Misplaced by BuffyMeetsSpike

08/29/2019 04:26 am
Chapter 19         
Wonderful story and exploration of the relationships of all the Scoobs - Good Job!

06/24/2014 12:25 am
Chapter 19         
Wow, this was really beautiful. Spike's devotion made me cry, and I loved seeing Buffy grow up and stand up for herself.

01/16/2014 04:09 am
Chapter 19         
It's so great reading your stories again - One thing that I especially liked about this one is how you have elements to support the your plot changes.  Like the ray gun, it's not just the stretch of science, but you have the magic that makes the amnesia ray work.  Your having Spike take a long time to heal is realistic as it connects with the long months he spent in the wheel chair.   And you also do not use an inordinate amount of gratuitous sex as so many of the fanfiction do. 

Thanks for another great Spuffy adventure. 

11/03/2013 01:48 am
Chapter 19         
Quite good
Thanks ever so!

sister cuervo
01/19/2013 10:47 pm
Chapter 19         
Fun fun fun!  Lots of good character development and snark.
There's nothing like a good dose of snark. I had a lot of fun with this one, glad you did too. 

10/01/2012 10:10 pm
Chapter 19         
That was a really great story! Thanks for sharing :)
You are very welcome! I just finished Fallen Angels, if you're looking for another read. 

07/08/2012 09:07 am
Chapter 19         

I loved this story.   I just discovered it and I've been reading all day!  I don't think I've ever read a story where the two of them switched bodies, but I loved how you used that to bring them together... and not in a cheesy, overdone way either!  Thank you so much for posting this, you truly are a gifted writer and I'll definitely be reading more of your stuff!

Thank you so much! I tried very hard not to be cheesy or overdone. (Which would make me sound like a burnt sandwich). It was a fun story to write, and I hope you enjoy the others as well.

07/08/2012 12:04 am
Chapter 19         
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story. I'm sorry that I didn't review each chapter but I didn't want to stop reading. You did such a good job of showing how Spike helped her get stronger. And how that made her strong enough to stand up to her friends, which was sadly lacking from the series. And I loved the friendly banter. It was a great way of showing how their relationship became friendly and healthy. Loved it. I'm off to read more of your works. Keep it up!
Thanks so very much! This story was a lot of fun to write. It was really a fun mental challenge to think about how each would react to the other's world. I hope you enjoy my other stories as well. Thanks for the review.

06/10/2012 10:35 am
Chapter 19         
Having a very good time reading some of your works - NICE work.
Thank you so much! I've been busy with work, and I need some encouragement to get back into writing. 

05/19/2012 10:45 pm
Chapter 19         
I do wish we could all do this... spend a little time in our partner's life... better yet, inside our partner's head... 

Well done.


Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with this one. 

03/21/2012 03:01 pm
Chapter 19         
beautiful story!
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback.

02/21/2012 12:32 am
Chapter 19         
Really enjoyed this. I like your writing style, it's easy and pleasant to read, I wasn't bored at any point (very rare for fanfics) and it kept me interested from beginning to end. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Thanks :)
You are so welcome! I try very hard to keep things moving - I don't like being bored either :-)

02/20/2012 11:24 pm
Chapter 19         
I've read (or at least started) several stories even in other fandoms where the main characters switch bodies and i gotta say this one is the best and the most realistic! What's more I loved the progress Buffy made in solving her relationships and how yoy managed to somehow "redeem" Xander and Willow also in a realistic way even though. Good job and keep writing!
Thank you ever so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to review!

02/16/2012 07:24 am
Chapter 19         
Hi,thank you, for your incredibly  good story
Hope you never stop writing,especially never stop writing about Buffy and Spike.
You are so very welcome!

I have always loved to write, but never really had any good audience for my writing (aside from really dull engineering journals and such. Bleh.)
Finding this site and discovering fan fiction has really given me an outlet. I really appreciate the reviewers here! It keeps me wanting to write, knowing someone wants to read, and it makes my commutes on the train fly by!

02/13/2012 04:08 pm
Chapter 19         

A good ending, Xander and Willow have realized that they needed to change and the friendship is starting to be rebuild.

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed. 

02/12/2012 12:11 pm
Chapter 19         
Thank you for keeping Buffy true to her new improved self, I really enjoyed this story and even the Scoobies show signs of growth, except for Giles that is, but you can't win them all!
Give him some time maybe...

But I am so glad you enjoyed! 

02/11/2012 12:31 am
Chapter 19         
Another well-told story, good on you. I'm always sorry to see them end.. I think this was my favorite.
So glad it pleased you Sanity!

02/10/2012 11:32 pm
Chapter 19         

Another satisfying conclusion to a great read, good idea to have Spike get Buffy to look at watchers diaries and realise her situation was unique. And yes, can just imagine Giles spluttering and wiping those glasses of his! I think I have said it before but you do write the most terrific fiction. Looking forward to more of your work. Thanks again. 

Thanks so much Mazza. Just for you, I have another story already in the works. :-)

02/10/2012 02:06 pm
Chapter 19         
That was awesome. I loved Anya's line about the kidney. Grown up Xander is almost scary! I guess it's the fact that he did grow up, I never thought he would. I just knew Willow would try a spell to 'fix' her relationship with Tara. Glad to see Xander stopped her. I think Tara no matter how sweet she is would have gone postal if Willow did the spell.

The council should pay her. Other slayers were taken from their families and placed with their Watchers. The watchers were given money to support the slayers. Well Buffy doesn't live with her watcher and has a sister to support so that money should go to her. Retroactively from the moment she was called!

I loved this story it was wonderful to see them build a good relationship instead of the train wreck of season 6.
I love, love LOVE season 6 because there is so much to work with. Everything was so complex and interesting. 
I'm glad you agree - the council should totally cough up!

Thanks for all the thoughtful reviews. Another story is a brewin'!

02/10/2012 01:59 pm
Chapter 19         
Great ending to a great story.
Thanks so much for all the encouragement!

02/10/2012 10:23 am
Chapter 19         
Giles watchers get paid why not slayers (even with super healing) with health insurance. Can't believe it's over you did awesome job.
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the reviews!

02/10/2012 05:12 am
Chapter 19         
Really enjoyed this.  But I seem to like all of your work.  Don't stop with the Spuffy!
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the reviews.

And a new story is already in the works, so stay tuned!

02/08/2012 12:42 pm
Chapter 18         

A strong chapter that shows how deeply their feelings go, but it wasn't smart to let him drink like that, she should have put the blood in a cup or something.

True, that would have been smarter. But I think she was getting a little desperate. 

02/08/2012 11:22 am
Chapter 18         
Can't tell you how good it is to have Buffy sticking to her guns with Willow and Xander, who really can't help themselves with their I Know Best syndrome.  Brilliant.
Thank you so much!

