New Year - New Memories by slaymesoftly

02/12/2012 11:50 pm

 I have just found this fic and wow all I can say is you write a very hot Spike, just the right tone and sexiness all wrapped up in a duster! Loved this fic, don't know where the comics are going but why worry when you can find fics like this to read,

LOL I'm glad you liked my Spike.  Yeah, who knows where the comics will go? Not here, that's for sure, but they are providing a lot of fic bunnies. :)  Thanks for reading.

01/22/2012 12:39 am
Text  You HAVE to know how perfect and wonderful this HAVE to!  I adore every word!

I love the way it all falls together so naturally between them (and the asides with Dawn and Xander fit perfectly too).

So Sandy.....echos of poor Sandy that Riley killed.... a vampire who behaves herself.  I totally loved that and how Buffy handled her.

Wonderful fic to jump back into the reading game with (now off to brush off better grammar before I type LOL).  Excellent!!

LOL I'm glad you enjoyed. It was a fun one to write.

01/12/2012 05:31 am
love this! wish the comics turned out like this instead!
Thanks! Alas, we now know where the comics are going and it sucks...

01/08/2012 07:14 pm
Actually love the snarkiness of the comics which you captured.  Very much like in the beginning. 
Thank you. :)

01/02/2012 11:08 am

NICE - very neat addition to Holiday Stories - great to have one that takes place in the new CB season.  I love the way to write these two.

Thank you. I'm hoping the new comic season will lend itself to lots of fic. :)

01/02/2012 03:07 am
Love it. I think you have captured the season 9 voices perfectly. I love how Buffy just blurts out her feeling and then smooches. Thanks for that bit of fun
Thank you. Somebody had to do something! :)

01/02/2012 02:03 am

Thanks slay - great story as always.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

01/02/2012 12:41 am
Yum start to 2012, long may it continue!
LOL We'll see how long I keep it up. Thanks for reading.

12/31/2011 09:09 pm
Ah, thank you - I needed a good dose of fluff and this was just what the doctor ordered.
You're welcome. :) Happy New Year.

12/31/2011 08:17 pm
Nicely done, with some really good, pointed snark lines that made me laugh out loud.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

12/31/2011 11:29 am

Fun fic, if the comics were actually like this I think I'd be able to read 'em.

Fat chance. :)   But they're, so far, much more believable and less OMG than last season.

12/31/2011 01:45 am
Just wonderful. And a Happy New Year to you too, SMS :-)
Thank you. :)