Replacement by sus

01/04/2019 02:26 am
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
Love this novel length story and enjoyed reading it again - a grand way to start my FF Spuffy Reading for 2019.  Wish you all the best for this new year.

03/07/2013 02:46 pm
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
I just wanted to let you know that I read this story a while ago, and loved it. Last week I got this urge to read it again and I spent this entire week looking for it. I am so glad I found it again. It is so well written and I love the plot. I couldn't stop reading it even though I've read it before. Anyways, thank you for a great read.

12/28/2012 08:32 am
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
This story was enthralling enough to keep me up way past my bed time reading it!  Apart from being a bit hard on the scoobies, I really enjoyed it.  I think your portrayal of Angel was unnervingly spot on.  His potential for 'crazy stalker-ness' is about an 11 on a 1-10 scale! 

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.  I know how hard it is to work through a long story and finish it, believe me.  I appreciate that you did it.



08/25/2012 01:59 pm
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
This has been the best, fanfiction series I have read yet. I enjoyed every sentence and every paragraph. I hope you do decide to do a sequel, it would be very interesting on what other adventures could happen to the Eternal Light. 

06/05/2012 01:26 am
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
I love this story!  And the ending was not sudden but a tying up of ends which worked.   Gotta say that you really do not like Angel, do you?  

06/04/2012 10:44 pm
Start as You Mean to Go On.         
Are you kidding? That was perfect! I hate fics that just go round and round just for the sake of the chapter count. Beautiful ending, it feels so complete, not to detailed, not too vague. Spot on. Thank you for a great sotry. 

06/04/2012 12:56 am
The Master.         

I love this story.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

05/31/2012 01:41 am
Giles is Coming for Dinner.         
Gile's reaction is a hoot!  I was wondering about the Master since it was he that did in the original Buffy.   But there isn't a Wish scenario either here.  

05/29/2012 12:29 am
Meeting the Mother-in-law         
This just gets better and better with more suprises in every chapter. Wonder what's in next chapter, more flufiness, is it really Giles at the door? I'm in need of some Angel-bashing you do so well!

05/28/2012 03:40 pm
Meeting the Mother-in-law         
Even in this reality,  Spike and Joyce have things in common.  Eagerly awaiting Gile's reaction.

05/26/2012 12:53 am
What to Do About Willow?         
Hmm,  all that power.  I just hope they use it wisely.

05/25/2012 01:47 am
She’s More Than Okay         
Still here and all I can say is "Ahhhhh" (contentedly).  I take it Merrick was the person on the other end of the phone call?

05/21/2012 01:13 pm

05/19/2012 03:12 pm
Making Sure         
So very romantic!   I hope the ritual goes smoothly. 

05/08/2012 01:51 am
Did it Work?         
Loved the chapter!  Wondering how Angel will take this.  Thinking bad sparks LOL!

05/05/2012 10:46 pm
Where Do We Go From Here?         

Still reading, still loving it. In fact it just gets better and better with every passing chapter. Cheers.

05/05/2012 08:25 pm
Where Do We Go From Here?         
This timeline is rife for making the Scoobies such control freaks due to their age.  It's sad to read that they did not even loosen up as they aged.  The best things in this chapter were Spike's sliver of realization and Gile's being fully on board with the plan. 

06/22/2012 04:50 am
The Truth Will Out         
very sweet and good that he doesn't love yer yet the way she loves him

05/03/2012 11:01 pm
The Truth Will Out         

yay!  Finally Spike knows what's going on!
This story of yours has me on the edge of my seat - you're doing the suspense very well. 

05/03/2012 02:46 pm
The Truth Will Out         
A very realistic IMHO portrayal of Spike's reaction at this particular point.  And loving that Giles and Oz are going to be allies.

04/29/2012 06:46 pm
Choosing your Team         
Wow!  All of the Scoobies (except the wonderful Oz) and Angel's worst personality traits were on full display.  
Extremely stubborn even after what Buffy has told them more than once.   Beautifully written!

06/22/2012 04:44 am
Making Amends         
Glad that Buffy isn't letting the team know what she's up to.  

04/26/2012 04:22 am
Making Amends         

Angel is a sad little man.   Anyway good chapter!