02/08/2012 08:50 am
Chapter 18         

Great update, Spike can't do anymore to show his devotion to Buffy. I think Willow's starting to realise that, time for Xander to get on board. Love Buffy's standing up for her man. 

Buffy's loyalty to her allies was always one of the qualities I liked best.

More story, coming soon!

02/07/2012 10:46 pm
Chapter 18         

Just what I needed after a crap day at work, came home to find an update and you made me sniffle again.  Buffy knows exactly what Spike is now going through so I'm sure she will do all she can to help him, while Xander and Willow learn their lesson. Thank you for such a well written and great chapter.

So glad I could lift your crappy workday. I know that my crappy workdays are always lifted by writing Spuffy on the train home. Thanks again for the review. 

02/07/2012 07:55 pm
Chapter 18         
Thanks for the update
You are quite welcome!

02/07/2012 01:57 pm
Chapter 18         
That's S6 Willow to a T - self-involved to the last. It took Buffy a while to catch on, but now at last Spike should improve. I wonder if it's time to get the chip out, now that Buffy understands Spike so much better?  
I haven't thought about what to do with the chip. Hmmm. 
Glad you're still reading!

02/07/2012 03:33 am
Chapter 18         
That's our Spike. He made the decision to switch back and that was that. No way was he going to let Buffy stay like that. He isn't expendable, but I can see him thinking that. At least in this situation. Dawn and Tara and the rest of them including the world need Buffy. Alive and awake out there saving the world. So he could, would and did sacrifice himself.

Xander is growing up a bit. I guess stabbing your best friend will do that for you. I guess Willow told him what happened? How Spike called her and made her change them back? Hopefully that earned Spike some points with Xander. I still think he is a wanker and I would like to hit him upside the head a few times but I'll restrain myself.

While I'm glad Willow was able to help, she is still ticking me off. What exactly does she want? Is Buffy supposed to be permanently attached to her or something? Buffy thanked her for her help and asked her to help the others. What else could Willow want?

Funny how their minds work. Both of them thought of slayer blood as a cure. Glad to see Spike waking up. I wonder how long it will take for him to get completely better?
I think we'll find the slayer blood speeds things up quite a bit. But there will need to be some time before Buffy, Willow, and Xander are back to best friends. 

02/07/2012 04:27 am
Chapter 17         
Astrangulo  great weapon!  And great chapter. 
 g    - great
Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

02/04/2012 12:55 am
Chapter 17         
Love your portrayal of the nerds!  It is so painful reading of Buffy's condition.  If Willow can help, I hope it is heartfelt  and not conditionally.
Thanks so much! We shall see what Willow does!

02/04/2012 12:22 am
Chapter 17         

Spike will surely swap back to enable Buffy to be free and herself again, and Willow is probably the only one who can help. Will we get a Willow and Tara reunion? Will Xander blame Spike for the state that Buffy is in or will Anya ensure he behaves? Loved the description of Spike looking at his own face and curls, you can believe that his mum and aunts would just love those curls. Then to finish it with Spike wishing he had a soul to sell to help, is something else about to happen to them? Guess I'll just need to wait for the answers but not too long hopefully!

Inquiring minds want to know, eh? :-)

I'll try not to keep you in suspense too long. 

02/03/2012 03:11 pm
Chapter 17         
That was an excellent confrontation with the nerds, nasty little blighters.  I do hope Buffy comes to on her own.
We shall see... (evil author laugh here)

02/03/2012 11:56 am
Chapter 17         
Very believable scenario with Buffy & Spike becoming even closer and trusting each other. Now, will Spike make the sacrifice to switch back while Buffy is unconscious? Will Willow be able to figure it out and restore them - and the memories of everyone else who was affected? Guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Thanks for the review! Hopefully I can get the next update to happen in a couple of days. 

02/03/2012 06:44 am
Chapter 17         
What an exciting chapter, and you've left us at such a sad point. Spike is facing a terrible dilema, one which I know he would sacrifice himself without hesitation. You've really created a wonderful twist here.
Thank you so much! I had a random inspiration when I was supposed to be grading student papers :-)

02/03/2012 01:53 am
Chapter 17         
Knowing Spike he would have them switch them back if Buffy doesn't wake up soon. He would rather suffer than her.

Warren that slimy weasel, he'd sell his mother if he thought he could get away with it. At least Johathan helped, but I can understand Spike knocking him out. There were too many of them to take any chances.

You can bet Xander will find a way to blame Spike for this. I don't think he has grown up enough yet, but maybe with some time or a few smacks upside the head it will change.
I'm not sure how much Xander's going to factor into things for the rest of the story. But I did have fun knocking out the nerds!

02/01/2012 11:33 pm
Chapter 16         

Good update, I like the way that Buffy is discovering how it feels to be a vamp and therefore what life is like for Spike after a hundred odd years. The conversation between Xander and Anya was excellent, he really does need a kick up the backside and this talk may just have sorted him out, well done as they never really resolved this on the show. Good Tara and Dawn action, I like the Spike, Buffy, Tara and Dawn quarter working together - so all in all, great writing.

Thanks so much! I always wanted to see Anya give him a piece or two of her mind. 

02/01/2012 05:20 pm
Chapter 16         

I think Johnathan may be having second thoughts, I hope so always was my favourite nerd. Great update.

It's funny to have a favorite nerd, but yeah, I thought the same. Warren was despicable, and I always wanted to just pound Andrew to a pulp. 

02/01/2012 04:08 pm
Chapter 16         
"I don’t fancy knocking on their door and having them greet me with their Forget-o-matic 2000."  .  .  .  that made me LOL

I enjoy stories where Buffy and Spike work together against a common enemy (in this case Glory as well as the Scoobies),  they complement each other so well.
Thanks so much! Glad it made you laugh.

02/01/2012 02:50 pm
Chapter 16         
Let's hope Xander sticks to his decision. Buffy, Spike, Tara & Dawn make a good team!
Yes they do! Thanks for the review!

02/01/2012 12:49 pm
Chapter 16         
Go Anya! Xander did have an obsessive personality. Glad to see her call him on it and stand up for herself. He never really treated her right. He never really wanted to date her in the beginning they just kind of fell into it (and bed repeatedly!) and then he made it his mission to tell her exactly what she was doing wrong every minute of the day. But at the same time ignoring her for his fixation on Buffy.

I loved it when Spike let Dawn go with him. He is right she felt left out and she does want to help. Either they include her in some fashion or Dawn will try to help on her own. And if it's a Tuesday she'll probably get kidnapped in the bargain! Do I see a nerd smack down on the horizon?! Or will Jonathon grow up and use his own judgement and rat them out?
Spike always seemed to get Dawn in a certain way, and I wanted to play that up.

