to each one of your stories.  Even writing all the same characters again and again you seem to come up with something interesting, and worth the read.

  Third, I am most likely exaggerating my manly status.  Me being a man means I've always got some little boy traits innate within me. I swear though, it's probably like a good sixty forty split.
Oh my goodness. *blushes*  Thank you so much. Wondeful encouragement at a time when I could use some.  :)

10/31/2012 04:51 am
*happysigh*  That was glorious.  I got so caught up that I forgot to leave a review the previous chapter about Giles getting something like the smackdown he deserved... but I also like the compassionate resolution to that conflict.  They've all grown up, including Giles - he can't stay deliberately blind forever.

Of course, describing Spike and Buffy as a fighting force so formidable that just showing up could turn the tide of the battle was kind of awesome too.  There's a lot to be said for being legendary. :)

Very well done, very satisfying story.  And now it's nine minutes till midnight and I'm going to bed.

Hope you had a good night's sleep! Thanks for reading and commenting so consistently. :)

03/09/2012 07:07 am
Thank you. :)

11/06/2011 04:01 pm
That was brilliant! Loved the dramatic irony at the start and everything else, too. Thank you.
Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you liked it. :)

09/04/2011 03:53 am


What a great resolution story for NFA and Buffy and Giles post "Chosen/"  Like your use of the other characters - just enought to make them important but not to overtake your story. 

My appreciation of the outstanding Spuffy writers has only increased with the comic book season - I sure hope that Joss Whedon does not destroy the relationship and the transformation journey from the TV era.

Was very nice reading a work that was new to me. 

Thanks, nmcil. I'm glad you liked it.  Was very nice reading a work that was new to me.  Hee! It's pretty new to everybody. I just finished it a couple of months ago (I think. Too lazy to look it up)

sister cuervo
07/10/2011 08:50 pm
I love that the characters are so well-balanced.  Giles and Xander come off very well, with just the right amount of snark and remorse.  I was pictureing Spike as "House" in the last few chapters.
LOL There may have been a strong resemblance with his cane. :)

07/02/2011 02:48 am
Awwww... that was lovely...  It felt real, it was well paced and I ached for them to find each other again...  I coudln't put it down 'til I was done.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful and kind review.

06/18/2011 12:28 am

sorry for the late review but just wanted  to add my thanks for a terrific story.

Late reviews are still reviews! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

06/15/2011 11:32 pm
Very nice coming together and getting everything sorted out.   Love this ending.  I can see years and years of happiness. 
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

06/15/2011 11:46 am

A wonderful story.  Thank you so much for sharing this.  You really brought them full circle while retaining the snark and heartbreakingly tender/tough dynamic that I associate with the best in Spuffy writing.  Excellent.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for telling me so. :)

06/11/2011 10:35 am
Enjoyed this fic from beginning to end, great job, well done.
Thank you.

06/11/2011 12:37 am
Most excellent tale! Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

09/10/2013 07:41 pm
TextI've loved this whole story - every chapter! And even tho I generally don"T READ FANFIC THAT IS NOT NC_!&< I '
LOL  *waves at your cat*  I'm glad you liked it.

10/31/2012 04:35 am
Schmoop!  I especially liked the bit in the elevator where he got back at Dawn by suggesting all the places he and Buffy could make love if she wasn't around.
There must be schmoop at some point!

sister cuervo
07/10/2011 08:27 pm
You are a teriffic writer!  Don't know when I've enjoyed reading a story so much.  Slow reveal and realistic growth with the characters made for a very exciting story.  Excellent.
Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

06/15/2011 11:14 pm
Ah, relaxing domesticity!

06/08/2011 09:31 pm

"I think I can talk naked"..............I think that is my favourite line ever!!::)).........I loved the dialogue, their "reunion" and the reactions to Spike from the rest of the Scoobies. All in all, it made me smile and I'm looking forward to how you wrap things up, especially with Spike working for the Council now.....imagine!!...Wonderful chapter!

Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

06/07/2011 09:02 pm

Super update. Not to smutty, but really sweet and loving. Ahhhh

Thank you. :)

06/07/2011 01:07 pm
Isn't considerate Buffy lovely?  Smashing. 
Thank you:)

Spike <3
06/05/2011 09:54 pm
Hi there!  So I know I already commented on this chapter but today I re-read the story as a whole and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it, its so cute and I love the spike/buffy dynamic here, and I agree with the other people who have commented that them waiting is more realistic and the right thing to do (not that its my decision...).  Thanks for a fab story :)
Aw.. thank you for telling me so... again! :)

06/02/2011 01:08 am

excellent chapter  - the interaction between Spike and Buffy has been just right, i think they would take their time and ease back into each other. As for chapter 14 yes, go for it, a long chapter to wind up this fic will be fine although sad it will be ending soon.