04/26/2012 03:56 am
Time to Get Cleaned Up         

Wow it was a simple kiss and yet so hot, such a great story.  Thank You!

04/21/2012 04:59 pm
Time to Get Cleaned Up         
Love how Spike maintains his gentlemanly ways while being an evil, soulless thing.  And you got us all hot and bothered at the end.  Please hurry and post the next chapter.  Wondering how Buffy will explain her behavior. 

04/17/2012 02:37 pm
I Must Be Dreaming         
I love reading of Spike's conflicting emotions.  At least it isn't all lust, so that's a good thing.

04/15/2012 09:12 pm
Safe as Houses.         
Looking forward to seeing what happens when Spike wakes up.  And seeing Angel get his comeuppance since he's clearly still arrogant enough to think Buffy could actually be his.  Ever.

04/15/2012 09:01 pm
In and Out.         
Yay! Rescue!

04/12/2012 01:34 pm
In and Out.         
Glad Kendra got the message to be more careful instead of engaging in youthful stupidity.  Loved the cleaning out Buffy did..particularly the last paraqraph!

04/08/2012 06:31 pm
It's ususally Buffy who is in denial Sincerely hope that Kendra does not meet her demise early this time around.  And again, poor Spike!

06/17/2012 06:10 am
Playing With the Big Boys Now.         
Great  torture scene w Angel and Spike

04/04/2012 01:13 am
Playing With the Big Boys Now.         
Just like Angelus to go after innocents... Spike's endurance of his torture was almost too much.  Good thing that Buffy did the super duper banish invite spel!.  Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.   I take it Merrick is protected?

03/31/2012 01:53 am
Daddy’s Home.         
It appears Cordelia did not heed The Talk.   How many more will die?  Thank you so much for updating so fast!   I really like where Spike's brain is taking him.  

03/30/2012 07:07 pm
Daddy’s Home.         
Spike has gone soft,normally he like´s teasing Angel no reason needed.
It´s strange reading about him beeing so dull.And letting himself get beaten unconscious?
He must be under a spell
Angelus is dangerous,but I think he takes more pleasure out of mind games than pure violence.A few mean words about her sexual performance would have chased her away in no time,but know it seemed hitting her was almost a reflex,like waving your hand at a fly,while thinking about something comepletely different.Could have happend though,but what I can´t believe is Spike calling Angel -Angelus,  trying to reassure Angel and let himself be handled like a rag doll?
Spike isn´t in a wheelchair,or weak at this point in your story,so I don´t get it.
I love your story,so I hope your not upset,but it just seemed so much out of character.

03/27/2012 06:56 pm
The Root of the Problem.         
Hi, that was so fun to read,mostly because of the time Buffy was spending with Spike and of course the fight scene And it´s always a joy to read when Lorne is involved.
Thank you for writing this

03/27/2012 03:37 pm
The Root of the Problem.         
Angel is an idiot. HIs version of helping her hurt her more than helped her. She was doing just fine until he knocked her into a head stone. I mean did it look like she was struggling? No she seemed to be handling it quite well. Poor Spike, Dru isn't coming back and he knows it. All he wants is someone who loves him the way he loves them. Shopping with Lorne! That has to be an experience!

06/26/2012 02:52 am
A Stitch in Time....         

I LOVED this story, very harsh on the scoobies but I think competely understandable. I enjoyed the Merrick aspect it was nice to hear about him again. Thank you for writing.

04/15/2012 08:18 pm
A Stitch in Time....         
Merrick's letting it all out in the open like that was refreshing.

03/28/2012 12:40 am
A Stitch in Time....         
The characterization of Buffy as the Light is getting so much better as you go along.  I like how she says something and Giles just does not listen.  He is not yet at the point where he can respect her.

Hopefully, the Gem of Amarra has a safe enough barrier from any accidentally lifting and Buffy does not go overboard too soon.  It just would not do to have Spike wear it at this stage.