And yes, the nerd smackdown is coming. 

02/01/2012 12:04 pm
Chapter 16         
What a good team they make... X and W really aren't missed.
They won't be gone forever, but yeah, we need a break from those two. 

02/01/2012 08:25 am
Chapter 16         

Anya and Xander had a much needed talk, good for them.

Yeah, it's like "Hello! It's me? Your woman? Earth to Xander?"

02/01/2012 05:01 am
Chapter 16         
I really like that Buffy finally is standig up for herself.And Xander beeing off her back is something
I loved to see for years (during the series).I hope Willow won´t do anything foolish ;-)
thank you for writing this
You are quite welcome. Xander spent wayyy too much time worrying about everyone other than, oh say, his FIANCE??? Wanted to smack that guy upside the head for the last two seasons. 

02/01/2012 04:44 am
Chapter 16         
Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to the next.
You're welcome! It shouldn't be too long - I've been on a roll.

01/27/2012 10:52 am
Chapter 15         

Xander got off really light there, I would have given him a few more whacks, like Lizzie Borden. I was surprised but pleased Buffy finally gave Willow the heave ho, no one wants a spy in their own home. Great update. 

Thanks so much for the review.

I tend to pound Xander a lot in my stories, don't I? :-)

01/27/2012 12:25 am
Chapter 15         

I have read from Ch7 through tonight and just want to say you have had me laughing and crying - I have so missed reading your fics for the past month that I am so glad I am back up to date. You don't know how they help me so much, I love this fic, I love the interaction, dialogue, characterization, everything. Spike in Buffy and Buffy in Spike is just so easy to picture in fact I would have liked to have seen this on screen, I think the actors would do your story justice! I like that you have Tara and Anya trying to help our heroes and sort out the wayward two. Even Dawn is good here, her voice is right, and she would in the long run have been on Spike and Buffy's side, so kudos for her character here. Anyway enough from me rambling on jsut to say more soon and I will be there each time. Many thanks for your time and talent.

Yay, Mazza's back! I have missed your reviews. So glad you are enjoying this story. It's weird - my other stories went at pretty steady paces, but I keep going in fits and starts on this one. However, I will definitely continue until it is finished. Never finished WIPs make me crazy with anticipation, and I refuse to let my story be one of those!

01/26/2012 03:36 pm
Chapter 15         

Well at least it made things clearer for Buffy.

This is true. She clearly knows what she wants...

01/26/2012 01:14 pm
Chapter 15         
Whew! Of course I knew you wouldn't let Xander kill BuffyInSpike, but I was still anxious! And let's hope that now at last Xander & Willow get a clue after Buffy grew a backbone.
Sorry to cause you undue anxiety. And we can always hope that Willow and Xander will develop clues. 

01/26/2012 09:43 am
Chapter 15         
Bells, whistles and 76 trombones... Buffy loves Spike!!!!  Willow and Xander out is a bonus.
LOL, glad you like it!

01/26/2012 08:17 am
Chapter 15         
I have loved following this story. I so glad they haven’t switched back yet. I can see there could be a lot more fun before this happens. I really like the way you are portraying Buffy developing her ‘stones’ and asserting herself. Great story 
Thank you very much! They will have to switch back eventually, but I think they are going to have a little more time walking in each other's shoes first. 

01/26/2012 05:28 am
Chapter 15         
Yay ! ! ! 
thrilled that both Xander and Willow are finally getting what they deserve.
Thanks! So glad you liked it. I have a bad habit of bashing Xander, but he really does have it coming a lot of the time.

01/26/2012 04:27 am
Chapter 15         
Oh Xander is going to get an earful from Anya! He deserves it! I swear that boy must time-share his one remaining brain cell with Harmony! He really can't think his way out of a wet paper bag. So because he didn't like Buffy and Spike sharing a room it's okay to stake Spike. And Willow well Tara was right, Willow never asked Buffy after they brought her back if it was okay if her and Tara shared a bed in Buffy's house. Xander is lucky that Spike didn't beat him to death right there. But I doubt Xander has learned his lesson yet. Only he'll try to be sneakier about it next time. And Willow well she is going to try to 'fix it' with a spell. Because she just can't help herself.

Anya was right, their aura's weren't broken that is why the spell didn't work. If Willow had bothered to ask Anya or Tara they could have told her that but Willow thinks she is all knowing. Even above Tara who has known about magic for far longer than her. And over Anya who has been alive and exposed to more of it than Willow could ever comprehend.

This chapter was great!
It was great to see Buffy telling Spike she loved him. I guess she was finally able to really see her friends from this unique perspective. And she realized that they want her to act and be a certain way and if she isn't then they have to do something about even if they don't consult her first. They take matters into their own hands even if it goes against her wishes. Spike helps when she needs it or asks for it and backs off when she doesn't. Willow and Xander don't.
"Time shares his one brain cell with Harmony" ROFL

Now that would be a hysterical pairing: Xander and Harmony. 

So glad you liked this chapter. I am working on the next as time and work permit. 

01/26/2012 03:36 am
Chapter 15         
Thanks so much for the update. I'm so glad Xander got his comupance. I'm sure it would be too good of thing to hope he would listen to Anya. I'm little sorry for Willow, but maybe this will help her see the error of her ways. I really liked Anya's speech about normalcy and its relativity. 
Thank you so much!

Normal is way, way overrated. I never dabble in it if I can help it.

01/25/2012 11:28 pm
Chapter 14         

Excellent chapter, one hell of a climax. Can hardly wait for what happens next. So please update soon. A.S.A.P.

Working! My wretched students keep handing in their homework! Don't they know I have a chapter to edit!!!

01/23/2012 08:16 pm
Chapter 14         
Xander soooo needs to be kicked around!
There will be kicking, I promise. Or at least some minor beating. 

01/21/2012 04:06 am
Chapter 14         
@#! Xander!!  Ooh, what a jerk!  And Willow too.  I feel so bad for our heroes being put through the gauntlet again and again.  Please hurry and write the next chapter.   What a cliffhanger!
Hooked you, did I? :-)

The cliffhanger will be resolved when I get out from under the pile of student papers. Somehow I don't think they'll be happy to hear that I didn't grade their proposals because I was writing fan fiction...

01/21/2012 01:29 am
Chapter 14         
my heart is just racing.  I am really enjoying this story.
You have written Xander perfectly in character.  He is as much a prejudiced douche in your story as he was in season 6.
I am so glad you're enjoying it!

I spent season 6 wanting to go upside Xander's head pretty much every episode. 

01/20/2012 05:44 pm
Chapter 14         

Loved the update, I expected the Scoobs would blow a gasket when they realised Buffy and Spike had spent  the night together. Didn't think Xander would try and kill him in broad daylight though. I hope he gets a good thumping for his efforts. Looking forward to more.

