After the Lies by BuffyMeetsSpike

07/03/2015 11:52 am
Chapter 4         
Wanted to add to my other Way Too Short Review - While I had such a hard time dealing with Giles and his perspective on the danger Spike was - it's certainly understandable.  I very much liked how you brought back his first experience with the tragic consequences of Buffy's relationship with Angel/Angelus - that was an event that changed the lives of all the Scoobs and how they would relate to Spike.  The shadow of Angel/Angelus was always a huge factor that influenced the dynamics of their relationships with Spike.   

Another good connect using Lilah and Wolfram and Hart as the way to get Giles back in time - I love how he had to resort to using this evil law firm to fix the evil or poor choices that he did to help kill Spike.  

Excellent story. 

07/03/2015 10:51 am
Chapter 4         
Great version of this event - 

01/26/2014 07:37 am
Chapter 4         
I think I praised this on another site, but it's worth praising here, too. It's uncompromising, and true to character. The way the tension lengthens between an unrepentent Giles and Buffy-Dawn just stretches like a rubber band you know can't last forever; and Xander's graciousness forms a strong counterpoint. The foreknowledge that because of this Buffy willl not be able to get back Spike later, after the hellmouth's collapse, is all the most poignant.

Like most of your stuff, it takes a starkly uncompromising situation and follows it through to its grim conclusion. Very well done.

...oh, and comics? I don't do no steenkin' comics. (That's for those who remember The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.) The comics are a travesty of the series, IMO.

04/03/2013 04:22 pm
Chapter 4         
Wow Great Story :) can't wait till the next one^_^
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback. 

11/17/2012 08:44 am
Chapter 4         
  I love the what ifs.  This one was just so dark and affecting.  I loved the hell outta it.  
I love that people write these things because I was in no way satisfied with the direction the comics went in.(After the fall was pretty great.)  The writers of those took a deep and kinda harrowing history and just kinda chucked it out, and pretty much reset the characters.  

  Im about to go on a rant here, so ill just say, the comics took a great, great TV show and turned it into a comicbook in the worst connotations of the word, and it's pretty much an unreadable mess.  Lastly, thank you for a fantastic read.
You are so welcome.

It's funny, I generally like graphic novels, and I loved Buffy, but I just couldn't get into the comics at all. I tried reading the first one and gave up halfway through. I was reading it going WTF? the whole time. 

So I choose to ignore them for the most part. :-)

05/26/2012 05:44 am
Chapter 4         
Nicely done - but I still want to punch Giles!
Thanks so much. Do like Spike does - put his face on a punching bag. 

12/18/2011 04:26 pm
Chapter 4         
Excellent way of Giles arriving to see the situation clearly and doing what needed to be done!
Thank you so much!

12/11/2011 07:19 pm
Chapter 4         
A fitting, if brutally painful end to a very painful story.  Buffy was a general, but every general needs a trusted aide and support staff.  When her friends and Giles betrayed her in season 7, it was clear that without Spike she would not have survived and neither would anyone else.  Well done.


Thank you ever so much!

Those 'what if' moments are what bring me back to the show again and again. So many things in the show hinged on one moment, and things could have gone very differently if just a slightly different outcome had occurred.

11/05/2011 11:56 pm
Chapter 4         
I loved this story. I was alittle aprehensive about reading it because of Spike's death but was so glad I did. I liked Buffy. I hate stories where she kills herself because she can't live without him. You have the perfect blend. She is totally grieving but she does function. I think you nailed Giles character perfectly too.
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the review. 

11/04/2011 12:28 pm
Chapter 4         
This made me cry. He saved Buffy at the cost of his own life, too bad Spike still dies.
Well, I guess we don't know what happens now. The whole Butterfly effect - what would change if Giles knew the importance of supporting Buffy? So who knows, the outcome could have been different.

But evil author that I am, I left that up to the readers' imagination...

11/04/2011 12:20 am
Chapter 4         

Great ending to a terrific story. I didn't mind that it was short, I felt you got the whole emotional journey of Giles and Buffy's feelings just right. I felt sad and relieved at the same time at the conclusion, more stories to come I hope.

Thank you so much. It seemed to need to end where it did.

I've got a couple of stories in the hopper. We'll see which one rises to the top first. 

11/03/2011 10:08 pm
Chapter 4         

Fantastic! That was just brilliant.

Thank you! Thank you very much. 

11/02/2011 09:05 pm
Chapter 4         

Really enjoyable fic, loved the plot and great conclusion. Though I wouldn't have minded if it had been longer.