03/24/2012 12:32 am
A Stitch in Time....         
I am feeling like a rabbit in a cage trying to reach a carrot someone is holding in front of my face but not close enough to let me sink my teeth in.
Spike is the carrot and whith every new chapter I ´m hoping to see  Buffy trying to become friends with him.
And I´m also curious about her new home and if  Willow and Xander will earn Buffy´s trust again.
Thank you for the update 

04/15/2012 08:11 pm
Face to Face.         
Nice, slow, cautious introduction between Buffy and Spike.  Very believable.  Nicely done.

03/19/2012 06:06 pm
Face to Face.         
Really not liking the Scoobies this go around from the viewpoint of an aware Buffy.   But loved the moments with Spike.    I suppose Kendra is not developed enough as a slayer to feel the tinglies.  That fight was too close to the "proper" behaving slayer. 

03/19/2012 02:52 am
Face to Face.         
Finally, thank you
That was great and really funny.
And over way too soon .
Angel needed to get his ass kicked,he is always so annoying.

03/19/2012 01:32 am
Face to Face.         

This is fantastic! Angel is such a nuisance, and a perv, love what you're doing with him. And Spike, yay for the big B/S showdown, that sounded like fun, I could actually picture it. Looking forward to more, great job.

03/18/2012 11:10 pm
Face to Face.         
It was creepy having him outside her window. He was perfectly quiet and I don't think he really wanted to talk to her he just wanted to watch her change and see her naked. Otherwise he would have made a noise or knocked on her window as soon as she came in the room. I would have tossed actual holy water at him but that's just me.

06/15/2012 04:48 am
Bad Touchies.         

I'm sure Ripper could have that conversation with Cordelia. 

03/15/2012 03:38 am
Bad Touchies.         
Good to see Buffy not backing down!  It appears they will think twice.  At least Xander and Giles will. Angel? Probably too stubborn. 

03/14/2012 09:14 pm
Bad Touchies.         
Hi,I´m always losing sense of time, while reading.It´s odd how short this chapter seems to be.
In fact it wasn´t short,but I was reading too fast
Thank you for updating so quickly after the last one.You really know how to torture one´s patience,because they still haven´t met.

06/15/2012 04:38 am
A Merry Chase.         

Ah xander is still a jerk and doesn't have anyone to blame it on now. 

04/15/2012 07:57 pm
A Merry Chase.         
I'm glad that Xander wasn't being so horrible of his own free will.  But it does look like he's still being foolish.  Oh well - they are still young, after all.

03/12/2012 06:52 am
A Merry Chase.         
Hi,I really liked how  Buffy treated Angel and the fact ,that Spike could whitness all of it
Thank you,can´t hardly wait for the moment,when Buffy and Spike met for real.
Xander is such a Hypocrite,its way too easy not to like him anymore.Don´t know what to think of Willow.
Feel sorry for Oz and Cordelia,but its good that they know whats going on .

03/11/2012 03:53 pm
A Merry Chase.         
Love all the interactions in this chapter.  It was realistic that Buffy was not quite in her game because in her time period,  her skills were not much in use because of her isolation.  (Looking forward to reading training sessions with Buffy and Kendra?)

And I always love to read about Dalton, my favorite minon. 

06/15/2012 04:15 am
The Big Reveal.         

Liked the changelings twist but you resolved it too soon.  There should have been misery. 

03/08/2012 09:47 am
The Big Reveal.         
Wow,know I´m even more excited to see what happens next.
Every chapter seems to be ending too soon

03/03/2012 08:35 pm
Little Slayer, All Grown Up.         
Lovely chapter!  Sincerely hoping that Buffy can keep Spike a secret from everyone so as to keep him safe. 

03/03/2012 05:39 pm
Little Slayer, All Grown Up.         
The anticipation grows,and it´s getting harder to wait for the next chapter.
I´ll check every day for an update.  I know you will only post 1 chapter per week ,but it´s just nerve racking to wait

03/03/2012 03:45 pm
Little Slayer, All Grown Up.         
Buffy learned to cook! I wonder how many decades it took?! This Willow, Xander and Giles might not try to kill Spike right away but they would interfere a lot. They would do something to Buffy to try and stop her from meeting with him. Most likely a spell of some kind to control her actions. Until they could pick her partner.

Angel on the other hand well he would. He would go and stake him immediately after he found out. It always bothered me how Angel thought of Buffy as his. Whistler never said that. He told Angel that she could help him find his redemption. That helping her could help him. He never told Angel that Buffy was his.