And more will be coming as soon as I get caught up on my grading! Glad you liked it.

01/20/2012 03:46 pm
Chapter 14         

I had hope that Willow was starting to accept the situation, but not. How can Xander be that stupid? He should have checked if it worked first and then wait until nobody saw before trying to kill Spike.

Xander's capacity for stupidity knows no bounds...

01/20/2012 02:17 pm
Chapter 14         
That stupid asswipe! He can't even take two seconds to see if the damn spell worked!

I swear Tara needs to do a truth spell on the moron to let everyone know exactly why it bothers him so much that Buffy is boinking the undead. Cause we all know why, he wants to be boinking Buffy. It's pure jealousy, and he is going to hurt Buffy because of it. Especially in this siutation. Spike can't let his body be dusted because Buffy is in it and her essence will die even if her body doesn't, but if Spike takes the hit then Buffy's body gets injured.

He has always pissed me off. I rarely found a redeming quality about him. He always wanted what he couldn't have as far as women went, the grass was always greener with him. The fact that he thinks he has the right to kill someone who he doesn't approve of that is spending time with Buffy is ludicrious. Who does he think he is? Who is he to make those decisions? Would he try to kill a human he didn't approve of? It has nothing to do with Spike's body count because Anya's is much bigger.

Have I mentioned you are an evil cliff hanger person?! Post fast!! PLEASE?
BUahahaha. I am the master of the evil cliffhangers. I love them. (Probably stems from my Nancy Drew fixation as a child)

I will resolve said cliffhanger as soon as I finish grading my student's papers. 

And I thoroughly share your feelings about Xander - as a character I always hoped he'd get eaten or something. 

01/20/2012 01:09 pm
Chapter 14         
Well, that's the biggest cliffie I've seen in a while. I hav to stay I'm very intrigued as to why Xander has snapped enough to kill Buffy. Looking forward to more.
Xander didn't wait to see if the spell worked. That whole look before you leap problem he's got.

More will be forthcoming. 

01/20/2012 01:09 pm
Chapter 14         
Oh dear, the cat is well and truly out of the bag. Aargh! How did I know Xander was going to do something stupid? Evil cliffie!
<maniacal laughter> I do love a good cliffhanger. 

I'll try to resolve it soon though!

01/20/2012 10:46 am
Chapter 14         
You really have me waiting for the next chapter now, but since Willow is all about doing spells that go wrong can't you just have her to zap her & Xander some place else because they really need a dose of their own medicine.
I have a lot of papers to grade this weekend, but I promise to get back to the next chapter just as soon as I'm done!
Glad you're enjoying!

01/20/2012 10:33 am
Chapter 14         
Please do something about Xander and Willow, they are driving me insane!  Just goes to show how well you're doing with this tale!
I hate to drive people insane, but it is for a good cause :-)

01/17/2012 10:59 am
Chapter 13         
Go Buffy!  I love how she's sticking up for herself.  I thought Xander was dumb but Willow is the champ!
Dumb may not be the word. Stubborn as rocks, perhaps?

01/16/2012 08:16 am
Chapter 13         

Willow seems to understand after Buffy and Tara talked to her.

We shall see...

01/15/2012 10:19 pm
Chapter 13         

Super update. Looks like Willow may be coming round, took a while but better late than never. 
I wonder if she's gonna learn more about their relationship come the morning.

Thanks so much! I will endeavor to overcome my minor case of writer's block and continue with the rest of the evening/morning. 

01/15/2012 12:43 am
Chapter 13         
I love Buffy with balls  [  pun intended    :wink: :wink:  ]
> is excited to see the Spuffy goodness
Nudge nudge, say now more ;-)

01/14/2012 09:31 pm
Chapter 13         
Buffy is making progress. I always felt sorry for Dawn. Her entire life was a lie, made up. So in a way I could understand her whiney attiude. But that doesn't mean she souldn't have been asked to help around the house even before Joyce died. So I'm glad to see Buffy having her do chores. 

Willow on the other hand, well she is still being self-centered thinking about herself and how what is going on with Buffy affects her. Instead of thinking of her friend first. Even her offer of rent was only made after Buffy asked Dawn about doing laundry. She wants Buffy the way she was before Buffy died. The Buffy that did what her friends wanted. She can't see that that Buffy is gone. Dying and going to heaven and then being ripped out changes a person. Willow can't see that or won't see it.

Gotta love Spike smoochies!
As the posessor of two lazy male children, I have no sympathy for Dawn. Do your chores,you lazy thing :-)

Willow may need more smacks to the head than this author can deliverr, but we'll see what develops. 

01/14/2012 08:46 pm
Chapter 13         
Love the way all the explanations are so logical.  Now if only the gits would listen.  Looking forward to next chapter.
One of my pet peeves as a reader is a lack of logic in stories. I don't mind fantasy and magic and all that, but some self consistant logic needs to run thorough it all.

But then I am also a total geek, so that may have something to do with it...

01/14/2012 05:35 pm
Chapter 13         
And Willow gets her salutory lesson. Buffy & Spike are becoming increasingly comfortable in their new bodies, I think they're both going to have mixed emotions when they switch back - assuming it goes well. 
That is the assumption. 

Thanks for the review. I'm having serious writer's block with this story, and the reviews keep me working at it!

08/30/2013 07:22 am
Chapter 12         

I sure got to dislike Xander so much in the series -  he really was such a mix of terrible and good traits. 

I started to want to punch him in the teeth regularly around season 6 or so...

01/14/2012 08:18 pm
Chapter 12         
Genius explanation regarding the auras! 
Thank you so much!

01/12/2012 04:23 pm
Chapter 12         
Xander flummoxed... there's a surprise, Dumb and Dumber.
LOL. We should all get together and buy him a clue for Christmas.

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Chapter 12         
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Working! So glad you're enjoying it!

01/10/2012 12:05 pm
Chapter 12         
They're making prgress in all directions - except for Xander of course who is still stuck in his stubborn rut and Willow who wants to 'help'. Thank goodness for sensible Anya, I wonder if she's said enough....? More please...
More coming as fast as I can type with a bandaged finger! (Chef's knife: 1; BMS: 0)

01/10/2012 10:42 am
Chapter 12         
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01/10/2012 08:47 am
Chapter 12         

Hopefully Anya will help Xander start to think. He has these old issues with Jessie I presume, and the Angelus situation didn't help.

Xander's issues could fill a book, but I never remember the Jesse incident. Hmmm.