I thought about making it longer, but I was afraid of developing the dreaded padding. 
Glad you liked it though!

11/02/2011 10:03 am
Chapter 4         
Great story it also drove me nuts that giles kept over ruling her leadership it made it seem like Buffy wasnt able to lead
Giles needed a big smackdown to understand that he needed to change. 

11/02/2011 08:20 am
Chapter 4         

A chance for Giles to redeem himself and make things different. A good way to end it.

I think he deserved the chance to fix things. 

And also a boot to the head, but we'll let someone else deliver that. 

11/02/2011 04:34 am
Chapter 4         
Yes, a satisfying ending.  I missed Spike but the story was still excellent. 
He was there...  sort of... in evil spirit form...

Sniff. I missed him too. :-)

behind blue eyes
11/02/2011 02:08 am
Chapter 4         

Love the ending.  I wish this is how Giles handled this the first time.  Really enjoyed!

Glad you liked it! Always nice to have you along for the ride. 

11/02/2011 12:17 am
Chapter 4         
On the show, Giles undermined Buffy at every opportunity in season 7, which I never understood, and accused Buffy of depending upon Spike, when of course he would prefer she was depending upon him, which she had realised she couldn't. Giles is very blinkered where Spike is concerned, and refused to accept that Buffy had genuine feelings for him, so his behaviour is believable here. I'm so glad he accepted that he was at fault and sacrificed himself to put things right. A great story. :-)
Giles definitely drove me nuts in season 7 as well. I mean make up your mind already. Do you want a compliant, obedient little worker bee, or do you want a leader? If you want a leader, then let her lead for heaven's sake. 

Part of why I felt I needed to kill him. In a noble way of course...

11/01/2011 08:01 pm
Chapter 4         

Well, I guess Giles did end up doing the right thing afterall. Thank you for "fixing" things!

No problem! So glad you enjoyed. 

11/01/2011 07:43 pm
Chapter 4         
This story ROCKS. Not once was I bored with this tale, but at the end I have to say... was it always the plan to have Giles go back in time or did you changed it?
I am so glad you liked it so much! 

I had the time travel in my head from the start, but having Lilah orchestrate it was a last minute addition. 

11/01/2011 01:01 pm
Chapter 4         
I'm glad to see that Giles learned his lesson, although it's a bit sad that now Buffy won't know she loves Spike (at least not until the big battle).
This was interesting, I wasn't expecting a correction in the timeline, but it's certainly one way to make sure Spike and Buffy both stay alive. Oh and Buffy's death scene brought me to tears so points for that :)
Sorry to make you cry, but glad you liked it.

Now you need to finish yours so I can compare...

11/01/2011 12:59 pm
Chapter 4         

Thanks for such an original story!  Loved it and looking forward to your next one.

Thanks so much for the kind review! I will do my best to come up with a new story soon.

07/03/2015 09:11 am
Chapter 3         
Outstanding treatment of the events of the series - great use of Caleb as the release figure for Buffy's despair and wanting of release from it all.  

11/17/2012 08:52 am
Chapter 3         
Jeebus that was sad.(note the use of jeebus to help with my sadness.)
Dark but fun read, and is it morbid if I say I was happy for Buffy at the end there?
Nah, go ahead, it's not too morbid!

Glad you liked it, despite the sadness. 

05/26/2012 05:37 am
Chapter 3         
Love the fic, really HATE Giles!
Glad you love the fic. Deep breaths though - don't let Giles give you high blood pressure!

12/18/2011 04:12 pm
Chapter 3         
I got free flowing tears here...
<--- Hands Joyce a tissue.

Hope the next chapter makes up for it. 

11/22/2011 02:08 am
Chapter 3         
“Not really, Giles. But thanks for saying it,” Buffy said.   YES!
He reached up and with a resounding crack snapped her neck   DOUBLE YES!

Sad that Buffy died.  :(  Loved the story.

Sorry to have to kill Buffy on you. But hopefully you read on to chapter 4.

Killing Kennedy and dissing Giles are both just fun things to do sometimes. 

11/04/2011 12:06 am
Chapter 3         

I wasn't going to comment till I had read the next chapter but I just had to say brilliant, what a way to finish this chapter, now I am heading on to ch4.

So glad you are enjoying it. You are always one of my most enthusiastic reviewers, and I appreciate it.

11/02/2011 08:51 pm
Chapter 3         

Loved it, great final words from Buffy.