I'm glad you liked that chapter. Thanks for telling me so.  As it turns out, there were a lot o loose ends to tie up, so there are now two reasonably long chapters rather than one giant one. :)

05/31/2011 07:50 pm

Great update as usual. After all the angry, violent sex of S6, I should think Buffy and Spike would welcome some cuddling. Its more intimate than just jumping on each other. I'm loving the sweetness.

Thank you. I'm glad you approve. :)

05/31/2011 12:35 am
You asked for our opinion.  Well for one your pace is not drawn out and it is exactly in keeping with a state of re-acquainting themselves.  It's been years so it should go slowly.  I know people who have been separated for years and then tried to resume where they left off.  It did not work because they failed to cope with the changes in the interim. 
I'm glad you agree with me. :)  I don't really think I am dragging it out, was just semi-apologizing and explaining to those who keep expecting Spuffy sex every time the two get near each other. :)

05/30/2011 07:09 pm
Long and meaty = goodness! Post away! Please!
LOL  Thanks!

Spike <3
05/30/2011 06:48 pm
I think you may have double posted chapter 13, but I certainly would not mind reading one mega-chapter ending, though I'm sad the stories ending, and I agree that shorter chapters can make things choppy(not to mention the suspense!).  I love the story and can't wait to see how things turn out, and of course I'm hoping for some major spuffy sex ;)
Oops? Usually I can tell when that's probably going to happen. I'm having a lot of trouble with the verse lately. May have to switch to Safari for it where it doesn't seem to have so many glitches.  Thanks for telling me. :)

09/10/2013 07:44 pm
Text     My cat 'helped'with other review. I love sex scenes, but I agree with you that it has it's time and place. And chapter fourteen was the time; a house to themselves was the place.
LOL - thanks. I glad you enjoyed it and felt the sex appeared when it needed to and was appropriate. 

10/31/2012 04:08 am
Okay, that was whoa.  Illyria is one of those characters that is sort of too big for the world (I'm totally thinking in D&D terms) and needs to be eliminated, but I gotta say, this is one of the best exits I've ever seen for her.  She gets to be a badass, and kinda go home, and save the day all at once.  It is beyond awesome.

I anticipate Spike getting his ass kicked for making himself such an obvious target, though. :)
Ahh - I think Buffy and Spike know each other well enough by now to know that a threat to one is going to cause the other one to throw his/herself into harm's way.  Glad you like how Illyria went out. It was a fun scene to write.

05/30/2011 07:36 am
Go Illyria!  She got her wish.
She did. I foresee a lot of practicing minon worship in her future. :)

05/30/2011 12:53 am

fabulous - loved Illyria showing up and what a great ending to this chapter, I bow down to your genius.

Hee! Thank you. Bowing not necessary. Really...

10/31/2012 03:54 am
I'm getting emails that say you've responded to my reviews, while I"m still reading the story.  It's practically like being in chat with  you. :D

I like mature Xander.  I like Willow's motives to keep quiet NOT being centered on assuming Buffy is a child.  I like both her and Buffy's response to Giles and his reasoning.  I kinda expected their reaction to be a lot stronger, except you've done a really good job explaining that it's been several years since all that went down.  Tempers have had time to mellow... mostly.  I mean, Spike's been in that situation the entire time, which makes it all pretty fresh.

Buffy more or less promising to stake Spike rather than let him be taken was achy and wonderful.
I'm a bit compulsive about responding to people who've taken the time to review. And I learned my lesson at TSR by not going there for a long time and finding I had received a gazillion reviews to which I hadn't responded.  I'm sure the reviewers had long since forgotten about it and moved on, but I answered every single one.... eventually. I was reduced to smiley faces after a while, but at least when I look at my reviews now, there's nothing there that isn't new. :)

05/27/2011 11:44 pm

so glad I've caught up this fic, this is so well written and engrossing. I love the way you used the Angel finale to explain where Spike has been and what happened to him. Can't wait to see where you go next. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoying it. :)

05/27/2011 09:13 pm
Wow, Giles thinks he's been wrong?
LOL - he's beginning to get a clue...

05/26/2011 11:45 pm

Thrilled with the update. Good to see Xanders finally let go of old grudges. I went off him in S7. His 'Spike helped, but I never forgot what he was' speech. Was unbelievably biggotted and unfair. He never acknowledged any of the good Spike did, despite his nature. Loved Spikes 'it feels like home now' when Buffy shouted at him. Happy days are here again....

Well, happy days may be coming... there are still a lot of demons out there. :)

05/26/2011 04:09 am

Some things never change.. thankfully.

Waiting to see what they can do with the portal.. and what happens with our favorite couple..


I'm glad you enjoyed it. We'll see what happens in the next chapter...