01/10/2012 04:44 am
Chapter 12         
TextI really like this story and can't wait to read more. I just have a question? Xander and willow are not going to do something bad are they? And Buffy will get some gumption and continue to stand up to them please.
Truth be told, I haven't decided how everything is going to play out.But Buffy isn't backing down, never fear.
My typing will be a little slower the next week or so - chopped my index finger while cooking just like Willow did earlier in this story. Life imitating art... ouch.

01/10/2012 03:59 am
Chapter 12         
Yea Buffy!! Dropping F-Bombs all over the place! Awesome!

I'm glad Anya brought up that point, she didn't want to be a do-gooder either. She was forced to become human and then do good because she became involved with Xander. Spike got the chip against his will and started to do good because of Buffy. Very similar, but because Anya became human for some reason all the deaths she caused got wiped clean, but Spike's don't even though she had been at it much longer and even caused a revolution or two! That logic never made sense to me. And lets face it just because you have a soul that doesn't make you good. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dahlmer, Bundy human and they have souls.

I think Xander's biggest problem (besides the unrequited lust fest he has for Buffy) is that he likes being the only guy in the group. All those beautiful women he gets to hang around with. It makes him the envy of other guys when they see him with the girls. And he also realizes that Spike is way hotter and cooler than him, all the girls think Spike is hot even if he is evil. And Xander can't stand it. He gets to be head rooster in the hen house. I guess that makes Spike the chicken hawk? :D
LOL, so glad you liked it!

I always wondered why Anya and Angel got the 'get out of mayhem free' cards.

Now you've got me thinking of old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons with the chicken hawk comment!

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Chapter 11         

It seems the net is starting to close around the hapless trio. Pity cos I could do with more of Buffy slapping Xander around. It's my kind of fun. Loved the update.

Oh don't worry. We're not done slapping Xander yet. :-)

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Chapter 11         
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You are quite welcome.

And the holidays were good, but glad to be back home where I can write...

01/05/2012 01:59 pm
Chapter 11         
Fab update, I love this story.  Yay Buffy's sticking up for herself again, I can never have too much of that, but Xander and Willow are being deliberately obtuse, though points for the security camera business.
Thanks so much for your review. I think the clue train will come for Willow and Xander at some point, but I haven't quite decided how or when yet..

01/05/2012 08:28 am
Chapter 11         

Buffy standing up for herself, good. Willow at least seems to slowly beginn to see her point.

Light will eventually dawn on the marbleheads...

01/05/2012 08:25 am
Chapter 11         
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Thanks so much! I will get working as soon as I can on Chapter 12

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Chapter 11         
Oooooooooooo! Sometimes there is something so satisfying when Buffy stands up to Willow and Xander especially in the later seasons. I love the growth you have given Buffy in the past two chapters and how this situation has given her the opportunity to open up to Spike about how she feels not only about the people around her but herself. Love what you putting out there and cant wait for more.
Thanks so much! I think the change of scenery, if you will, gave Buffy a chance to step out of her rut and see what was going on.

01/05/2012 01:58 am
Chapter 11         
Maybe being stuck in a vampire body makes you crazy or something really Xander. And been Xander makes you annoying as hell. 
LOL, the perils of being stuck in Xander's body...

01/05/2012 12:21 am
Chapter 11         
I knew it! Buffy makes a perfectly valid point about him not knocking before he comes into her house and suddenly there is something wrong with her. How would he like it if they just started barging into his place all hours of the day and night with no warning. Anya would flip!

If Willow was so worried about Buffy patrolling in Spike's body why didn't she go with them instead of waiting at home? My guess. She was hoping Buffy would come back by herself so Willow could 'talk' to her.

I have a suggestion. Sell the damn house and Buffy and Dawn get a small two bedroom apartment! Don't give anyone else the keys, they would have to knock then! It would be cheaper for Buffy and she wouldn't have a freeloading friend mooching off her. Plus she wouldn't have grand central station running thru her place anymore!
I had often wondered why they didn't find a smaller place, but then I wouldn't want to give up my home either.

Glad you're still tuned in!

01/05/2012 12:15 am
Chapter 11         
Good for Buffy - and now I'm worried about what Willow and Xander might get up to. Good to get a lead on the three stooges...
Thanks for the review! Not sure yet myself what Willow and Xander will do next, but I'll keep writing and we'll see what pops out.

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Chapter 10         
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Thanks ever so!

12/26/2011 09:51 pm
Chapter 10         

Super update, wondered how long they'd be able to resist each other. Luckily for us, not too long.

Thanks for the review! Hoping to get more written once the holidays/endless streams of relatives are over!

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Chapter 10         
Loved this chapter, the way things have been going it was a completely natural progression.  Hopefully Buffy will gain strength and be able to stick to her good intentions.
Thanks so much. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at Buffy's continued progression (when I finish writing it that is. Stupid holidays....)

12/21/2011 03:54 pm
Chapter 10         

Very nice.

Thank you!

12/21/2011 05:33 am
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Holy Moses! I hope the little guy is alright! I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

And I know what you mean by the distraction. I discovered this site when my mom got sick, and I really needed the escape from reality some times.

behind blue eyes
12/20/2011 09:05 pm
Chapter 10         

Wonderful chapter.  Love Buffy finally understanding how she cares for Spike, and what she has done wrong and is willing to change.  Looking forward to more

Thank you so much!

I will try to write as fast as the holidays allow...

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Chapter 10         
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Thanks so much! I'll write as fast as time and the holidays allow.

12/20/2011 05:36 pm
Chapter 10         
Text That was a beautiful chapter. I have never read anything so touching in regards to buffy and spike Thank You so much
You are so very welcome. Glad it worked for you.

12/20/2011 12:07 pm
Chapter 10         
Wonderful chapter.
Thanks ever so! Glad you liked.

12/20/2011 09:57 am
Chapter 10         
Loving Spike so much right now keep up the good work.
Thanks so much! Next chapter is in progress!

12/20/2011 04:37 am
Chapter 10         
The sex was weird but still hot. So how weird is that?! Spike getting drunk on three beers is too funny, he can finally really taste it and he gets drunk to fast to enjoy it.

Buffy's speech was perfect. She finally understands just how alone and on the outside he is. He has like one friend (Clem). No one else talks to him except to point to a demon and say kill like a trained dog.

I think she finally gets just how much he loves and cares for her and even for Dawn. Cause lets face it, he is chipless right now and in a slayers body. He could beat the crap out of Xander or kill all of them. But instead he is trying to help her. Talking to Dawn, doing some much needed yelling at Xander and Willow.

I can't wait for the next update.
Thank you so much for the thoughtful review, as always.

I had so much fun writing this chapter. I was giggling to myself on the commuter rail as I pictured Spike trying to tackle Buffy for whiskey. Glad you enjoyed.

And there will be more Scoobie smackdowns coming up.

