Pop Goes the Weasel by slaymesoftly

03/09/2012 07:10 am
Spike Has a Plan         
I like this Buffy
Winterset Buffy has had a different life and she's a softer version of the girl we saw in canon.

08/05/2011 11:10 am
Spike Has a Plan         
wonder what that note was all about... this is just the gift that keeps on making me... hooked...

Thanks for a great read,

Thanks. Nothing like setting people up to look for a story that isn't even written yet, huh? LOL  Glad you enjoyed it.

08/03/2011 10:21 pm
Spike Has a Plan         

Really enjoyable fic. Your Buffy and Spike are so well written, they're a delight to read.Great supporting characters and a cliff hanger. Loved it.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

08/03/2011 09:49 pm
All For One and One For All         

Good fight, I liked your solution to the disolving problem. Sweet villagers, sounds like a nice place to go on holiday.  

They are nice people. Spike and Buffy may have to revist them at some time...

08/02/2011 11:27 pm
All For One and One For All         
I really enjoyed the I Know You series and the IKY II world - so I'm delighted that you're taking a trip back there!  I love the way you've balanced the action, story development and the sweet spuffy interludes :o)
Thank you. I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

08/03/2011 09:27 pm
All For One and One For All         

Crafty little buggers, a strategic retreat definately seems like a good move. Good chappie.


08/22/2011 02:16 am
Is It Spring Yet?         

weasels and rates EW..

08/03/2011 07:58 pm
Is It Spring Yet?         

Cute opening.


07/31/2011 04:48 am
Is It Spring Yet?         
weasels to endanger... 

However did I live without you before this?

Perfectly well, I'm sure. *g*  But thanks!

07/31/2011 03:27 am
Is It Spring Yet?         
Interesting start. 

Don't know if this is a formatting problem, but there seems to be an unnatural amount of space between each line. Makes it odd to read. But interesting!
Sorry - yes, it is a formatting issue, but not one easily fixed so as to be postable to all archives. I'll work on it for the next chapters.