10/31/2012 03:43 am
*happysigh*  And that was every bit as satisfying as I hoped it would be.
Glad you liked it. It was fun to write.

05/30/2011 07:12 am
This chapter brought tears to my eyes...it is that beautifully written.
Thank you.

05/25/2011 05:54 am
Can I just say that I ADORE this fic. You always leaving me waiting for more
More is coming. Thanks for reading. :)

05/23/2011 09:45 pm

Loved it, loved it, loved it. More please.

More soon. Thanks for reading. :)

05/23/2011 03:55 pm

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for not making us wait for him to tell her!!! 
Dawn's reaction was great, as was the "test  fight."
Appreciate the format-fix!  :)

Hee! You're welcome. Glad you liked it.

05/23/2011 01:45 am

Love, love, love this!

Yay! Thank you for telling me so.

spike <3
05/22/2011 10:43 pm
YAY! this is what I've been waiting for, ahhhh I'm so excited :) great story, cannot wait for more
Hee! Glad it made you happy. :)

10/31/2012 03:32 am
Eeeeeee!  Hell dimension is pissed off that Spike made his escape!  And yay Spike!  And I forgot to mentionthis in an earlier review, but I remember thinking it was sad that he was so timid around her, worried about making her angry, that kind of thing.

Also: wonder if Buffy will wake up to discover the books on her floor.

Also: squee!
LOL  Well, he was totally dependent upon her for everything, and she can be pretty scary when she's not being nice. :)

05/27/2011 08:57 pm
Poor Bob,  troubles following thick and fast.
:) Things happen when you get around Buffy, et al...

05/21/2011 06:53 pm

Oh wow!  I wasn't expecting him to come back to himself so soon, or so abruptly.  Now I can't wait to see what's going to happen. 
Great story, but I'm wondering if your spacing is intentional - so much space between paragraphs, I mean.  It's sort of odd, and a bit distracting.  So, I guess I have no complaints to make at all about the story, it's just a formatting issue. 
And now I shall wait patiently for an update!  :)

Sorry about the formatting - it's either format for Lj and all the other archives, or format for here now that Dia has changed things.  I'm going to try something else with the next chapter and hope I can get rid of those extra spaces without manually deleting them one at a time....

05/21/2011 02:44 pm

Wowser really exciting chapter. Didn't think Spike would figure things out on his own. Lets hope he doesn't do anything silly. Can't wait for more, super update

Thank you. Things really start to pop from here on - guess Katrina was right about the brain cells healing along with everything else... :)

05/21/2011 09:24 am
Oh my lord I love you. Please keep posting as fast as your (im sure) beautiful fingers can type. Can´t wait! ;)
LOL I'm pretty sure no one has ever called my fingers beautiful - but thank you. More soon. :)

10/31/2012 03:20 am
God, I'm adoring this.  The way that you're handling the mini-reveals is really great, not heavy-handed or anything.  I like that she tries to dismiss "Bob" as a wimp and then when she wakes him up from his nightmare he immediately drops into a fighting stance.  I like "ha, bloody ha" and the head tilt.  I like the way he already seems to worship her and the way Xander's scent seems familiar even though he can't place why.

Okay, who are we kidding, I like the entire darn thing.

05/19/2011 10:31 am
I wondered when Buffy was going to have a Spike moment, I'm thinking she'll be having more of them!
I expect she will.... :)

*waves at Lou*

05/18/2011 10:49 pm

Really chuffed to see an update. Glad to see Bobs finally up and about. Gives him and Buffy more opportunity to bond. Looking forward to the visit from the Katrina. Can't wait to see what she has to say. 

Being on the way to being healthy is going to help a lot. Katrina has some interesting ideas.

05/15/2011 09:14 pm

ooh. did Willow recognise Spike's soul? When will she get back with help and when will she tell Buffy and Dawn what she knows - can you tell I love this fic!

LOL I don't know what she thinks she saw. Obviously, she thinks it may have been Spike's soul.  Don't know that she's going to need to tell them, though...

05/15/2011 10:43 am
Just wanted to let you know that I am reading and really really enjoying it! I liked in this chapter when Buffy told 'Bob' that she didn't want him to go when he was healed. That somehow she had managed to already get used to him being there, my interpretation at least, and that she had found something he could do that would be useful as a vampire with a soul. Thanks for sharing and I will continue to read!
Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy it. :)

05/14/2011 07:30 pm

Thrilled with the update. I'm hoping Willow doesn't take too long with her research. Though I'm enjoying Bob and Buffys developing friendship. Can't wait for more. 

Thank you. More as soon as I can arrange it. :)

10/31/2012 02:52 am
You know, even though I know what's coming, I'm still squeeing over the big reveal.  Squee. :)
Might be a while...