12/18/2011 08:44 pm
Chapter 9         

Great update. I'm glad Dawn's stopped with the whining, Buffy and Spike need all the support they can get. Don't trust Willow and Xander an inch. Looking forward to more.

More has just arrived - just put a new chapter up. Hope you enjoy it. 

12/18/2011 10:25 am
Chapter 9         
If the story ended just like that, I would not complain.  Of course, it wouldn't make sense given the broader context of the story, but that last exchange between Buffy and Spike was perfect.  I'm a sucker for that unresolved but hopeful ending.  Then I beg for a sequel and ruin it, of course.  Anyway, I'm very much enjoying the story.
Thank you so much for the lovely review!

I will keep going (since it's half written anyhow) but it's good to know that it's working!

12/17/2011 06:29 pm
Chapter 9         
So pleased Buffy is seeing the light about Spike and actually speaking her mind to Willow and Xander.  I wouldn't shed many tears if Warren and co did something to them as they still think they're the best and most knowledgeable friends ever... grrrr.
There will be more mind speaking coming up. I've been enjoying writing it.

Still thinking about the interactions with the Trio. Stay tuned!

12/16/2011 12:27 am
Chapter 9         
Thanks so much for the update. I really enjoyed the chapter. I'm glad you've brought in Tara. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Thank you so much!

And Happy Whateveryoucelebrate as well!

12/15/2011 08:14 am
Chapter 9         

Tara is there and is helping, good. Xander is being a problem but he has issues, the Angelus situation and Jessie. Buffy seems to be ready to take back her life from her friends. It not just their fault, Buffy has let them rule her life and then they do.

Xander and his issues could fill a book.

Buffy does need to develop a back bone. I think borrowing Spike's will help. Wait and see!

12/14/2011 01:34 pm
Chapter 9         
Excellent! I'm a bit uneasy about Willow and Xander's dissatisfaction with the Buffy/Spike situation and can't help wondering if they'll conspire so that Willow will try to 'fix it'...
We shall see... (I haven't decided completely on how this will end, so your guess is as good as mine!)

12/14/2011 03:04 am
Chapter 9         
Oh Xander, what is going on in that pea brain of yours. Nothing good will come of it. Does he even think? I mean if Buffy (and Tara) are defending him what do you think they will do if you try anything to get rid of Spike? You know since he seems to think that Buffy shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for herself, i nominate Xander to loose the ability to make any choices for himself either. Put someone else in charge of his every decision and see how he likes it!

There goes Willow again with the whole her pain is a pain no one else has ever had and why don't people understand and show her the sympathy she deserves. That worked out well for everyone last time! Everyone is supposed to be Oh Poor Willow!! She did it to herself. She got involved in something bad and thought she could just bypass the repercussions. And now everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her. Pfft!

Glad to see Spike's "chat" with Dawn seemed to get thru to her. In a way I can understand what Dawn has been going thru. She finds out she has only been human for 6 months, the woman she thinks of as her mother dies, then her sister/protector/DNA mother dies (because the monks said that they made her from Buffy). She feels abandoned and like her entire life doesn't exist. Her past is fake, so what does she have to hold on to. What does she have to make her feel real? She is terrified afraid to be left alone so any attention is good. At least then she knows she is real and they see her. She has been left in the care of self-absorbed 20 year olds who have no idea how to care for a normal teen much less one with her kind of problems, and now that her sister is back her sister is damaged and struggling with her own problems of not feeling real.

And the only person who seems to notice that the Summers' girls are drowning is a chipped vamp that is barely tolerated by most of the group. It always surprised me that Spike just didn't grab both of them and get them out of town! It would have probably given Buffy and Dawn time to heal.
Xander is due for a smackdown, never fear. Willow's 'poor little me' attitude did get old on the show. It just got worse when Tara died. 

Spike always did have a thing for those Summers women though.

Glad you are finding so much food for thought in the story!

12/13/2011 07:06 am
Chapter 8         
  I have really enjoyed what you have done here!
Thanks ever so!

12/11/2011 01:44 am
Chapter 8         

ah hope for Buffy after all. 

There's always hope :-)

behind blue eyes
12/10/2011 04:28 pm
Chapter 8         

Enjoyed how Buffy is starting to open her eyes to Xander and Willow's intrusive meddling.  Looking forward to more

More is in progress!

12/09/2011 05:30 pm
Chapter 8         
Willow and Xander just keep getting more and more stupid, bah humbug!
I'll try to put a clue in their Christmas stocking...

12/08/2011 09:10 pm
Chapter 8         

Great update, lots lof lovely Spuffy bonding. Poor Buffy she's really having a hard time of it. Can't even relax in her own home. At this rate by the time Spike gets his body back he'll have brain damage. Nice to see Tara again, might be able to clue Willow in on some of her bad behaviour. Xander just aids and abets. 
Given Buffy's reaction to Willow's cut, it would be interesting to see how she reacts to Slayer blood. I'm sure Spike wouldn't be as squicked as Willow. Hope they don't change back soon, enjoying the ride. 

I think they'll stay switched for a while. It's fun that way!

12/08/2011 03:49 pm
Chapter 8         
Thanks for the update. I really liked how Buffy defended her relationship with Spike to Xander and Willow. I'm curious as to what the wonder trio has planned since they believe Buffy's lost her memories. That should be interesting. I'm really curious to see how this all plays out. 
So am I, LOL.

But I am so glad you're still enjoying!

12/08/2011 12:48 pm
Chapter 8         
This story just keeps getting better and better. Just wondering if anybody is ever going to call Giles...
Hmm. Not sure whether to bring Giles into this or not.

I am so glad you are still enjoying it! I had a bit of a struggle with the last chapter.

12/08/2011 04:08 am
Chapter 8         
Well it looks like Buffy might be closer to telling Xander and Willow to but out of her life. But she's not quite there yet. I have a feeling it wont take much more. One more thing and her top is going to blow.

They still don't get it. They had their underwear in a bunch about Buffy vamping on Willow but didn't realize that it caused her pain. Why? Simply because it was Spike's body. So who really cares?!

By season 6 I really hated both of them. Self involved, self serving little (well you get the idea). Incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions but sure they had the right to run Buffy's life.

Can't wait for the next update!
Glad you are still enjoying it.

But definitely don't let Willow and Xander raise your blood pressure!

12/06/2011 03:57 pm
Chapter 7         

More good thinking from Buffy.

More coming up soon!

12/05/2011 08:40 pm
Chapter 7         

Great Dawn Dressing down, that girl can whine. Xander and Willow just get creepier, so hope they get their comeuppance. Though for that, Buffy will have to grow a pair, or borrow Sikes. Loved the update.

Buffy will definitely grow a pair. Or, use the pair she is currently wearing. Or something like that. 