02/28/2012 11:23 pm
Scooby Meeting?         
Thank you for posting another chapter
I hope that Xander will stop beeing such a prick,but that doesn´t seem to happen anytime soon .
I liked it,when Giles made him leave.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

02/28/2012 02:53 am
Scooby Meeting?         
I sincerely hope Giles does not mess up things for Buffy yet again.

02/27/2012 07:35 pm
Scooby Meeting?         
Angel is wrong. As soon as the line jumped to Kendra Buffy is no longer the slayer even if she had come out of the coma and regained her strength.  Angel just has a hard on for her and doesn't want to give up his 'perfect Buffy' fantasies he has been having. And Giles well I never understood how he put up with them to begin with! Especially Xander, he has the least to brag about but he has no problem being snarky towards others. He is a bully in the way he treats people, he uses words to hurt people.

02/25/2012 11:43 am
There's No Place Like Home.         
Thank you so much for writing this!
I love storys in which someone gets a chance to rewrite his own history.
And for it taken place in the Buffyverse is really awesome.
Can´t wait to read more

02/23/2012 06:06 pm
There's No Place Like Home.         
Very much enjoying Buffy's current joie de vivre! 

02/23/2012 01:30 pm
There's No Place Like Home.         

Way to go Joyce! I love where this is going.

02/19/2012 07:42 pm
Life, Turned Upside Down.         

I am so completely sucked in by this story.  LOVE the way it's unfolding.

02/19/2012 03:39 pm
Life, Turned Upside Down.         
It seems that Xander, with his more than needed impulsive aggressiveness, will be a huge problem for The Light.  Giles is starting to get the picture and Willow is too young at this time to be as controlling/clingy as she was later.  I just love alternate reality timelines and the creativity you authors show in your writing!

06/12/2012 03:49 am
Making it Official.         
Was there a discount - there's the Buffy we know and love.  

02/16/2012 02:36 am
Making it Official.         
Loved the line "would you like to move in with your mom?"!  But moms always see their children as kids regardless of the age.  Love Clem!!  Thanks! And I can hardly wait for the battles between Buffy and the Scoobies.

02/16/2012 01:18 am
Making it Official.         
Yay Clem! I love that floppy demon. I think Joyce might need to be reminded a time or two that Buffy isn't a teenager any more. She is older than all of them put together I think.

02/12/2012 04:25 pm
My Way or the Highway.         
My goodness, Giles just can't get behind the program.  Which is a good thing as it opens the door for many conflicts.   Very much enjoying this!  It gets better each chapter.

02/12/2012 03:36 pm
My Way or the Highway.         
Of course Giles ratted her out. He is still thinking of her being a teenager and doesn't understand she is older than all the Scooby's and him combined. Plus once she died and the slayer line jumped to Kendra Buffy really wasn't the slayer any more.

06/12/2012 03:09 am
Be Careful What You Wish For         
Can Buffy negotiate my next salary review?  Can't believe she wouldn't want to spend a little time with her mom though.  After all Spike is still a diamond in the total rough.

02/05/2012 02:54 pm
Learn From Your Mistakes.         
At this point I wouldn't trust him either. Giles and the rest of them are on the same path they were in the original timeline. Buffy knows that Giles never trusted Spike even after he had gotten his soul he tried to kill Spike. She can't risk anyone knowing about Spike it's too dangerous. If they find out and manage to kill Spike she'll be alone again. Only she won't even have any hope like she has now.

01/20/2012 05:53 pm
As old as she is now she can still sound like a scared girl. She is probably older than all of them combined now. At least she has one person who is completely on her side and not only knows the plan but fully supports it.

06/05/2012 04:51 am
Help From Above         

Oh Boy Author Sus is getting ready to do something really mean. 

01/14/2012 09:06 pm
Help From Above         
I guess only The Light can remove the depression over the last few chapters.

06/05/2012 04:39 am
Whispers of the Future         

Lorne is taking away all the fun!  Is the Light that goof Spike?

06/05/2012 04:39 am
Whispers of the Future         

Lorne is taking away all the fun!  Is the Light that goof Spike?

