Cold Comfort by BloodEnvy

07/22/2014 02:49 pm
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That was just beautiful..

10/17/2012 01:36 am
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I like this much better than Angel and his supreme lack of useful comfort.

01/08/2012 01:04 am
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I'm right there with you. I hoped it would be Spike that sat with her that night. That year always bothered me. I mean the year before Doyle had the vision about the native american spirits which weren't even a big threat, so why didn't Cordy have a vision about Glory? Buffy just lost her mom, so Angel shows up for a few hours and then leaves? At the very least he could have stayed for a week or two help her out let her grieve a little knowing others were taking care of the slaying whether she wanted him to or not. Nope instead he just leaves, leaves her with a teenager to raise. I like this better so sequel away, I'll read it! If she actually lets Spike help he might see the Ben/Glory thing sooner and they can get out of town before Tara gets brain sucked or the knights figure anything out. No dead Buffy pulled from heaven, no beatings and hate sex.

10/19/2011 12:36 am
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Ooh definitely like this scenario so much better!

08/28/2011 12:35 am
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Excellent one-shot (hopefully with more to follow )I loved the way you incorporated Spike into this episode. I didn't like the fact that they used Angel in the series, it felt wrong since he had left her 2 years earlier. I really hope you will write a sequel to it. I know I'll read it
Why thank you. I know what you mean, Spike always seemed to connect with Buffy, even when they hated each other, on a different level to everyone else. So I always thought he should have been there. I have a few other plot bunnies bouncing around, but there will be sequel soon.


08/02/2011 02:27 pm
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Nice story. Very sweet. Would love to read a sequel!

07/19/2011 02:26 am
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I sneaked over to see if you've written anything new, and I'm pleased I did. I would love to see this continued, maybe in  small story. 
Oooh, does this mean I have a loyal reader! That makes me happy lol. Yeah, I just had school break and I spent a lot of it in bed with Buffy reruns and my laptop. So therefore, a lot of fanfiction was born.

07/18/2011 02:45 pm
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Oh, I do so prefer your version. Angel's appearance in that episode was so pointless, I never quite understood why he was included, but bringing Spike in here makes so much more sense. I look forward to the sequel...
I see why they brought in Angel...he was the person she was closest to for years, a source of comfort. But then again, that could have been Giles without the romantic attachement. So I agree that it wasn't strictly necesary, but still, it had a point. But I still think it could or even should have been Spike.
And I prefer it that way.

07/18/2011 10:49 am
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This really made me feel for Buffy. This make it possible for them to builld a real friendship and even more when she's not that damaged yet.

I love the small moments of tenderness you see with Spuffy, especially in season five. This is kind of my little version of that, and I hope it worked in the same way Joss does. =]

Soul of the Rose
07/18/2011 05:39 am
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Yay! I love the way you re-wrote this scene. As I was reading it I was thinking how much I wished he could go home with her & not let that moment end. And lo and behold, you did just that. Wonderful, sweet story. Very much enjoyed it
Haha... why thankyou, I'm so glad your mind while reading was on the same wavelength as mine while I was writing. See, the beauty of the Spike-part is that he could stay. Angel couldn't. And that's why I think this is better lol

07/18/2011 12:18 am
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This was a wonderful story!!!  It was just the spuffy-er version of the real buffyvers I was looking for after a re-watching binge.  I really hope you go ahead with a sequel and I would love to see more exploration of spike putting Buffy's needs before his.  Great job!
So glad you like it, and I will begin writing a sequel soon... I hope !! It should always have been Spike... not Angel.

07/16/2011 05:55 pm
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Sequel would be good! 

Glad you think so! =]

07/16/2011 02:41 pm
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I like that version better! Well done. 
When I first saw the episode, I really thought it would be Spike... so there you have it.

07/16/2011 01:02 pm
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This was really good! I'd love a sequel
Ask and thou shalt recieve. Well... it will take a little while, but I will write one