12/05/2011 04:41 am
Chapter 7         
Spike lost his temper then. “What of it? You didn’t die from it, you spoiled little brat.”  YES!

Great chapter.  Loved Buffy lunging at Willow over a cut finger. 
Hey, when a vamp is hungry, a vamp is hungry! :-)

And yeah, Dawn needs to cut the whining. 

behind blue eyes
12/03/2011 06:28 am
Chapter 7         

Buffy is really starting to see what Spike was talking about, the Scoobies not letting her live her own life.  I enjoyed Spike giving Dawn a piece of his mind.  It was long overdue and seriously lacking in Joss' world.  Looking forward to more

Thank you ! Looking forward to getting more posted!

12/02/2011 10:56 pm
Chapter 7         
No! Buffy they don't have a point (if it's only to have total control your life). Plz Xander just stop he just makes things worst and Willow just goes along it why ? And I hope Dawn got what Spike was saying.
Don't fret! Buffy will get her moxie back, just wait. 

Dawn totally needed a smackdown though. 

12/02/2011 01:41 pm
Chapter 7         
So it was the Trio - and of course their device didn't work exactly as intended... what a surprise! LOL

Yay! So pleased you had Spike give Dawn a good talking to. Buffy doesn't have the energy and nobody else seems to care that she's being a selfish brat. Hopefully, one she's recovered from the shock she might take his words to heart. Buffy really is getting a taste of Spike's life - and is coming to accept how much she has allowed the Scoobies to get away with. More please...
I think Dawn will come around.

Thanks for the review! I will put up more as soon as I get it polished up. 

12/02/2011 12:25 pm
Chapter 7         
I wish she would just get mad at them already! I mean they run her life and lets face it they are the last people on earth who should be telling anyone how to run their life. They have made a complete mess of theirs. She seriously needs to tell them off for the disinvite, it's not their house and they have no business deciding who is allowed in.
Don't worry, she will. It will build, and then burst out when the Scoobies get too much. 

12/02/2011 12:00 pm
Chapter 7         
Thank you, thank you, Spike, Dawn needed that and more!  But then she'll probably take as much notice as the Scoobies have.
Well, we'll have to see. I think Dawn will come around relatively quick. 

12/02/2011 05:29 am
Chapter 7         
Thanks for another update. Don't you just want to wring Dawn's neck?  I wanted to let you know you used the wrong homophone. “But look. If it worked, then she should still be suffering from the affects.  
I can't take the bold or itlatics off, but it should be "effects," the noun. I'm sure it's just an oversight on your part, but I knew you'd want to fix it. 
Oops! Thanks for catching my typo. I will endeavor to fix that ASAP.

I do often want to reach through the screen and throttle the girl. Alas, I cannot. 

11/30/2011 08:29 pm
Chapter 6         

Super update, really enjoyed it. See the intervention didn't go the way the Scoobies intended. Good that really irked me. Buffy made some progress calling them morons, still a way to go though.
If I was Buffy the first thing I would have done, after finding myself in Spikes body, would have been to check out the merchandise. Surprised she waited so long. Great fun, looking forward to more.

Thanks so much for the review. I guess I can understand being too freaked to check out the merchandise at first, and then with the lounging... sometimes it's just hard to get around to things :-)

Glad you are enjoying it. Hopefully another chapter will be done soon. 

11/28/2011 12:08 pm
Chapter 6         

It's so good in so many ways.

Thanks so much!

11/28/2011 04:27 am
Chapter 6         

Oh my, my, my! I somehow missed your last couple of updates, so I had a lovely readathon tonight. And I was so enjoying the comedy and the emotion that I almost forgot the naughty parts. Did you hear that? I.Almost.Forgot.The.Naughty.Stuff. Wow, this is a good story!

Thank you so much!

To be fair, there was only a little naughty stuff. So far...

Glad you liked it!

11/28/2011 04:10 am
Chapter 6         

  Great chapter - I was wondering how long it would take Buffy to start playing with the plumbing.  :)


It would have to be irresistable...

11/28/2011 01:56 am
Chapter 6         
The idiot parade stages an intervention again. Do they count how many squares of toilet paper she uses too?

Too funny both of them playing with each other or um themselves?

Poor Dawn, she keeps getting the short end of the stick. Spike should have told her first thing. She hates being left out of the loop it makes her feel unwanted.
Thanks for the review of the idiot parade (love that epithet)

Dawn will get some more time to interact with Spike soon. 

behind blue eyes
11/27/2011 11:16 pm
Chapter 6         

Great chapter!  I was wondering when they would have time to "explore" their new bodies.  I'm glad Buffy took control and kicked the Scoobies out.  In Season 6, it was more apparent than ever how the Scoobies trampled all over Buffy.  Looking forward to more!

She's still not 100% in full rebellion mode, but she is getting there, with Spike's help. 

More will be coming as soon as possible. 

11/27/2011 10:52 pm
Chapter 6         
Great chapter! Dawn and the Scoobies reacting exactly the way I would expect. Love the way both B&S are guiltily exploring the other's 'buttons'.
If you leave toys laying around someone is bound to play with them...

11/27/2011 10:30 pm
Chapter 6         

Great update, enjoyed the scoobies confusion and Dawn's reaction was just as expected "its all about me"! Mmmm like the idea that Spike will keep his new found knowledge to put to good use later, wonder if Buffy would do the same, great Spike fix, thanks.

Glad to provide the fix. Thanks for the review!

11/27/2011 09:42 pm
Chapter 6         
Thanks for interesting update. I was surpised to see Anya in on the action and Dawn was her bratty self. I know she went through a lot in the show, but they made it very hard to really like her with all her self-absorbed whining. Yes, I know a lot of pre-teen and teenaged girls are this way, but good Lord!
I just spent Thanksgiving with 4 teenaged girls and they exaggerated the self absorbed whining not at all. 

Anya will probably hop on the clue train soon. Glad you liked the update!

11/28/2011 01:47 am
Chapter 5         
Those idiots over react to everything! I swear where do they get the thought that they have the right to disinvite anyone from Buffy's house?!! It pisses me off on her behalf, they have no right to make that decision for her.

I have a feeling that since the mind swap there could be problems with the disinvite? Will it work with Buffy's mind in Spike's body and vice versa?
You'll just have to wait and see.... (but not too long)

11/27/2011 08:00 pm
Chapter 5         

As usual I'm late to the party - haven't found the time recently to get to read when I want, so here goes, truly terrific premise and great writing. I love the swap, love the way that they are seeing each others lives at first hand and experiencing the problems and curveballs they are each thrown. Now the scoobies have taken the action to disinvite Spike, what will happen when Buffy and Spike try to get in the door! I will definitely try to keep more up to date and read as posted, cos I need my Spike fix and your writing is perfect for getting that. Mucho gracias as they don't say here in Scotland!