Thanks. Short, sweet, to the point. 

11/02/2011 08:11 am
Chapter 3         

More very good writing and Faith is trying to be supportive, nice. Very emotionel ending, good.

Thank you so much!

behind blue eyes
11/02/2011 01:54 am
Chapter 3         

See, I was all excited that you killed off Kennedy.  I always hated her!  But then you ended it with Buffy...NOOOOOO!  I'm so glad you posted the next one!  Running to the next chapter

Well, at least you can console yourself that Kennedy went first. 

But yeah, it wasn't that hard to make her Caleb's first victim...

05/26/2012 05:26 am
Chapter 2         
Someone (namely Buffy) should haul off and punch Giles right in the face. What an a-hole!
LOL. Nicely put. 

11/22/2011 01:58 am
Chapter 2         

Are you sure Buffy couldn't fracture Kennedy's skull?  Good chapter and very angsty.

Thank you. And given that you are rooting against Kennedy, you'll probably like the next chapter....

11/02/2011 08:15 pm
Chapter 2         

I find the Scoobies reaction to Spikes death chilling, yet totally in sync with canon. For all Xanders supposed 'heart' he never shed a tear for any of the people who died during the Sweet fiasco. While everyone else excepting, Dawn, were murderers, including Andrew. Good chappie.

Thank you. They never did have a sympathetic bone in their bodies toward Spike, did they. 

11/01/2011 08:48 am
Chapter 2         

They are finaly starting to get how hard this is for Buffy. But inn their defence, she never told or showed how much he ment. Now that Faith is here, Giles can make her the new leader.

Buffy got so much grief about Angel, I really can't blame her for keeping stuff inside. But there were times in the show I wanted to shake all the Scoobies by the shoulders until their teeth rattled. 

11/01/2011 05:48 am
Chapter 2         

I love the start, Spike getting killed and Buffy's reaction to it is very well written and despite the angst factor (which I enjoy reading, but have very little talent to write) makes it even better. Giles is acting like an idiot, but I expected nothing less and maybe that will change by the end of this story. The obnly thing I might like better is if you showed more of Dawn, but i can live without her so no problem.

Now I enjoyed this and I'm definitely looking forward to more chapters. By the way how many of those approximately ar there? I ask because it's always easier to wait for the end if you know how far away it is.
This is a short (for me) fic - 4 chapters tops.

It was meant to be a oneshot, and got a little longer than that. Dawn will pop her head up a few more times, never fear. 

Glad you are enjoying it!

behind blue eyes
11/01/2011 02:45 am
Chapter 2         

Liked the behind the scenes of Faith catching up with Xander.  Poor Buffy.  Looking forward to more!

That scene just sort of came out of nowhere, but it felt right. More coming soon!

11/01/2011 01:51 am
Chapter 2         

This is so sad--but I love the way Robin and Giles are seeing the consequences of their so very stupid and self-indulgent actions. I only hope that there is a way for Spike to return to Buffy.

Thanks for the review. This is a rather dark fic, so I don't promise a lot of puppies and rainbows....

07/03/2015 08:10 am
Chapter 1         
I'm feeling totally miserable and it's only the first chapter - Great begining and I like how you did not have Spike in the story at all but went directly to his death - extremely painful for anyone who admires, respects and loves the character.  BEST LINE for me: Spike had gone out as a small whisper of dust, unmourned except by her.

11/22/2011 01:49 am
Chapter 1         

Great Story BMS - Dawn was even good (barely possible I know). 

“Last night you took over the leader role, remember? - I wasn't expecting this and it's a good twist.  I was hoping she'd burn the house down with Giles in it, but maybe next chapter.  :)

Thank you so much.

Never thought about the burning the house down, LOL. That would seem a bit extreme, even for a pissed off Slayer. :-)

Glad you liked it!

11/03/2011 11:28 pm
Chapter 1         

What a cracking start! I am going to read the next 3 chapters now, I'm sure this is going to be as good as your other fics.

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence!

11/02/2011 05:49 pm
Chapter 1         

Terrific start....


11/01/2011 08:08 am
Chapter 1         

Good wrk on Buffys reaction and emotion.

Thank you kindly!

behind blue eyes
11/01/2011 02:33 am
Chapter 1         

Loved the start.   You've captured Buffy's helpless wonderfully.

Thank you! I don't Buffy as a helpless person, but sometimes on the show she showed wayyyy more control than she had any reason to. I saw this idea (Spike dying at this point) as one that would truly be a last straw for Buffy.