05/07/2012 01:07 pm
Whispers of the Future         
Giles is being a pompous ass. Angel is his sanctimonious self and that never ends well. I love Lorne, hopefully he can help them. Poor Joyce she has no idea what's going on. I agree beating up Willy was bad form, but Giles and Angel don't agree and according to them they are always right. Can Xander get his butt kicked please?

04/15/2012 05:11 pm
Whispers of the Future         
MInutiae.  It's taken six chapters and quite a lot of unnecessary, repetitive dialogue to get us to the point where we actually start learning things and moving forward.  I'm still following the story, but the most interesting parts so far have been the snippets with Spike and Drusilla.  You write well,  you just need to consider trimming your dialogue a bit so that the flow is tighter and less rambling.

I wish I knew how to say that without seeming malicious.  I really don't mean it that way.  My first impression when reading the first few chapters was "minutiae" so that's how I wrote it.

Looking forward to seeing Buffy make her appearance.

06/05/2012 03:58 am
Searching for Clues         

Wait till Joyce finds out that Buffy likes to slap Willy around too. 

01/03/2012 02:39 am
Searching for Clues         
I actually feel sorry for Dru. She knows what's going on and it makes her sad, but I think a little proud too. Her Black Knight turning into a White King. She did that, she made him and now he gets to fulfill his destiny.

Poor Angel (not!) so he's not the only champion for the powers. Big fat hairy deal. The rest of us sigh with relief that there are more than just him. Otherwise we would all be screwed! Cause let's face it he really didn't do a whole lot. Even when he left Sunnydale for LA. Most of the time was spent dealing with personal issues than saving innocent people.

06/05/2012 03:38 am
The Book of ...What?         

Why is everyone dumping on Xander - Angel is the evil dead.

12/24/2011 03:20 am
The Book of ...What?         
Why would Joyce know anything about Angel? He and Buffy weren't really an item yet. Maybe a few kisses but nothing to tell your mom about.

06/05/2012 03:28 am
Little Girl Found.         

This has become a nice story about Joyce.  Hope she'll continue to figure into the story. 

12/24/2011 03:16 am
Little Girl Found.         
Well I guess it was better for Joyce to find out like that. Some friends, they stop visiting her after a few weeks. Completely forget about her. Lovely boyfriend too. And Giles he actually makes me the maddest. He is only visiting Buffy so he can put the moves on Joyce! They all took so much from her and really never gave anything back. They were puffed up with their own importance of hanging out with the slayer. Even though no one else knew they felt above everyone because of it. When she needed their support the most they couldn't give it.

12/15/2011 12:12 pm
Little Girl Lost         
They never filed a missing persons report and they never checked the hospital or morgue. Idiots. And none of her "friends" bothered to call her house even if they did know about her mother being out of town. Even at this stage they weren't all that good of a friend to Buffy.

12/05/2011 03:11 am
Little Girl Lost         

Poor Joyce!  And where is that little devil Buffy?

11/30/2011 02:20 am
Little Girl Lost         
My first thought after the location spell was,that Buffy had become a vampire.
But I hope maybe there is another explanation.She could be in a parallel universe,or beeing cursed with a time travell that makes her untraceable.
So where is she?
Please update

06/26/2012 02:49 am
Setting the stage         

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I thought it was very well-written. Thank you for posting

02/06/2012 03:24 am
Setting the stage         

That was very mature of Giles - accepting blame.  Interesting start.

12/03/2011 02:14 am
Setting the stage         
Okay having a bit of a hard time reviewing (I have already read this story on another site). So For now all I will say is this story is great for those of you who haven't read it before. Keep reading!

11/30/2011 02:01 am
Setting the stage         
That sounds good.
The only thing thats odd is,that it is very unlikely that the council of wankers,sorry Watchers,might react like this-because they told Giles to not intervene in Buffys battles.He got fired because he helped her in the series.But it is your fanfiction,your call.
I´m curious what happend to Buffy.
Ps.don´t mind my swear,I´m used to hate the council.

11/27/2011 02:42 am
Setting the stage         

Very sneaky start, Sus.  Where is Buffy?  Did she get turned?  Many questions.  Enjoying Xander here for a change, too.  Write more soon.