I hate when I don't have time to get to do what I want (such as write) but I know the feeling - life gets in the way.

I am so glad you are tuned in again! I'll try to get your fix posted sooner rather than later.

11/27/2011 07:32 am
Chapter 5         
Xander Buffy is an adult, Willow I know I said I wasn’t going to use magic, but you still want to. Now I see why Dawn always late for school everyone is in & out that place like they own it. I wonder just how loud it going to get when they try their version of intervention on Buffy no on Spike now that funny. Can't wait!
Thanks! I promise I won't keep things waiting too long. 

11/27/2011 03:08 am
Chapter 5         

This is a great story.  I can't wait to see the scoobies reaction when Spike and Buffy come in the house.  Also it is very bold of Willow and Xander to think it is okay to perform a disinvite spell without speaking to Buffy.  You have written the characters perfectly.  I hope that Buffy does not just go along this time.  Please update soon.

Thank you so much! I will be updating very soon - hopefully today. 

11/27/2011 02:48 am
Chapter 5         
I guess it’s good that you didn’t.  LOL - Buffy isn't completely sure.  Great stuff and Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks so much! Hope your Thanksgiving was good too!

11/27/2011 01:50 am
Chapter 5         
Thanks for the great update. I can't wait for the reation of the meddlesom duo. 
You are quite welcome. 

11/27/2011 01:32 am
Chapter 5         
I loved the conversation between Buffy and Spike, you have their voices pitch perfect and it went so well.  But will they be able to get in the house?  Can't wait to find out.
Thanks for the compliment!

We'll see what happens very soon....

11/27/2011 12:34 am
Chapter 5         
Also, I wonder who the invite spell will let in. Buffy-in-Spike, or Buffy's body? Or neither? Or both? Could make the reveal a bit more pressing. ;)
You'll just have to wait and see (but hopefully not too long)

11/26/2011 05:25 pm
Chapter 5         
I can hardly get enough of this! Please do continue!
I will! I promise!

11/26/2011 05:11 pm
Chapter 5         

I'm surprised Anya is all on board with the intervention thing. Would have thought she'd be less hysterical than Xander and Willow. I so wish Buffy would but them in their place. Starting with Willow moving out, who does she think she is to disinvite people from Buffy's house. Grhhhh they really drive me mad..
Looking forward to more.

I think Anya will probably get on the clue train sooner rather than later.

Glad you are enjoying it!

11/26/2011 05:03 pm
Chapter 5         
Text  I am enjoying this story so much. Please get Buffy to stand up for herself to Xander and Willow. I really think they need a comuppance so bad. And they really need to back off. But other than that good job.
Oh she will, never fear. It's just going to be a little while longer...

behind blue eyes
11/26/2011 04:36 pm
Chapter 5         

Another wonderful chapter.  This story gives a whole new meaning to "walk a mile in my shoes."  And Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

I actually considered Walk a Mile as the title, but it's been used in various forms already, so I went for something else.

Thanks for the Turkey day wishes! If you also celebrate, eat, drink, and have leftovers!

11/26/2011 04:19 pm
Chapter 5         
Good for Buffy to hear some home truths from Spike, and accept them. Now the confrontation and intervention. Can't wait for the fun to start.... and to see if Buffy stands up for her choices!
We shall see! The Scoobies can be tough nuts to crack though...

11/26/2011 12:46 am
Chapter 4         

wow. I like the tenderness at the end of this chapter. Can't wait for more.

Thank you very kindly. I will try to get the new chapter up ASAP. 

11/24/2011 12:54 pm
Chapter 4         
Just caught up with this one.  What an excellent take on  a body swap situation, Buffy and Spike have both learned so much from the experience and oh boy was it good to have the Scoobies given a few home truths.  Absolutely brilliant.
Thank you ever so much!

11/24/2011 06:18 am
Chapter 4         

11/23/2011 11:56 pm
Chapter 4         

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I hope that's a good face!

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Now the fun can really begin...

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Thanks to you we can pretend it happend and enjoy the feeling of remedy.
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Oh yeah, you know it's going to be fun when we see what Xander and Anya think.
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the stories.

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Thank you so much! Knowing I am on the right track is very constructive. I'll try to keep things going in the same vein. 

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Intervention is definitely on its way.... as soon as I can get it posted!

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Xander is going to blow a gasket! I wonder if his head will actually explode? I can hear Anya commenting on vampire stamina already. By time they get to the house after getting blood there will probably be a full Scooby intervention waiting.
I love your reviews, ginar.

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Thank you so much! I will update as soon as possible (however, I have to go deal with the in-laws for Thanksgiving this week - hard to write Spuffy in a room full of 70 year olds...)

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Glad you liked it!

And don't worry about pressuring me! I had the first 4 chapters or so mostly written before I started posting. It may slow down a bit in a few chapters, but I post 'em when they seem right to me. I also don't use a beta, so I don't have to wait to hear back from someone else. 

But I am so glad you are enjoying it!

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I think they'll be stuck in their current state for a while

Thanks so much for the kind review!

11/19/2011 07:55 pm
Chapter 3         
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Thank you so much! I hope I can maintain the pacing you like!

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Telling Dawn is going to be a bit of a challenge though...

11/23/2011 11:37 pm
Chapter 2         
but I’m going to anyway  Of course she is.  Hah!  Everybody's having a good time.  What happens when Buffy starts to get hungry? 
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Thanks so much! I really really appreciate the reviews!

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behind blue eyes
11/18/2011 09:59 pm
Chapter 2         

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I figured it was the 'giddy fest' from Gone, with a bit of a twist. Glad you like!

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Buffy really did have a lot of stuff to deal with. Someone needed to walk in her shoes a bit.

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Hopefully I won't have to keep you waiting too long.

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You've got it! Stay tuned...

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Buffy's getting drunk in the crypt, Spike's wearing a bra. Too funny.

Although Spike probably handled the meeting better than Buffy would have. Spike almost gave it away calling Dawn nibblet. This really had me laughing. Keep it coming.
So glad you like it! I had fun writing it. I always thought guys should be forced to wear bras from time to time, just to know how we suffer.

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Thank you ever so much! I hope the rest of the story keeps you hooked as well. 

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There will be an update, as soon as I get my students' papers graded.

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Well, this is pre-doublemeat, so maybe that wretch of a job won't have to happen.

Glad that I've intrigued you!

behind blue eyes
11/16/2011 02:02 am
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Thanks so much! I'll try to keep cranking at a decent pace. 

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Hang in there on the holidays, my friend. 

And the beauty archives is that the stories will be there for a while!

I hope you enjoy this story as it comes around!