05/30/2011 06:18 am
Funny that it's screaming at us fans but Buffy is letting the similarities go by the wayside. But Willow....!
Well, in all fairness to Buffy (and Willow), you know they're in the middle of a Spuffy story. They don't. *g*

05/14/2011 01:11 am

great update - so does Willow recognise the vampire? Like the way you left us hanging, roll on the next chapter.

LOL - we'll see. Next chapter in a while. :)

05/12/2011 05:44 pm

Please update as soon as you can. I like the story and I would like to read more.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. There will be another chapter soon. :)

05/12/2011 01:02 pm
Hey there, I don't think I have to mention your writing skills, I think everyone knows how good you are. But I'm very happy to see a story that seems to be similar to Things that go bump in the night. I absolutely loved the Idea of the slayer school and the setting in the UK. Please give us more. ;-)
Thank you.  I'm actually trying to avoid too many similarities to TTGB, cause - been there, done that. But some are inevitable, aren't they? *sigh*

05/12/2011 08:43 am

Super update, now I'm gagging to know what Willow found out. More, more, more, please.

More sooner rather than later, I think. :) Thanks for reading.

05/12/2011 07:12 am
NOOOO you can't just stop there!!! truly great chapter.. I am surprised though that buffy doesnt think of spike more around him because even when he can't remember who he is he sooo sounds like spike especially the part about ogling his tight little body lmao that so sounds like something spike would say :)
Oh, he is reminding her of Spike more and more often - but she thinks they are just that - similarities that remind her of Spike.  :)

09/03/2011 01:51 pm

Totally loving your story -

Thanks. I hope you continue to love it. :)

05/12/2011 12:28 am

have now read up to date,  extremely wonderful descriptive writing in all the chapters, when will Buffy realise who the vampire is? and what happened to him? will Dawn recognise him? this is really well written and I am so looking forward to the next chapter.

Thank you. Many questions to be answered. :)

05/11/2011 10:36 pm

Just read all five chapters and thoroughly hooked. Really good plot, enjoyed every bit of it. So looking forward to the happy reaveal. Brill.....

I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

05/11/2011 04:25 pm
I just came across this fic, and it captivated me right away. The tone it sets is perfect, as well as the foreshadowing, and the characters are written in an engaging and believable way. I can't wait to see more of the backstory revealed. Great job, and excellent writing.
Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the rest of it. ;)

05/11/2011 05:25 am
wow just started reading this fic tonight very very good. i really like it. i loved buffy buying spike house. can't wait till she learnes it is spike that she rescued.. can't wait for more
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading. Next chapter as soon as I can get in whipped into shape. :)

10/31/2012 02:35 am
You know I'm a hurt/comfort junkie, right?  I mean... you do know that, don't you?  I'm just sayin'.
LOL There's a lot of that going around. :)

05/30/2011 05:57 am
Loving the nurturing Buffy!  She certainly has matured.
I'd like to think so... :)

05/10/2011 11:34 pm

Burned on the inside too?!  Hurts to even think of it.  Horrble imagery you've got going in this chapter.  Very evocative. 
I liked the "drink it before it gets yucky" bit. 

Thanks? Hee! yeah, he's not a pretty picture right now - inside or out. But he'll get better... :)

05/10/2011 10:44 am
Wow!  what a great story! :) I love the idea, looking forward to the next chapters!! Love from sweden
Thank you!  I hope you continue to enjoy it.

05/10/2011 04:47 am
Thoroughly enjoying this so far! 

(write faster! Please!)
Yay! :)

10/31/2012 02:17 am
Squee.  That is all.

Okay, not really.  Spike seems not to know that he's Spike - and still doesn't want to feed on people, which, yay.  And Buffy is, by now, a lot more tolerant of vampires given that she didn't just fling her stake into the darkness and be done with it.

Oh, this promises to be so full of ache.
There will be achey - for sure.

06/17/2011 02:10 am

Poor xander skunked again by the Big (Sorta) Bad.  And if I was Buffy I would in that attic ASAP.  Cute story, Slay. 

Thanks. Hope you enjoy it. :)

05/30/2011 04:48 am
A very nice, comfy start!  It's always good to see Buffy relaxed before I presume a coming storm. 
Oh yeah, small storm coming... to be followed by bigger storm, no doubt. It is late spring, after all....

05/14/2011 11:26 pm
Catching up and enjoying a lot. The set-up is intriguing.
I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

05/10/2011 11:13 pm
It's always a treat to see a new story by you!  Love it so far...a "brave little toaster" Buffy is so nice to read.
Thank you. Hope you enjoy the rest.

05/10/2011 10:42 pm

liked the start of this and will catch up with the next chapters soon. I like the idea of Buffy finding Spike's old house and taking it over, wonder what will be in the attic. Liked the way that Xander found out that the BIg Bad wasn't always bad, so good.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for telling me so. :)